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Alistair Bedregen is the son of Haven, and Pollina Bedregan making him a member of House Bedregan. Allistair has one sibling in the form of his brother Bartolomu Bedregen of whome is a member of the Order of the Black Dragon, and the head of House Bedregan. Alistair was silently in love with his best friend James Lovie, and despite their mutual love James never accepted this love, and thus Alistair has been alone for the entire period of his life.

Alistair grew up within the Since he came of age his obvious wisdom, and intelligent have been constantly used by the Kings of Lucerne to improve the Kingdom. It was only during the trailing days of Bill Lovie that Alistair began to step back and reconsider his position in life. A very loyal servent of the Kingdom he watched as Bill Lovie ruined everything his beloved James Lovie had attempted to build throughout his life and it was only his oath to his friend James that left him even willining to maintain loyalty to Bill. Alistair and his brother were tasked with assisting in the construction of Berne, under the orders of Bill Lovie who believed Alistair was naive due to his love for Bill's father James.


Early History

James Lovie

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Alistair was the Kings advisor for much of James Lovie's reign of power. During this period he was a main tool of Jame's push to make Dragon Worship the true religion of the Kingdom, and while once a soft supporter of the religion through James he became a devoted follower.

War in France

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Alistair accompanied the Lucerne army to the battle of Lyons , and was to act as a general advisor of sorts. The battle plan changed so much from what was discussed that Alistair became extremely frustrated with the way he believed the battle was going to go.

Lucerne Civil War

While Andrew blocked the city, and the construction of the Underway was started the city of Berne became a horrifying mess. When Sean had started out in the city he had randomly been executing people but things were becoming even worse in that Sean was now raping women, and children in his bloodlust. Any attempts to resist him were destroyed by his loyalists who by this point had taken part in so much violence that they were with Sean until the end.

True Sons of Lucerne

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True Sons of Lucerne
"The True Sons were the anchor by which all of my violence, and malice shall be unleashed. I could give two shits about what the hell my brother does in Lucerne as long as I get to see the fear in peoples eyes before they fall."
-Sean Lovie

As the leader of the True Sons of Lucerne Sean went about furthering the control of himself over the people of Berne. It didn't matter to him that they believed him King, and this alone would have made him untouchable, he just secretly wanted the violence. He cared nothing about the actual war, or winning it. He simply wanted to destory the world that he felt had ruined him.With Sean's arrival in the city, Berne was no longer under the control of House Arryn but was now under the control of the newly created goverment of Sean Lovie self-entitled the True Sons of Lucerne. The rule of the True Sons of Lucerne was pure madness, and the peaceful and growth oreanted nature of House Arryn was replaced by a madness enduced chaotic nature which led to violence in the streets. Murderes all around. Sean Lovie is said to have exectuted a person a day towards the later days of his reign in Berne, and if murder was all he did then that was one thing but he in fact made a sport of trying new things and his raping, and sexual deviancy became out of control while in Berne.

Allison Arryn2
"They all thought I was after something. They thought I had some great plan to unite the Valley of Lucerne and spread peace like a Man God. In the end it was about the pain I could inflict on a women. It was about finding out how much damage I could do before finally the city just died. Before there was noone left to commit these crimes on. On one hand I wanted to escape the constant anger, and hate I felt, but a darker and a real powerful side of me just wanted more. More of it all, and it didn't care about the end game."
-Sean Lovie
It was during this dark time where Byron's rule had been taken over by Sean Lovie that the social climbing member of House Arryn in Allison Arryn rose to prominance as she allowed Sean to act out many of his sexual desires on her. This gave her a growing amount of power, and for a time she came to believe that she was even controlling Sean. Allison Arryn during this period where she believed she was in control would put in place a system that would allow Sean Lovie to regain control of what was nearing collapse. Allison Arryn used her menipulative nature, and the influence of Ella Arryn to trick House Arryn, along with many other high ranking commanders to continue supporting Sean Lovie because she spread the rumor that he had promised her the throne of Lucerne once he was the King. Allison Arryn bided her time day after day as Sean Lovie butchered people in the streets, and raped women all
Allison Arryn1
over the city to the point that the only thing that she could do to slow him down was to continue to surrender her body to him. As she surrendered herself to him she fell into a spell of her own making where she came to believe the lies that she was telling people. She forgot for a time that he was a monster, and she came to believe that this was all a game and he truly loved her. In this madness she would come to find that she was pregnant, and with Sean Lovie being her only sexual partner she was overjoyed to believe that she had given him a heir. When she learned she was pregnant with his child she came to understand how little she controlled when she told him the news. The best description of the events was by Ezio Ederiz who was in the room when it all went down.

Murder of Allison Arryn

Allison Arryn4
"I watched as Allison entered the room with a skip to her step. Her smile was always one that she had manuphactured in her mind, but today as she entered I noticed a genuine nature to her eyes. As she approached the mad prince he barely even moved his eyes from the poor women that was on her knees pleasing him. It was moments like this that made me want to walk over and kill him. Looking back I could have done it. The room had maybe four people that would defend him and I could have killed them with ease. Perhaps it was cowerdess. Perhaps it was something elce entirely, but before I could further examine the situation she blurted out to Sean who was still being assisted by the poor women I might add. She blurted out to him that she was pregnant with his child. As she waited with that extatic look on her face the entire room went silent. Everyone stopped what they were doing which included the women with Sean. Perhaps it was that she had stopped that caused the rage. Maybe it was the fact that deep down he understood that he shouldn't father anything. Whatever it was he simply got up walked over to Allison who still had a look of pure happiness and pushed her to the ground before taking out his knife and stabbing her repeatadly in the stomach. The look in her eyes as the knife went in will surely haunt me for the remainder of my days."
-Ezio Ederiz
As the assembled nobles and Ezio watched as Sean Lovie stabbed Allison Arryn over and over again the silence of the room was broken by the sceams of Ella Arryn of whom walked into the room as Sean stood there defiling her body. Ella Arryn attempted to run to the girl that had become her daughter when she was stopped by several
Allison Arryn Gif
of the gaurds in the room, and upon hearing the commotion Sean got up from her body and walked over to the distraught Ella Arryn of whom was searching the room for anyone who might help. As Sean walked over to her Byron Arryn stood completely frozen, and when his vassal in Benjamin Krinner whispered to him that this was the time to intervene, Byron thought for a moment before seeing the body of Allison and becoming frightened. Instead of telling Benjamin Krinner that yes they should intervene he just allowed Sean Lovie to walk over to his wife with a dagger covered in the blood of his niece. Sean walked up to her and pushed her to the ground before he stabbed her in the arm with the dagger.
Ella Arryn

"That's the same dagger I just killed her with. You see I've given you a piece of her. Who elce in this entire world would be so giving that they would be able to give you the gift that I just gave you. Now your going to get up, and leave this room. Your going to leave this room, and hang yourself. Your going to hang yourself outside the doors of your room, and your going to make sure that noone moves you. Your eyes question me why you would do something like this? Well Ella Arryn your going to do this because I'm going to give you one last gift. I'm going to stop ignoring the fact that my brother's heir is in the hands of that half noble niece of yours. I'm going to rip that baby from her arms and I'm going to bash it apart with a rock. When I'm done with that I'm going to kill Hanna. I'm going to kill Spencer. I'm going to kill them All. I will give them the peace that you want for them. I do it all for you. I'm a very generous King."

-Sean Lovie

Sean Lovie then stood back up, and still covered in blood walked himself over to his throne, and gestered at the girl before to continue what she was doing. He just remained staring at the dead body of Allison Arryn with a look that many in the room saw as some sort of regret.

Aria Arrny Large

Death of Ella Arryn

"I saw her walk in with nothing more then a casual glance at first. I mean you see your mother, and you just assume she's here to get your clothes to clean or something. You never immediatly see your mother and think, hey she's going to take out a knife and try and kill my sister. That just isn't the first thing that pops into your mind."
-Aria Arryn
Following all of this Ella Arryn was picked up Byron Arryn her husband who attempted to take her back to her room so he could fix her arm, but she ran away from him towards the location of Aria Arryn's room. Ella Arryn ran into her room to find her sitting on the bed with Hanna, and Amber Heard also in the room. The discust that Ella Arryn felt in that moment for Hanna Arryn was so much that even covered in blood and losing the ability to even move her arm she roared at her step-daughter. All the girls in the room had at first though the was there to see Aria, but now they looked at her and saw the blood stemming from her arm, and the crazed look in her eyes. As Aria, and Amber rushed to her to see what had happened to her arm she tried to charge through them so that she could get to Hanna, and in this moment she took out a
Aria Arryn Gif2
dagger and rushed at Hanna. Hanna dodged the knife by only a little before falling off the backside of the bed. After this attempt Amber, and Aria were able to get ahold of her just enough that they pushed her back away from Hanna, but she wasn't going to stop this time, and rushed once more at Hanna. This time the girls got infront of her, and just as she raised her dagger to charge again they watched as a sword punched itself through her chest. Before she fell forward and arm reached around her front and held her up, and the girls saw Trailen Dorin behind her holding her up with the saddest look on his face. In this moment she coughed out blood before saying her last words on the Earth.
Taiven Dolin
"Aria, Amber you girls need to leave now. Hide yourself now. The Mad King...The Mad King comes for you...and he knows of...he knows of the child. Save yourselves. The family must not die out with the rest of this city."
-Ella Arryn

With those last words Trailen gently rested her down on the ground, and she slowly bled out. Before she finally succumbed she asked to speak to Hanna Arryn of whom walked to her, and in this moment everyone assembled expected her to apologize or to atleast see some of the errors of her ways, but instead she looked up at Hanna and spit blood in her face before finally dying. With this Trailen quickly got up and made the girls perfectly aware that they needed to get the hell out of her. The girls told him that this was the Arryn estate in Berne and they had no where to go, and as the group panicked Benjamin Krinner walked in behind them and told the group that they would come stay with him in the Krinner Estate. The girls quickly followed behind him, but Amber stopped them and said she had to get Thomas. Benjamin went to her and told her that Sean had already sent someone to her room to get the child and that it was too late. Amber didn't accept this and ran off from the group towards her room where she prayed that she wasn't too late.


James Lovie

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There was noone closer to James Lovie then his best friend Alistair. Alistair was the Kings Advisor for the entire period of James Lovie's reign as King. When James died, he turned down Bill Lovie's offer to be Kings Advisor, and assisted his brother at his mine in Lucerne.

"James was never gonna be the smartest or bravest man the Kingdom had ever seen. But the beautiful part about him was that he understood how to accept the assistence of others and not become obsessed with the glory."

-Alistair Bedregen

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