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Anar Finwe IV.
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Vital statistics
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Alias None
House House of Finwe
Realm Atmer Empire
Status Alive
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Anar Finwe IV. is the son of Elendil, and Mealla Finwe making him a member of the House of Finwe.

Elendil Finwe III. would lead himself his daughter and two sons to the Kingdom of Lucerne at the direction of allies in High Forest and while there he would make agreements aligning the Atmer Empire and the Kingdom of Lucerne and leading to Elendil's son Anar Finwe IV. becoming the High Emmisary between the Kingdom of Lucerne and the Atmer Empire.


Early History

Alliance with Lucerne

Founding of New Avelon

New Avelon was founded following the discussions between Elendil and William Lovie III. and using funds sent to him by Ulthuan he was able to hire workers from the nearbye town of Frosthelm, and aided by House Varryn. Talais Finwe and his father Elendil Finwe would leave Lucerne following the agreement founding the town of New Avelon leaving behind Alais Finwe, and Anar Finwe IV. in charge of this new colony, and this would be a tough decision for Talais but standing as the heir of the House of Finwe he would do his duty returning to Cothique with his father and leaving behind his twin brother. New Avelon was constructed with the main site being completely unwalled, and its population was allowed to never go above three thousand people, nor ever have walls, or a force of military over two hundred.

Family Members