Africanas is a continent on Earth to the south of Europe , and the West of Asia. The home of most of the species of Earth the continent has become dominated by Greenskin races in the modern day.

For centuries Africanas was dominated by the Murlocs who built a massive Kingdom which controlled from the south to the north, and under the Murlocs the other races were able to create small KIngdoms within without a heavy amount of violence. The end of this peaceful period came when the Murlocs were attacked and overwhelmed by the forces of the Trollocs. The Trollocs would not enjoy the climate of Africanas which was the main reason for Trollocs never controlling the continent. With the Eternity war destroying the Murlocs Kingdom they were then thrown completely off Africanas by the rampaging Human population explosion. While predominetly a Human continent for most of modern history. The human kingdoms of the region would be overwhelmed nearly completely by the arrival of Orcs, and Trolls. Lahmia remains the only Human Kingdom in the continent.



Early History


Current Powers

Name Capital Dominent Ethnicity/Race Location Population
Nubian Empire Nubians/Lund Eastern
Kingdom of Lahmia Lahmians North-Eastern
Empire of Emblam Orcs/Humans Western
Amani Empire Trolls/Humans

Historical Powers

Name Capital Dominent Ethnicity/Race Location Cause of End
Empire of Mali Central Emblam Second Waaagh
Kingdom of Ghana Central Emblam First Waaagh


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