Allerie Mountain
Allerie Mountain
is the daughter of Leyton, and Rhaehan Mountain making her a member of House Mountain. Allerie Mountain is married to Mace Tyrell II. of whom she was married to as a young girl when he was older by many years. With Mace Tyrell II. she has four children in the form of Loras, Garlan, Willas, and Margaery Tyrell of which
Willas Tyrell is the heir of the house and a renowned man of great intelligence despite the fact that he is crippled, while her son Garlan is a senior member of the House Tyrell military forces and is perhaps more skilled in fighting then Loras but wants less fame, while her daughter Margeary is involved in an affair with Nathan Scott of the ruling house and she has come to be defined by this relationship, and her final son Loras is a renowned tournament knight who was badly injured during the Fall of Tree Hill and is now engaged to Michelle Trachtenburg of House Lovie.


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