Armory Justman
Armory Justman
is the son of two members of House Justman, and thus is the current Patriarch and Lord of House Justman. Armory Justman would marry Zella Justman when he was fourteen, and she was twenty, and following her first pregnency she became very sickly and eventually she died of sickness. With Zella Justman he has three children in the form of Alethia, Glendon, and Maeri Justman of which Glendon is the heir of House Justman and in this positon is beloved by all he has met, his daughter Alethia is talented lady of whom is living in Lorderon while her bethrothed comes of age, and his final daughter Maeri is his most beloved person and Maeri has the bastard child of Arwood Lancer and the two have been in a long term romance.

Amory Justman would lead the forces of House Justman into the Invasion of Westbridge while leaving behind his daughter Alethia as the regent of House Justman and following this they joined with the forces of House Lovie in attacking the main city, but would be diverted and assisted House Scarlet in attacking Margrove where his assistence was invaluable.


Early History

Invasion of Westbridge

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Ironborn Invasion of the Riverlands

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Family Members


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