House Lahmfada

Ailpean is a third generation Titan born the child of Lahmfada, and Ugret marking him as a member of the Albion Pantheon.

Ailpean would father the Pitctish boy that would be protected and later adopted by Lahmfada and of whom has formed the modern day House Lahmfada.

Ailpean would at first be a loyal member of the Noble Titans but as the Eternity War raged on and Albion was ignored by the Noble Titan leadership it was Ailpean that joined the rest of the pantheon in attempting to safeguard their island. Ailpean would be corrupted by Tzeenech following the failure of his grandmother Ingri to gain the support of the Noble Titans and switched sides in order to protect his wife and child, but found this betrayal led to nothing that he wanted and was eventually mercy killed by his son.


Ailpean as a Titan/Pict took on the form of a Pictish human and was described as being unnaturally handsome with long flowing red hair which were said to look like it was the sun itself. Following his corruption by Tzeneech he would begin to suffer mutations and by the time he was mercy killed by his son he had grown an extra arm and his hair had become actual fire while half his face had begin to take on a demonic form.



Early History

The Eternity War

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