Anai Heretee
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Blood Court of Nubia
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Story Involvement
Story Role Major Role
Vital statistics
Bloodline Blood Court of Nubia Bloodline
Maker Kamilah Napata
Progeny Sons

Grand Daughters

Generation Second
Morality Chaos Neutral
Origins Lahmia

Anai Heretee is a Nubian Vampire born in the south of Lahmia where she would become a member of the Vampire Aristocracy and eventually move on to the Kingdom of Weerhousen. Fadil Heretee has been married to Anai Heretee for generations and the two have remained very much in love for their time together despite their dramatically different views of vamparism.

Anai Heretee would be born in the south of Lahmia where her family who were nobles of southern Lahmia would send her to the capital where she became a lady of the court of Lahmia eventually becoming known to the queen due to her intelligence. Anai Heretee would during the time of the Vampire Court staying in Greece would fall in love with the young Greek Prince Fadil Heretee of whom unwilling to move on without him would turn him into a vampire but put the blame on one of her pregeny of whom she then betrayed and killed playing herself as the savior of Fadil. Fadil Heretee his wife, and sister would be sent to Ravensburg by Queen Angelica Neferata in order to quell what she believed was a growing rebellious movement among the human leadership of the city.


Early History

Anai Heretee would be born in the south of Lahmia where her family who were nobles of southern Lahmia would send her to the capital where she became a lady of the court of Lahmia eventually becoming known to the queen due to her intelligence.

Wandering Europe

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The Founding of Weerhousen

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Weerhousen Civil War

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The End of the Vampire Court
Did you think there would never be any consequences. It was always coming for you sister. This moment was always coming. The only thing I regret is that it took me this long to finally do what I should have done centuries ago.
Davina Denn Cover4
When you return to your homeland you must remember your calling. Remember who you are despite the moral failings you may find there. Hold onto the strength of Glaurung and you will survive anything the Vampires can throw at you. Go with Glaurung Milady.
Ostov Strom

The true start of the Weerhousen Civil War would begin with the return of Davina Denn who would return home alongside her knight guardian Hanzal of House Strom to Ravensburg. Davina Denn had spent years in the Kingdom of Gilneas as a lady in waiting and while there she meets with the King and he reveals that things are changing in Ravensburg as the agents he has sent into Weerhousen are having success in growing the rebellious movement and that soon he will send her back to Ravensburg to pave the way for the eventual Gilneas invasion of Weerhousen. Weeks following this she receives a letter from her brother stating that things are changing rapidly in Ravensburg and she must return home immediately of which she listens to immediately travelling by boat from Gilneas back to Ravensburg. Arriving back at Ravensburg where she is greeted at the gates of the city by several councilors of the city but no members of her family, but among the group is several Vampires of which when she sees them she is attracted to one of the group in the form of Fadil Heretee but clutches her necklace of Glaurung and follows the human Councillors to Ravens Castle. Moving towards the castle she is approached by one of the vampires of whom reveals herself to be Anai Heretee the wife of Fadil Heretee and tells Davina that when she is done seeing her family and meeting with her Councillors the three vampires require a meeting as well, and they do not wish to be waiting long. After a long confrontation with the three vampires Fadil reveals to her that a sickness has wracked the city killing many including several in her family, and without another word she storms off eventually running to the keep of her family. Arriving at the keep she is met by her uncle Marcel and her cousin Marcel of whom try to slow her but she continues running throughout the keep going off instinct and eventually reaching her fathers room where she finds her mother sitting on a chair overlooking her father of whom looks as pale as a ghost. Overcome with emotions she ignores the advise of her uncle and heeds the words of Ser Vincent Lephane, and the councillers and commands the raising of the army of Ravensburg in order to find the vampires in their midst and lock them away until she can make her decision on them. Following the imprisonment of Fadil, Anai, and Circe she would ignore the cries of her brother to stop what she was doing, and looking to the sky she realized that it was high noon and with the sun out at its near peak she would command the entire town to the streets with their hands out to show they were not wearing the day ring, and after finding several Vampires among the townfolk she imprisoned them as well before command the city guard go house to house leading to the capture of two more Vampires of whom she imprisoned all within the dungeons of Ravensburg. Davina Denn finishes writing a letter to her former family in the Kingdom of Gilneas detailing the changes in Weerhousen and that the time has come to intervene, and then following this her uncle knocks on the door and the two speak for some time about the happenings. Alongside her uncle she travels with her guards to visit Fadil, Circe, and Anai in the dungeons beneath the castle where she has a long conversation with them. While talking to them she is told by her guards of the arrival of several Vampires into Ravensburg in the form of Publius Tiferis, Zalika Merneith, Turgut Nur, and Lena Rehner of whom are in the city to reinforce Fadil's original party and Davina lies to Publius there leader about Fadil never arriving and this begins a confrontation when Lena doesn't believe the story and only the quick talking of Davina stops bloodshed, and seeing they are horribly outnumbered the three Vampires leave the city threatening to return with a larger group and wipe out Ravensburg. Before leaving Lena Rehner reveals that she was the one responsible for the murder of Davina's parents and overwhelmed with rage over this Davina pulls her wand out and fires a killing spell at Lena but Lena blocks the spell with her sword striking Zalika Merneith directly killing her instantly and causing the rest of the vampires to flee leaving behind Lena of whom tries to flee as well but Davina strikes her with a second spell leaving her unable to move. Following her conversation with Fadil she makes the decision to heed his words and hands the regency to her uncle while she travels by horse with a company of a hundred knights and men at arms towards the lands of the Strigi.

Rebel Alliance

The next stage of the conflict arrives with the arrival of Davina Denn in Strigi where Ushoran Neferata is about to enter his coffin when he is interrupted by Amir Salam of whom tells him he needs to immediately come to the walls and following without question he arrives at the gates to find a large force of men at the gates with a women on horseback leading them.

First Blood

Having agreed to an alliance between himself, Godric, and Davina Denn Ushoran moves to his next stage when he leaves for his basic vassal in the Kingdom of Dorehousen, and his force arrives near the border with Dorehousen and preparing to cross the bridge into Dorehousen they are fired on from the trees and are forced to fight against ambushing vampire and human attackers carrying the flags of Nechrarch, and after a tough fight they defeat their attackers and take several prisoners including the Magi Ralic Darkslayer of whom they took with them as they crossed the border into Dorehousen. Entering Dorehousen he meets with the Lords of Dorehousen of whom quickly show their true allegiance when they see Ushoran of whom commands that they prepare the army of Dorehousen, and lock up Ralic Darkslayer.

Fall of Norba

Kamilah Napata would return to her seat at New Norba and upon her arrival and her request for the raising of the forces of the Dutchy of Norba she would be betrayed by her court which she discovered quickly had been overrun by forces who revealed themselves to be of the Kingdom of Gilneas and she would be locked up in a cell and sent eastward to Ravensburg alongside the army and population of the Dutchy of Norba.

Family Members


Fadil Heretee

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