Previous Conflict War in France
Ambush on the Eyes
Burning of The Eyes
Burning of Castle James Lovie I.
Location The Eyes
Start of Conflict 5122
End of Conflict 5122
Result Orcish Horde Victory
  • Destruction of the Eyes
  • Opening of Lucerne to Orc assault
Orcish Horde
  • Bonechewer Clan
Kingdom of Lucerne
Orcish Horde

Circle of Magi

Kingdom of Lucerne
Orcish Horde
  • 13800 Light Infantry (Orcs)
  • 100 Heavy Infantry (Orcs)
  • 6 Monster (Trolls)
  • 20 Magi (Circle of Magi)
  • 300 Light Infantry (Circle of Magi)
Kingdom of Lucerne
  • 750 Light Infantry (Humans)
  • 50 Heavy Infantry (Humans)
  • 200 Light Cavalry (Humans)
  • 50 Heavy Cavalry (Humans)
  • 7 Flyer (Griffons)
Orcish Horde
  • 3600 Light Infantry (Orcs)
  • 75 Heavy Infantry (Orcs)
  • 6 Monster (Trolls)
  • 1 Magi
  • 180 Light Infantry (Circle of Magi)
Kingdom of Lucerne
  • 450 Light Infantry (Humans)
  • 40 Heavy Infantry
  • 120 Light Infantry
  • 45 Heavy Cavalry
  • 5 Flyers
The Ambush on the Eyes was the name for the Orcish invasion of Western Lucerne where in they worked alongside the Circle of Magi to attack and ravage The Eyes. The Ambush on the Eyes would allow for the movement of the Orcish forces into the Valley of Lucerne where they would attack the city of Tree Hill in the disastrous First Battle of Tree Hill. Despite Castle James Lovie I. being the most heavily fortified position it was actually at the Haur Holdfast where the Orcs took most of their casualties and it was only when they brought in huge numbers that the defenders of the Holdfast were forced to pull out.

The Eyes had begun construction under the reign of James Lovie I. as a means of monitoring the border with the Kingdom of Lucerne but their purpose morphed under the leadership of James Lovie II. of whom had to deal with Orcs on his western border and thus he would greatly expand them.

At the time of the ambush of the Ambush of the Eyes it was Wilmar Ordos III. of whom commanded the Eyes and he reigned over them from Castle James Lovie I. while he had several other commanders spread out across the dozen towers and two other castles.



Coming of Cuthwin

Isabella Mountain Cover1
I know we have never met. I know your family has treated you terribly. I know this because I'm like you. I'm a good person like you. Please save me.
Isabel Mountain

While Isabel was in Kiel with her parents she would discover a letter written by James Lovie II. to her father which detailed his objective of traveling to Castle James I. and destroying the defenses there so that an Orc army could be brought into the Valley to destroy Forks, and Tree Hill. Discovering this letter shocked her to her core but she didn't do anything at first believing her parents wouldn't actually do this, but this changed when they summoned her and told her that they were traveling to Castle James Lovie I. and she was coming with them. Realizing what was happening she would attempt to find an escape but could't trust anyone in her family so she sent a letter to her aunt Allysanne Mountain of whom she knew to be a kind and gentle person due to her family constantly insulting her for these traits. In this letter Isabel did not reveal the extent of what had happened but was desperate enough in the letter that she hoped Allysanne would come to save her.

The Assault


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