A Chance Meeting
A Chance Meeting
Spin Offs None
Chronological Order
Preceded By The White Rabbit Army
Followed By None
Narration Omniscient Narrator
A Chance Meeting is a short story detailing the early lives of several characters from the White Rabbit Army story line.

A Chance Meeting is told from an omnicient narator of whom details the events of each character and those involved with them.

POV Characters

Chapter Centric Character Chapter
Jamie Portmane 1, 5, 9
The Tattered Prince 2, 6, 10
Natashia Cole 3, 7, 11
Mary Dustin 4, 8, 12

Plot Summary

Chapter 1

The first chapter begins with the arrival of Tamsin Egerton in Lorderon where she would be forced to stay in a local tavern where the morning after her sleep she was going to have a brief breakfast before boarding another ship to the west when several men she knew to be in her fathers employ entered the tavern and she was forced to hide in the room of Jamie Portmane of whom had been staying there while working a job for a local merchant. Telling him only that a man was after her Jamie would hide her in his room for the day, and for the first time in her life, and basically for his they both found companionship with someone they felt truly comfortable with. Over the next several days of hiding in his room she came to fall in love with Jamie due to the kindness he showed her, and while during most of the day he was away from the room doing odd jobs for the merchant captain he had been hired for during the nights they begin to sleep together and talked constantly. Jamie came to know her as just a simple lowborn girl, and had no idea that she was highborn of a nearly royalty wealth.

Chapter 2

The second chapter begins with the arrival of a young boy and his mother at a tournament where his mother was revealed to be a whore of whom was going to work at the tournament making enough money to pay for them to return to her family in the Caluci Confedrecy. The mother is revealed to have been sold by her family in the Caluci Confederacy to a marchent house in Pontus at the age of six, and after being first used as a domestic servent she was forced to become a sex slave where she would eventually become pregnant with two children one would become Elrik Te-Oleci (changing his name to the Tattered Prince), while the other child became Deitrick Te-Oleci.

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

The fourth chapter begins with a conversation between Mary Dustin and her uncle Charles Portier IV. the king of the Realm of Olleria and she talks with him about the early parts of her life and how she wants to return to home with her father in Dustin but also doesn't want to leave her mother and uncle in Olleria.

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

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