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Amand Reverdin is the son of Arnaud, and Celeste Reverdin making him a member of House Reverdin.

Amand Reverdin would be born the fourth son of Viscount Arnaud Reverdin and thus at the time of his birth he stood fourth in the line of succesion to House Reverdin. Amand Reverdin would become involved in the rise of Sigismund Asgrimsson when he was targeted by Sigismund who framed Amand in the murder of Polik Vesteinsson leading to Amand being imprisoned awaiting death. While imprisoned he was tortured by Sigismund who gained information from him including the location of Amand's hidden wealth and in return for this he was promiced a quick death by Sigismund but instead Sigismund lied and allowed him to be slowly killed by the Knights of Erlend.




Amand Reverdin would be born the fourth son of Viscount Arnaud Reverdin and thus at the time of his birth he stood fourth in the line of succesion to House Reverdin.

Early History

Sigismund's Taking of Hachiville

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The Taking of Hachiville
This place has become a place of tyranny. A corupt group of men have turned this place into their person slave camp. No more. Not for one more minute.
Sigismund Asgrimsson Cover1
This land is unfair to Tuetons my friend.
Sigismund Asgrimsson arriving by foot at the village of Hachiville where he finally stops as he is so exhausted that he can go no further. Sigismund sleeps in the forest outside of Hachiville for several days and hunts small game to stay alive as he watches the village and comes to believe that the village of Hachiville is the place that he will start his dream of a new world (this comes after having hallucinations following his eating of a hallucinogenic mushrooms) and in this way he works to recover and enters the village where he meets Thorald of whom takes pity on Sigismund and allows him to stay in his home with his large family. Living with Thorald he came to see a picture of Hachiville where the village was overcome with tyranny by the local aldermen and it was this view that created a hatred within him for the aldermen as he helped the family of Thorald work their farm. Coming to live with the family of Thorald he grows to see Thorald as a father and helps his family raise their livestock and travels with Thorald to the dutchy of Wiltz town of Loutiville and while there he comes to see the frankish town as a place of corruption and greed after the merchant Flinter Deoloce used the desperation of Thorald to cheat him out of what he deserved. Leaving Loutiville and travelling back to Hachiville having only gotten half of what he expected Thorald discussed with Sigismund how unfair he thought the world was and this conversation would greatly effect Sigismund who vowed to Thorald that he would make the Alderman change his ways and while Thorald didn't believe it possible he promised to support Sigismund. Returned to Hachiville it was Sigismund that would meet with Alderman Erlend Vesteinsson who was a fat man waited on by several young girls in the form of Asleif, Estrid, Halldora, and his own daughter Thorve Vesteinsson and seeing this he is disgusted as Estrid has her breast exposed, Asleif has bruises on her face, Halldora's clothes are ripped leaving him to look at Thorve and her beautiful gowns and the hatred for Erlend grows. During his meeting with Erlend he does not let any of this hatred show and is able to convince Erlend to let him help him with the village finances as he promises to make Erlend richer and the greedy Erlend is more then willing for him to do this and thus Sigismund comes to live within the village center in a closet of sorts. Taken to the closet by Asleif the two talk in private while everyone else is in the main hall and talking with Asleif he quickly realizes that Erlend is engaging in sexual violence against the girls and realizing this he and Asleif come to share a bond with Asleif coming to swear herself to his service.
Loyalty is everything Asleif. What I ask of you is not simple. I will ask you to do terrible things. Things that in any other moment would be worthy of a one way trip to hell. But it will all be in the service of a greater world. A world without sin.
Sigismund Asgrimsson
Following this arrangement where Asleif gives up everything she knows to him in desperation for someone to save her the two sleep together in the closet (not sexual) and this cements the near fanatical obsession that Asleif will come to have for Sigismund.

Controlling the Board

You are not an idiot. You are a man who can help me make this place great.
Sigismund Asgrimsson

Sigismund would make his move to gather the money needed to gain his influence with Erlend and his move would be to infiltrate the Vault of Hachiville which was an underground system just outside the village guarded by Fromund, and with a young man named Digfried living within the cave. Fromund was someone that Sigismund would need in order to access the vault and was important for this but surprisingly it was Digfried who would be especially important for Sigismund as he was said to be very intelligent but was hidden away for his desire to draw more then farm, and Sigismund saw him as the engineer he would need to help build himself a kingdom.

Murder of Polik Vesteinsson

Thorve Vesteinsson Cover
My uncle would be a serious problem if given the chance. He fought up north and my father always talks about how hes the one man who he can always trust in.
Thorve Vesteinsson

With the establishment of Digfried as a member of there growing influence it was Sigismund that would return to the town hall and meeting with Thorve alongside Asleif she would give him her list of those who needed to be dealt with and who could survive among House Vesteinsson. The list would basically only indicate that several of the younger girls and babies were without sin and with this in mind Sigismund asked her who specifically needed to be dealt with right away and she would without hesitation bring up Polik Vestiensson her uncle a man that she would describe as a warrior without a match in the area. Alongside Asleif it was Sigismund that traveled into the House Vesteinsson estate where the two would wait in the forest by the river where Polik and his wife Erika walked along every day he was in the estate and while there the two slept together once again, and both said they loved each other with there declarations only interrupted by the arrival of Polik and Erika.

The Search for a Killer
Ceolfrith Vesteinsson Large
You are no longer my fucking family. You embarrass your fathers memory. Leave this district and never return. On pain of death.
Erlend Vesteinsson

The discovery of the mutilated bodies of Polik and Erika would begin a new period in the district as an enraged Erlend would summon the entire Vesteinsson family as well as everyone of any importance in the district to the Vesteinsson estate. At the meeting known as the Vesteinsson Estate Meeting an irate Erlend would implode after it became clear that no one had any information on who had killed Polik and without information he begin accusing those at the meeting eventually leading to Polik's son and daughter (who at that moment stood as the heir to House Vestiensson) to become banished from the district after Athelheah Vestiensson came to the defense of his sister Ceolfrith Vesteinsson and despite attempts to make Erlend understand what their banishment would mean he refused to see reason and allowed them to leave.

Meeting a Slave Master

Asleif Asgrimsson Cover Front3
My uncle would be a serious problem if given the chance. He fought up north and my father always talks about how hes the one man who he can always trust in.
Thorve Vesteinsson

Following the death of Polik it was Erlend who begin to isolate himself in his estate and in this isolation he came to rely on Sigismund sending him on errands and believing in his heart that someone in his command had killed his brother he begin to keep secrets from nearly everyone outside of Sigismund. As time was moving forward it was Sigismund that was now amassing a powerful force loyal to him above Erlend and with this his next goal was to enter a position where the death of Erlend would lead to him becoming the Alderman of Hachiville, and he would gain his chance when he was sent to the estate of the Hachiville Guildmaster Amand Reverdin. Amand Reverdin had been named the Guildmaster of Hachiville at the request of his father of whom was the Viscount of the town of Maltsavy and thus the liege lord of Aldermen Erlend, and the position of Guildmaster was seen by Amand as a stepping stone to gain relationships but for Sigismund he saw the title as a path to Alderman as Guildmaster was one of three titles in the district, and thus Sigismund travelled to the estate of Amand with the intention of finding a way to gain his title.

Named a Guildmaster

Murder of the Alderman

Asleif Asgrimsson Large
I was going to kill you from the moment I walked in here. Every day that I had to watch you was another day closer to the day that I stood over you with this dagger and prepared the death blow.
Sigismund Asgrimsson

Following the naming of Sigismund Asgrimsson as the Guildmaster for House Vesteinsson it was Sigismund who had completed his work as he now was placed in the line of succession for the Alderman of the Fiefdom of Hachiville and with this in place he would alongside Asleif, Estrid, Halldora ambush Erlend while he was taking part in his monthly hunt and with Erlend's death they buried him in a shallow grave and prepared for the next stage in the takeover of Hachiville. The first move that they made was to travel as a group westward to the outskirts of Maltsavy where at the Maltsavy Minor Minor Temple of Sigmar they would bribe the Sigmar priest there to marry Sigismund to first Thorve, and then following this marriage he also married Sigismund to Asleif taking them both as his wives.

Meeting a Viscount
Thorve Vesteinsson Cover3
Keep the money flowing to me and we won't have any issues. The money stops flowing and you and I will be having a very serious talk about your future here.
Fernand Reverdin

With Erlend dead and his familiar heir Athelheah Vestiensson having been removed from the line of succession there was a lot of confusion over what would happen in the district but for his part Sigismund had his plan in place and thus was not surprised when he was recalled to Maltsavy as the highest ranking member of the District of Hachiville. Arriving in Maltsavy it was Sigismund who was dressed in the best clothes that Thorve had been able to gather for him and he has also brought with him several of the former slaves he has turned into his loyalists with him who act as his personal guards giving him a more wealthy view. As he prepared for his meeting with the Viscount it was Sigismund who met with Athelheah Vestiensson the scorned former heir of House Vestiensson and meeting with him he found that Athelheah was happy in his life as a merchant and seeing that he could use Athelheah's support he implied to Athelheah that he had discovered that Erlend had in fact killed Athelheah's father Polik and then banished Athelheah as part of a plot to gain complete power. Quick to believe this out of hatred of his uncle Erlend it was Athelheah who then further believed Sigismund when he was told that Sigismund had killed Erlend out of honor he felt towards Polik, and with all this in mind Athelheah agreed to accompany Sigismund to the meeting and support Sigismund in his attempt to become the Alderman of Hachiville.

New Alderman

Following everything that had happened Sigismund with his meeting with Fernand Reverdin and having been named Alderman it was Sigismund that returned to Hachiville with the political authority that he had searched for. Calling for everyone in the district to rally at Hachiville the meeting that he hosted several days after the call was attended by most of the districts population and during the meeting he created a sense of hysteria in the village ranks leading to them falling into line behind him.

Family Members


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