Tzeneech Symbol.png
Loyalty Chaos
Story Role
POV Role None
Appears In Placeholder
Vital statistics
Generation 3
Role Former Role
  • Minor God of the Fade
Alias Placeholder
Status Alive
Titan Details
Form Taken Arakhora
Created Races None
Father Tzeneech
Mother Myspeth
Siblings Third Generation Titans
Internal Family
Spouse None
Children None

Azrik is a Third generation chaos titan born the child of Tzeneech, and Myspeth and was a Minor God of the Fade until his fall to Chaos.

Sarthorael and Azrik would hear the calls of aid sent by Notburga Rothenbeck taking on human forms and entering the real world where they begin actively working Notburga to begin a summoning ritual in order to gain their ability to summon themselves into the real world in their real fo




Coming of the Old Ones

Creating the Arakhora

Main Article : Arakhora


We are the children of a great god. Our teachings tell us that he fell to darkness after our ancestors failed to protect him. Our teachings tell us that the only way to let him return to us is for us to remove darkness from the world. So you ask me how I remain so honorable despite the acts I commit. I do it because I want to see my god again.

During the centuries following the departure of the Old Ones, the Fade and its powers were controlled effectively by Tzeneech. Tzeneech busied himself during this time with the creation of his great project in the Arakhora, who he hoped would one day assist him in protecting and controlling the Fade. The Arakhora took all of his energy to create and a part of Tzeneech, the part that wished to do good things was captivated by the innocence of creating something in this manner. It was during his time creating the Arakhora that the Fade was the most potent, safe, and strong. There was a distinctly corupting moment during the creation of the Arakhora that for those paying attention they would have noticed the fall. During his time at the end of the creation he made a subsect of the Arakhora that was unafected by age, and most diseases. While he argued that he simply created this sub group in order to help control the Arakhora it could be argued that this was his first step on the road to his fall.

Family Members


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