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Ar-Brentey Hemsworth
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Story Role
POV Role None
Appears In Lucerne Series
Naming Conventions
Title Official Titles
  • High Lady of the Order of the Black
  • Princess of Arnor
  • Lady of Fornost
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Vital Statistics
Born 5079
Religion Atlantian Pantheon
Status Alive
Allegiance Family Loyalties

Personal Loyalties

Racial Statistics
Maternal White Numenorian
Paternal White Numenorian
Father Tari-Jonas Hemsworth
Mother Aw-Marge Hemsworth
Siblings Full Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse Betrothals
Children Base Born

With William Lovie III.

Ar-Brentey Hemsworth or Brentey Hemsworth is the child of Jonas and Marge Hemsworth thus making her a member of House Hemsworth. Britney Hemsworth has two siblings in the form of Liam, and Chris Hemsworth of which her brother Chris is the heir to the throne of Arnor and a renowned warrior, while her brother Liam runs the rangers of northern Anor and has fought bravely as the conflict has escalated. She has a child with William Lovie III. in the form of Lucie Lovie of whom lives with her in Arnor and is becoming very intelligent even at her young age.

Ar-Brentey Hemsworth would be born the middle child of King Tari-Jonas Hemsworth, and his wife Queen Aw-Marge Hemsworth leaving her outside of the line of succession due to the agnatic succession laws of the Kingdom of Arnor. As a prominent member of the Arnor aristocratic nobility she would be sent as a young girl to the to the Anchorite of Fornost where she spent several years as a Lay Sister under the tutelage of Ro-Necisse Cullodar. Serving under Necisse who was the Revered Mother of the Anchorite and the Order of the Mother, she learned many things but the main thing that she taught Brentey was her ideology which preached a brand of consequentialism that changed the core of who Brentey was. Her relationship with Necisse led to her being sent to Minas Lollar the capital of the Kingdom of Lollard where she became the lady in waiting for Queen Aw-Grella Lollard where she worked for the benefit of Necisse who wanted the expansion of the Lollard Church of the Divine Seven. After leading to the dramatic expansion of the Lollard Church of the Divine Seven in Minas Lollar she would be rewarded by Necisse with the promise of betrothal. This betrothal would come about when she was betrothed to Undrew Stor of whom was the heir of the Kingdom of Stor, and in response to this she was sent to Stor in the hopes of forging a friendship with Undrew but due to the age difference there was no romance between them. She remained in Stor while her betrothed grew older and as he reached fifteen and only two years away from her marriage, her planned husband was killed during a reaving by the Ironborn, and with his death her time in Stor ended and she returned home to Arnor for the first time in years, and while she waited for a new marriage match she got spend time with her family of whom she had never really had that time with. She would become betrothed to William Lovie III. the heir to the Kingdom of Lucerne a distant vandal nation close to Arnor due to historically alliances and due to the manipulation of James Lovie Britney spent two years staying in Lucerne, and during this time she fell in love with the young prince of Lucerne and engaged in a sexual relationship with him for almost a year. This relationship would eventually become so out of control that she was sent back to Arnor after James Lovie believed that William had lost interest in her. Following her return to Arnor, and her child with William, she became obsessed with becoming good enough to return to him. In this capasity she begin building a network of spies amongst the surrounding Kingdoms that she controls. She used this to gain knowledge on the goings on, and she has become fabulously rich through this network. This power is outwordly for her own amusement but in fact she is still madly in love with William Loie and she believes that a man as perfect as him would only return her loe if she returned to him with so much power that he would respect her. In this new power vacum she has become fanatical in her protection and belief in her daughter with William in the form of Lucie Lovie of whom she has told wild stories of the reasons that she isn't with her beloved while keeping from her the truth. Alongside Lucie Lovie she would reenter the story during the beggining of Westros when the Kingdom of Arnor came under massive assault from first the forces of the Empire, and then eventually from a supposed relief force from Lorderon led by Arthas Menathil. She would be in Fornost when the forces of Arthas Menathil sacked the city, and following the sack and death of Marcel Lovie her survival is in question along with the survival of Lucie Lovie. She becomes a POV character in the fifth chapter of Westros and during this it is revealed that she retreated to the Kingdom of Strom where she brought her daughter and much of the Numenorian Order of the Black in an attempt to overthrow the kingdom and take control. She did this while the King of Strom was attempting to house her and protect her people as he had cared for Britney's mother but doesn't realize that Britney has other motives and is shocked when her plots are uncovered and attempts to have her killed as a punishment. Retreating from Strom she travels southward with her Order of the Black and is able to take a heavy amount of control within Dole. Arriving in Dole with the Order of the Black she would come to the capital where she would meet with several influencial noblemen including Haymitch Aberghel of whom convinses her to side with Katniss Everdeen and take control of the region through Katniss.


Main Article : Timeline of Ar-Brentey Hemsworth

Ar-Brentey Hemsworth would be born the middle child of King Tari-Jonas Hemsworth, and his wife Queen Aw-Marge Hemsworth leaving her outside of the line of succession due to the agnatic succession laws of the Kingdom of Arnor.

Early History

I knew what my life was going to be from a very early age, and it didn't bother me at all. I was very comfortable knowing that I would have the security of not being left to wonder what my place in the world was. I was happy to know that my church would find me a great choice for husband, and in this choice I would meet the rest of my life.
Ar-Brentey Hemsworth

As a prominent member of the Arnor aristocratic nobility she would be sent as a young girl to the to the Anchorite of Fornost where she spent several years as a Lay Sister under the tutelage of Ro-Necisse Cullodar. Serving under Necisse who was the Revered Mother of the Anchorite and the Order of the Mother, she learned many things but the main thing that she taught Brentey was her ideology which preached a brand of consequentialism that changed the core of who Brentey was.

Kingdom of Lollard

Her relationship with Necisse led to her being sent to Minas Lollar the capital of the Kingdom of Lollard where she became the lady in waiting for Queen Aw-Grella Lollard where she worked for the benefit of Necisse who wanted the expansion of the Lollard Church of the Divine Seven. After leading to the dramatic expansion of the Lollard Church of the Divine Seven in Minas Lollar she would be rewarded by Necisse with the promice of betrothal.

Kingdom of Stor

This betrothal would come about when she was betrothed to Undrew Stor of whom was the heir of the Kingdom of Stor, and in response to this she was sent to Stor in the hopes of forging a friendship with Undrew but due to the age difference there was no romance between them.

Returning Home

She remained in Stor while her betrothed grew older and as he reached fifteen and only two years away from her marriage, her planned husband was killed during a reaving by the Ironborn, and with his death her time in Stor ended and she returned home to Arnor for the first time in years, and while she waited for a new marriage match she got spend time with her family of whom she had never really had that time with.

Nortburg Tournament of 5120

Main Article : Nortburg Tournament of 5120

The Nortburg Tournament of 5120
This tournament is for all of you. Its time you started building your own family now William.
Rosalie Hale Cover4.png
You are my son, and more then that you are the heir to this kingdom. That does not require me to keep you aware of everything that is going on at all times.
James Lovie II.

Its while sitting in the gardens outside the Skytower kissing Rosalie Hale when the two are interrupted by the arrival of Carlisle Cullen, and Kieth Schwartz. The two attempt to send Rosalie away but William resists this and she stays with him as they tell him about the coming Nortburg Tournament. It’s revealed that following the wedding it was William that was shuttled back to Lucerne and has been locked away inside the Tower of Clouds estate with only his friends able to visit him inside. William demands to know where Alice is and as the group is arguing about this its James that comes out of the front gate. William looks to his father and is shocked at his appearance. The last time he saw his father was only a few weeks ago but seeing him again he looks like he’s aged twenty years. The whole group is quiet as James is helped to get over to them with the assistance of two guards under each arm. Alongside the guards he is followed by Aelfwynn Turnidlon, Fabian Klauseburg, who all have an aura of nervousness as they reach William. Carlisle attempts to have James returned to the tower, but James ignores him and tells the guards to sit him down on the bench. After sitting down, he sends everyone away except for Kieth, and William. As Rosalie goes to leave, she gives him a kiss on the cheek, and it makes William feel a sense of safety. The discussion between the three of them does not go well as James reveals several hard truths for William. The first being the fact that Alice has indeed been betrothed to Paulus Yernese and nothing William does will change this fact. The next is that he would not be accompanying them to Nortburg and that Kieth would be his guardian while he was outside of Lucerne. Williams attempts to resist the words of his father lack any real aggression as he is thrown off by how sickly his father appears and having never seen his father looking so close to death, he is unable to quickly adjust. James discusses that at the tournament there will be many girls sent to the tournament as he has made it known that he wants to decide on William’s future bridge and will decide at the tournament based on Kieth’s negotiations. James begins coughing which again puts William in a state of panic as he watches his father break down. The coughing gets bad causing the return of Aelfwynn and Fabian who joined by several guards pick him up and bring him back to the Cloud Tower leaving a shaken William behind.

Your father is a good person. I have spent my whole life near him. My life’s mission is to protect and serve him. There are moments when I think back to the boy he used to be, and I can barely recognize the man I see now. The truth is that’s how life goes. People change. People have flaws and as the days go by these flaws become more apparent. Listen to me when I say this, William. Once you love someone. Once you have given someone your word. Loyalty doesn’t have an exit door.
Kieth Schwartz

Following this its Kieth that stays behind and talks with William and the two show themselves to be close as despite everything happening William looks at him in a father like way. Kieth tells William to have the servants pack some things for the trip, and he does this following Kieth onto the lift of the Cloud Tower. Kieth commands two servants to accompany them up the lift to assist William and two girls quickly shuffle on to the lift in response. The two go up the lift but Kieth gets off on the fifth floor leaving William to travel further up with only two of his servants with him in the form of Adolfa and Helmgarda. Going up the next fifteen floors on the lift he looks on the two girls who keep their head bowed the entire time up the lift, and William begins to ponder who he is as a person. Thinking back to the peasants on the mountain he realizes that he has been detatched from the common man of Lucerne and decides to be better. William sparks a conversation with the two but only Adolfa pushes past her nerves to speak with William and the two share a laugh as the lift arrives at his floor. Going onto the floor they move past two guards towards his room where Adolfa follows him, while Helmgarda does the same but trails further behind. While discussing the trip to Nortburg its Adolfa that tells William that she overheard discussions to have his friends not accompany him on the trip to Nortburg and hearing this news he thanks her with a kiss and rushes to the lift. Leaving behind Helmgarda, and Adolfa to pack his things he goes back to the lift and prepares to find his friends to bring them back to the tower.

Leven Martell Cover10.jpg
You didn't think you could get rid of me that easily did you?
Leven Martell

Lying to the guards that he is just going to the garden he can escape the tower and get into the garden. Inside the garden he hops the wall and sneaks onto the walls where he uses a rope to climb himself down thinking how this gets easier the taller, he gets. As he reaches the bottom, he pulls the rope with him and then sees Leven sitting down across from him smiling at him. Revealing that she knew he would escape sooner or later she had come here to meet him. Pulling her into a hug he explains what has happened and attempts to take her hand and go and gather the Shadow Council, but she stops him. Telling him that she had been with Aria when guards had come and commanded that she begin packing for the trip. She had then tried to see Jasper and Rosalie but saw guards there as well revealing her attempts to find the Shadow Council had all ended in failure leaving just her not taken away. At Leven’s words he prepares to sneak her inside so that she is not sent away with the rest of his friends. Using the rope, he pulls himself back up and then helps Leven do the same. Going back to the tower he goes inside where he finds the servant clothing, he has hidden for events like this and brings them back outside. Taking them to Leven he gives them to her to change and while at first, he turns away to give her privacy he sees her reflection in a vase. Seeing her body exposed he feels the desire to turn around and touch her skin but controls himself and does not turn around. With Leven pretending to be a servant they go inside returning to the lift and go back to his floor. Arriving at the floor they find his things packed and by the entrance to the lift and no sight of Helmgarda and Adolfa. The guard on duty is Erik Fahnrich who recognized Leven but doesn’t say anything just smiles and lets the two go past him. William wakes up in the morning and finds himself and Leven cuddling in bed together and feeling her skin against him he begins touching her this time unable to control himself. Leven wakes up to this and embarrassed at first to be caught she silences him with a kiss. The kiss becomes heated with the two touching each other but as it risks going somewhere further, he stops them as he becomes ashamed of betraying Rosalie. Leven looks disappointed but smiles at him, and the two get dressed as by this point they were both naked. Leaving Lucerne with only Leven, and his servants they travel by carriage towards Nortburg with Leven and William sharing the carriage together. During the ride they talk as they always have but things have changed between them as there is a chemistry now there that William resists due to his feelings for Rosalie. Leven does tell William briefly about her time on the road back to Lucerne and hints that she believes Wuldrik Toyne may be her real father.

Blood of Old Atlantis

Seri-Relisia Terrick Cover Amazing Front.jpg
You didn't think you could get rid of me that easily did you?
Leven Martell

As James and his council begin planning for different marriage options for the prince William Lovie III. it was James that became very interested in the idea of having a Numenorian brought. James understood that the blood of Atlantis was very rare in the valley and thus they would have to find this Numenorian girl from somewhere outside of the valley. As word was sent to loyalists throughout the surrounding kingdoms it was a trader in Lorderon that passed on the information that a princess in Arnor was not back on the market. It was thus James Lovie was sent information that the young Ar-Brentey Hemsworth was now free following the death of her proposed husband in battle. James sent letters to King Jonas Hemsworth asking him if her hand was open for his young son William Lovie III., and after a series of back and forth letters Jonas would take this option to his council, and their would little debate among them. It was decided that clearly this was a top tier marriage option, and thus was one of the two eventual Numenorian betrothal options that were brought in. The second Numenorian option was discovered much closer to home in the form of Seri-Relisia Terrick of whom was a member of the Dragonoph Temple that had become increasingly attached to the Shadow Council and thus an obvious option. With Relisia an obvious option it was Aldiel that appeared before the Circle council and was told of this plan, and would give permission for the betrothal discussions stating that she had the full authority of her husband. The truth of this was the Aldiel was long dead and this was actually in fact Septemax that was acting as Aldiel and thus it was Septemax that became perhaps the last true Dovah influence in the capital.

Britney Hemsworth5.jpg
Noone told me the distance between the two places, and for that reason it was shocking not only the distance but the complete changes that you go through in travelling from Arnor to Lucerne. The ice tipped mountains of Arnor pass through the lush Riverlands, and the hardy lands east of Stormwind, and then finally you reach the prestine valley of Lucerne.
Brentey Hemsworth

Ar-Brentey was told about the plan, and having spent the better part of two decades in isolation at the Anchorite of Fornost she was overjoyed at the chance to leave the Anchorite. During the time before she left she was left a list of things that William liked that had been sent by James Lovie but unfortunately James did not know his son half as well as he thought so the vast majority of these things were inaccurate. As she was leaving she was forced to for the first time accept life without her family of whom had been her rock for most of her life, but she was sent with her handmaiden Ilana La-Phellion of House Phellion. So it would be nothing more then Ar-Brentey her handmaiden Ilana, and a small party of men at arms to protect them when they went for a trip to a completely foreign land. Also along with her learning she begin taking the name Britt the rough translation of what her Numenorian name became in common germanic. The Journey for Brentey was extremely long, but over the time she and her best friend Ilana La-Phellion would be reading up on the history of Lucerne through several books that they had been given by James Lovie during his time in Arnor. Through this they learned the history of the Kingdom of Lucerne, but more importantly they learned all there was to know about House Lovie in book learning. During this reading she came to greatly admire her betrothed's name sake in the form of William Lovie of whom she read all about, and the relationship that he had with the dragons. She tried her very best for the situation that awaited her, and for her part was desperate to have this work not wanting to return to the anchorite but also desperately wanting a partner.

Britney Hemsworth Hot4.jpg
I did whatever I could to keep him interested. He was a maturing young man, but for all intesive purposes he was a child. I had to be the greatest of all the distractions he would be met by or else I would lose everything.
Brentey Hemsworth

When Brentey arrived in Lucerne James made sure to use all of his skill to manipulate the young girl into keeping her purpose their a secret. With the element of surprise still with him, he set Brentey out on a mission to seduce William, which based on his adoration at the time of Rosalie Hale made this difficult but James told her that she was not going to have a problem with Rosalie who he planned on removing from the equation.

The Tournament Starts

Royal Betrothals
Brentey Hemsworth came to the land of Lucerne with a purpose. At first I thought it was marriage, and it was for this reason that I dismissed her so quickly. It was only later that I realized she actually cared for me on a deep level.
William Lovie III.

The Joust

Tournament of Nortburg 5120.png
I did whatever I could to keep him interested. He was a maturing young man, but for all intensive purposes he was a child. I had to be the greatest of all the distractions he would be met by or else I would lose everything.
Brentey Hemsworth
The Yellow Dragons

Main Article : Meeting of Volker Yernese and the Yellow Dragons

Departure of Princess Alice

Ezio's New Mission
I did not have the power to stop my niece from being sent southward to danger, but I will not stand by and do nothing. I must try and keep her safe. I need you to help me with this.
Catherine Lovie

Its Ezio Ederiz that is watching as William leaves for the lands of Turnendorf and standing beside Carlisle Cullen the two discuss the next steps for Ezio. Carlisle tells Ezio that he will be traveling alongside princess Alice Lovie as she journeys back to Pomeria. While he is guarding the princess on this journey, he is also going to deliver a letter to House Yernese. Once they have arrived at Pomeria and he has confirmed the letter has been given to Caeparia Macrinus the daughter of Lord Aldo Yernese he will then attempt to contact an assassin in Pomeria named Ysabel Foucault who will take over for him in protecting Alice. Once this has taken place, he will then head directly to Turnendorf and assist William in anything that does come up for him. As he is leaving its Ezio that Is stopped by Dallia Lovie who asks to speak with him privately. Agreeing to this he commands Catherine to prepare their things to go with Alice southward which she does with a nod leaving Ezio to follow Dallia. Dallia takes him to the market where they go through a stall passing the owner with a nod and go into the shop behind. Entering the room, he finds several prominent nobles waiting inside and while he recognizes several its Catherine Lovie that gains the focus of his attention. Inside the room he is asked by Catherine and the others to kill Ysabel instead of handing over ownership of Alice to her, and then to hand over protection to Gudrun Ganzfried. Seeing this as an obvious move against Carlisle he demands to know why he would do this, and Catherine takes a risk by telling Ezio the truth of what Ysabel’s true purpose is which is to not protect Alice but to instead kill her. Ezio agrees to find out the truth of what Ysabel’s purpose is and only if murder is her purpose will Ezio stop her. The group agrees and not wanting to be discovered they tell him to go on his way but as he leaves Catherine forces him to promise that he will do what he can to protect Alice.

Second Crisis of Turnendorf

Main Article : Second Crisis of Turnendorf

The Second Crisis of Turnendorf
Do not forget that you are a good person prince. You will need memories of that in the coming days. Monsters are coming, and I fear you are the only one who can stop them.

The Prince Moves

Your father cannot fix this. He is not the man he was when the Voiceless rose the first time. This is your time.
Catherine Bell
Time at Krebville
While we are at Krebville you will be meeting with the Northern Lucernian lords. You want there help with this campaign. You need them for anything that you plan to do in the future.
Seri-Relisia Terrick
Meeting with Council of Destill
We need you to help us faciliate a conversation with the prince. In return for this help I will promise to help you..
Aranna Jovinsson

Edward Cullen is walking through the streets of Krebville with Jasper when he begins seeing the vision of a women hovering over a building in front of him. Going into his pocket he puts the ring on his finger and shakes off the feeling. Continuing to walk with Jasper the two go back to joking when he feels the ring fall off his finger. As this happens the girls appears again in front of him now holding the ring, but she clearly cannot be seen by Jasper. Using an excuse, he leaves Jasper and follows the girl down an alleyway where she waits for him. The two speak for a time where she introduces herself as Aranna Jovinsson and that she represents a group she calls the Council of Destill who want to speak with him, and by extension she hints they want to speak with prince William. Edward tells her that he will speak with William but when could they offer prince William that would bring him to the table with them. At this she holds out a tiny scroll and hands it to Edward telling him to read it and then when he and William agree to the meeting that she will be found at the docks just west of Krebville tonight. She walks away from him leaving him to open the scroll and reading the contents he discovers that this scroll which is known as “The Codex of Sogronul” details a plot by this Sogronul to convert large numbers of women in Turnidlon to Magi and then create an army from them. Following the Shadow Council discussing things its William that sits up from the table and asks Edward’s opinion of what they should do. It becomes clear to Edward in this moment that William is giving him the final decision powers and Edward wanting to help William pushes the idea of meeting with the girl. With the plan decided on it’s the Shadow Council that sneaks from the Krebville palace grounds joined by several prominent guards and heads towards the docks. Also, among this group going to the meeting are Aelfwynn Turnidlon, Tanya Denali, and Ar-Brentey Hemsworth. Arriving at the docks they find several women waiting for them. Aranna Jovinsson steps forward and thanks William for coming and then goes into the deal that she wants to make. She offers to help William in his campaign against the Order of the Voiceless Angel and in return they ask that William requests two things. Firstly, they want William to authorize the founding of a Guild for them which has been rejected up and till now because of its Magi origins. Secondly, they request that House Reinmann make House Gollwitzer an Ealdorman so that the guild would be further protected. William agrees to these demands and following this the girls swear an oath of loyalty to William and say that in the morning they will be at Krebville with a boat to join his forces in their final journey to Turnidlon.

Seas to Rosler Castle
I look at you and I see a young man that is drowning. You are so lost Edward Cullen. Let me help you.
Madeline Gollwitzer

Edward, and Tanya leave the Shadow Council and join the boat of Aranna as the fleet leaves Krebville and while sad to not be with the Shadow Council he does look at this an opportunity as William told him to eventually lead a Magi guild that the two want to create once he is king. While on the boat towards Rosler Castle he is introduced to the other Magi aboard the boat in the form of Laisa, and Elissa Klorinsson, Cercilia Borisson, and Frida Scheid.

The Prince Arrives

Battle of Castle Telstendil
Fall of Trestilghar
Battle of Turnendorf
First Battle of Thaig Roelet

The Angel Arrives

The Second Battle of Thaig Roelet

The Feast of Turnendorf

Main Article : Turnendorf Feast of 5120

Betrayal of Aelfwyn

Return to Arnor

Main Article : Arnor

"That was the scariest moment of my life. The moment I crossed the final bridge that would take me back to Arnor. On one hand it was nice to know that I would soon see the family that I remembered so much in my heart, but on the other hand their was his loss. Without him I felt hollow. With him I had felt a passion, and a love that noone elce would ever be able to fill. It was with sadness that I cried my way across that bridge and home to my family."
-Britney Hemsworth

When she returned to Arnor and her family saw that she had a young son with her, she turned all the blame on herself, and said that William had begged her to stay but she was too afraid of the commitment. She made her parents and brothers keep the secret that her young son was the son of William Lovie. This secret was obviously a huge thing to keep since it was very likely that William would be king of Lucerne following the death of Bill Lovie and if they harbored his true heir they could be seen as attempting to steal the throne from him. In the end the protection of their daughter was of paramount to them and so the Hemsworth's decided to keep the secret.

Lorderon-Valerian-Arnor War

Main Article : Munchen War

Lorderon-Valerian-Arnor War
It was like this constant ache in my head the entire time I was in Forks. Something felt wrong but I could just never place my finger on the reason behind it. While I lived this fake life I just kept living within my dreams.
Leighton Zegers Cover1.jpg
If we could arrange ourselves closer to the southern people then we would finally have a pathway away from the Teutons grasp.
Leighton Zegers

The Empire of Valeria had for generations fallen under the sphere of influence of The Empire and under King Trance Zegers they had sought a way out of this and thus had worked diplomatically to move closer to the Kingdom of Arnor forging relationships through marriage with the Arnorians including most notably Martivian Zegers III., and Illiana Hemsworth of whom were married creating an alliance between Arnor and Valeria of which led to many other ideas for alliances including the one that would change the entire region when Leighton Zegers would plan a marriage between House Zegers and House Menathil from the Numenorian Kingdom of Lorderon. Following the secret agreement of betrothal between Calia Menathil and Kevin Zegers it would be Arturas Zegg who would leave the capital of Valeria in order to accompany his younger half brother Kevin of whom is planning to travel southward in order to fufill this betrothal and in this journey Kevin is planning to become a true man, and thus on the begging of his brother's departure he is going to travel by boat to Lorderon leaving Kevin to travel alone on the road. His departure from Munchen is met by great sadness by his family outside of his father of whom is shown to have little love for him, but his fathers wife Nycissisa is shown to be very loving towards him. Following his and Kevin's departure from Munchen they are escorted to the Goet capital port city of Tilmeer where Kevin will take a boat to Noveria and then make his way southward on his own while Arturas will go by boat straight to Lorderon. Saying goodbye to his brother Kevin it is shown that Kevin continues to be a funny young man with a strong sense of loyalty to his family and the two siblings depart as best friends. Remaining in Tilmeer for several weeks knowing how long it will take for Kevin to reach Lorderon trying to get there by land all the way to Riverun he grows close to several members of the Goet noble family in the form of House Tinglestad.

The entire time I was riding I was just so excited about the possibilities. Before I left Valeria it seemed the entire world was open to me. I loved life, and it was only after returning that I came to understand that my ride to Lorderon was the best moment of my life
Kevin Zegers

Kevin would travel by horse on his own as his first test, and he would be tested many times on the road. He made his first stop in Westbridge, and during his brief stop there he made notes about the harshness of the leading House Malfoy, and planned to address this when he had the chance one day. He would go further south into the Riverlands, and while he was crossing a bridge he was stopped by Highwaymen who wanted him to pay a toll. The leader would try and stop the hustle when he noticed the powerful sword carried by the young man and feared he was some kind of noble, but his men saw it differently and wanted the sword for themselves. A scuffle would break out and after a brief fight Kevin killed the bandits two men, and took the bandit as his prisoner. He and the bandit would travel together and reached the port of Riverrun where Kevin prepared to let the bandit go, but instead he said that his name was Tanden Snow a bastard from Lucerne and he wanted to remain under Kevin`s service until he wasn`t needed anymore. Kevin would accept the offer and together they traveled to Lorderon together.

Natalie Portmane3.jpg
He didn`t care a thing about who I was, and I guess that was the first time someone had ever just ignored me being lowborn. I knew he was a highborn, and he knew I wasn`t. I could never understand why he cared so much, but I wasn`t going to question too much why a handsome prince wanted me.
Natalie Portmane

Kevin Zegars arrival in Lorderon was greeted by the entire royal court of Lorderon as they wanted a strong marriage between Kevin and one of their daughters to cement a relationship between House Zegars, and House Menathil. While he was getting introduced to the noble family he was escorted by Natalie Portmane to his room, and they would talk for some time becoming friends. As he knew noone outside of Arturas Flowers he and Natalie grew very close, and she came to love the kindness that Kevin showed her and the fact that he didn`t look down on her for her lowborn status. Her relationship with Kevin was one that quickly grew into love, and through this love her family and his saw lots of oppurtunities.

Natalie knew I loved her but that didn`t seem to matter to any of my family. I could feel her slipping away from me each day and it made me scared beyond anything I had ever felt before.
Kevin Zegars

Natalie and Kevin grew so much in love that they together begin discussing the possibility of marriage, and Kevin at first saw little hope after sending a raven to his brother and hearing back that their was little chance the marriage would be approved of. When he told Natalie about this she was beyond sad, and they drifted apart for a time. Without Natalie he didn't feel like himself and thus he left the city and went home where he hoped to convince his parents and brother about the logic of his decision. Despite the fact that she was a lowborn Kevin had talked his parents into ignoring this and allowing him to marry her a feat that was difficult due to how stubborn his family was. When he returned to Lorderon he was so excited to tell Natalie about what he had accomplished for them but he found that she had changed somewhat in his time gone from loving him to caring little about his presence. It would take time but he would follow her and discover her meeting with Chris Hemsworth and in that moment he knew what had changed.

Natalie Portmane7.jpg
As so many wars before it the war in Munchen was started over a beautiful women.
Arthas Menathil

It was during this time that fate would have it Natalie began to see Chris Hemsworth the Prince of Arnor and a man of incredible importance. Chris had taken to the role of traveling with the major trading envoys between Arnor, and on one of these trips he met up with Natalie. Eventually the two fell in love which caused Keven Zegers to slowly become overcome with hatred towards Natalie. Where once there was affection, there was now only malice. Natalie was alone in her room one night when Kevin who she barely thought of anymore with the same lust and love as before entered silently into her room. Kevin begged to know what she was doing, and why she would hurt him in this manner. She knew she couldn't give him the anwsers that he wanted so she attempted to appease the situation by delaying the inevitable and she denied that their was anything romantic between herself and Chris. When the next day he followed her when she went to meet with Chris he watched as the two had sex, and thus he knew that she was a liar. Eventually after numerous confrontations with Natalie, and Chris the situation boiled over. At first Kevin attempted to find ways to have Chris removed but he quickly realized that he couldn't beat him in a fight and he was also constantly gaurded by his personal gaurd. With this out of the way of possibility his anger now completely focused on Natalie Portmane of whome he begin to have increasingly violent, and sadistic dreams about.

Natalie Portmane LARGE.jpg
I could no longer justify why she remained his. He was a lesser man, and everyone knew that. They all whispered to me that he was tricking her in some way. I knew not what sort of Magi he controlled but I would save her from her torment if it killed me.
Kevin Zegars

Kevin in his desperation was tricked by many of the nobles of Lorderon of whom told him lies that Natalie was in fact not interested in Chris but was infact being tricked into the action by some kind of Magi. At first not belieing this and being lost in sadness, he became so depressed that the lies begin to ring true to him. He started watching her during the night while she was intimate with Chris, and as the madness of his depression grew he came to create many signs that she did in fact hate Chris and longed for him to save her. He would wait weeks until Chris left to return to Arnor where he was getting permission to marry Natalie, and he prepared his plan to rescue Natalie from the prison he now truly believed she was living in. The night finally came for Kevin and he tried to sneak out but Arturas was awoken by Kevin sneaking out of their room and following him he sees he is returning to Natalie's room where he watches from the window as Kevin has already got inside the room and is hiding in the closest and he watches Natalie speak to her brother Jaime about her love for Chris Hemsworth and then following Jaime leaving Kevin comes out of the closest and while at first begging her to love him. She was so shocked that he was there and the madness that he was spewing that she called out for Chris to save her, and this tore away at much of the lies that Kevin had built up causing him to lash out at Natalie, and following this everything devolves very quickly and Kevin tries to rape her but before he can, and before Arturas is forced to shoot his own brother with a crossbow to stop him Jaime returns and the two fight nearly killing Kevin before Arturas comes in and saves Kevin dragging him away after locking Jaime in the closet. Kevin would be carried by Arturas into the canals beneath the city where he would recuperate his strength and together the two would leave the city. Back with Natalie the situation was chaotic with Lianna Menathil convinsing the King that this was an act of war and thus triggering the war between Lorderon and Valeria.

Running Away

At 19 she ran away from Lorderon following the attack by Kevin Zegers. She arrived in Arnor nearly two weeks after she left and when she arrived she was greeted at the gates by the pained face of Chris Hemsworth who on one hand was thrilled that she had come to him but on the other knew that the reason behind it wasn't going to be a good one.

When Kevin arrived back in Munchen he was absolutely covered in blood, and was clasping the ruined pieces of Natalie's clothes. He went on a long tirade about what happened, and realizing what he had atleast attempted to do, and hearing him laugh about how he was going to get away with it was too much for Emily.

The War Begins

Main Article : Munchen War

Kevin's Crossbow would set off war between Valeria and its two powerful neighbors.

Madness brought us to the brink of destruction. Two nations fighting eachother over the madness of a single boy. A boy who remained silent and pathetic throughout the entire conflict.
Chris Hemsworth

Following the attempted rape of Natalie Portmane, and the blaten assault on the citizens of Lorderon it was the position of both Arnor, and Lorderon that the Empire of Valeria owed an apology to them. When diplomats from Lorderon, and Arnor arrived in Munchen in order to hear the apology of the Empire of Valeria everything went according to plan as Scot Zegars would meet with them and attempted to smooth things over. Promises of financial restitutions were made, and the diplomats were prepared to leave when Kevin Zegars stormed into the room and shot the Lorderon diplomat through the chest with a crossbow before several of his cronies stepped in as well and killed the remainder of the diplomatic envoy. Scotty would repremand his brother and the cronies of Kevin were arrested, but the damage was completely too much for talk. The moment news reached Lorderon, and Arnor of the massacre they would mass their troops and call upon their allies to assist them in liberating Valeria from the madness of Kevin Zegars. 

The campaign was filled with piss and vigor, and noone seemed to notice that there was a really dangerous element in the form of what side The Empire took. If The Empire decided they wanted to support their ally even though they were wrong, then this could get out of hand really quickly.
Jonas Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth would lead the army of western Arnor into the conflict, and they would quickly put the city of Munchen under siege as they bypassed the other villages and forts of the Empire of Valeria. As this happened the forces of Lorderon moved up the Rhine and would land on the southern side of Munchen where they too would join the siege. The two forces laid down heavy artillery against the defenders, and Scotty realized very quickly they were going down if things kept moving in this direction.

The Goet Betrayal
Ludgera Tinglestad Cover1.jpg
I understand completely the decision I am making here son. I have chosen your survival over your love. I could not sleep at night if I made the decision to join your family in what is most likely going to be death. If my decision to side with those who will keep your life means that I lose your love, then honestly I can sleep softly at night.
Erwin Tinglestad

Having returned to Valeria through Goet it is Arturas Zegg that is forced to deal with the reprecutions of the arrival of the Kingdom of Lorderon in the southern region of Goet and this forces him to begin planning for the defence of the Kingdom. His planning comes to an end when he summoned to the council room of the King of Goet and told by the King that the Kingdom of Goet will not be marshaling its troops for the defence of Munchen, and will allow the Lordeorn forces to cross their lands without stopping them. Unwilling to let his family languish without helping them he goes to leave the room but is arrested by the Goet Palace Guard in order to make sure that he doesn't leave the capital and travel to Munchen where members of House Tinglestad worry that he will die alongside the remainder of his family. Shocked over what is happening Erwin Tinglestad enters the room and reveals that he has sided against the Kevin Zegers forces and for this has chosen to imprison Arturas in order to protect him from death. Getting very angry over being restrained he is eventually knocked out by the guards, and then wakes up in a cell with Ludgera holding his hand.

Leighton Versus the Rebels
Leighton Zegers Wide.jpg
This cannot. This will not end here. You turn on my brother and this will only lead to madness and death.
Leighton Zegers

Arriving at Ebonheart she meets with the royal family of Ebonheart in the form of king Ilrin-Endrian Ghoellion, and prince Tar-Edrian Ghoellion of whom are very nice to her in their meeting but are vague in their decision on who they shall support, but invite her to a dinner that night where they will be making there decision, and as she is shown to her quarters she spots several guards of House Tinglested of whom she approaches seeing prince Adelhard Tinglestad of whom she goes to. Speaking with Adelhard she is unable to get him come right and say anything but he does reveal that he will be sadly her enemy at the dinner, and hearing this Leighton realizes that there is a resistence afoot to turn against the Kingdom of Munchen and more importantly against her brother Scott.

Frenlick Assault of Valeria
Er-Lhossia Iallril Cover.jpg
This is what centuries of hatred looks like. We have never forgotten. We have never stopped looking for our vengeance. Its taken years upon years, but here it is.
Robin Farrin

Sencing the weakness of the Valerian Empire it would be Tari-Frenlin Farrin the Monarch of the Republic of Frenlick that would go before the Senate of Frenlick and put forth the plan of action to attack the Kingdom of Valeria and free the Atlantians of the Kingdom as well as take control of the coasts of the Kingdom. Following the agreement of the Senate of Frenlick it would Robin Farrin would follow his fathers command when he joined his older brother Tur-Grondlin in invading the Kingdom of Valeria of which was the northern element of the Empire of Valeria. The Frenlick made landfill around the Atlantian cultural capital of Ae'lehn where it would be joined by the rebellious Atlantians of the region who were extremely supportive of the Frenlick invasion. During this initial invasion one of the most important of the early battles was the Battle of Castle Ventellia where the forces of the Frenlick Elur Er-Neithril Iallril of whom alongside her daughter Er-Lhossia Iallril would lead a dozen Elur and sixty Frenlick Knights and a thousand men at arms into a sneak assault on the castle which allowed the only land route movement north into Valeria. during the events of the Lorderon-Arnor-Valerian War, and during the fighting they would take the Valerian capital of Thornstall.

Coming of The Empire

Malflovia Cover1.jpg
The City was in ruins as we had been rocked by catapult fire for nearly a month before we were relieved. The worst part was that he didn't even care. No apology no nothing. He proved to me that day that he was useless.
Scotty Zegars

Following her failure to gain the support of both Ebonheart, and Trasnet it would be Leighton riding out of the walls of Trasnet Castle with tears in her eyes over her failure, but as she rides down the road with her personal guards she realizes that she cannot return to Munchen with failure as if she does they will lose the war and her brother will die, and thus she makes a decision to find assistance even if it means going outside of Valeria. Leighton having left Trasnet made her way down the road when her guard says they stop as they are almost at the city, and riding slowing over the hill she spots the massive city stretched out in front of them. Riding through the gates of the city it is revealed to be Nuln the capital of Austria and as they ride they make their way to the palace where they reach and upon reaching she demands to see the elector count. The chapter ends with Leighton woken in her room by a knock at the door and opening the door she is met by Fulco Troy of whom leads her to the palace chamber where meeting with Priam Troy they discuss that Austria will support Valeria if the Arnor-Lorderon alliance attacks them, and hearing this Leighton realizes that she has saved her brother and as Priam discusses the rallying of the army of Austria she leaves the palace re-joining her guards as they make there way back to Munchen. Two weeks into the siege though a messenger arrived at the camp of the army of Arnor from The Empire that dictated that in two days they would arrive and clear the battlefield if necessary. Chris's scouts reported that the force incoming was far larger then theirs and that news was coming in that Thedas, Tevinter, and other Kingdoms of Thedas were moving to mobilize as well. Realizing that the alliance had no hope of defeating those forces in this manner he ordered the general retreat and sent word to Lorderon's forces to retreat as well. Before he left he approached the walls and attempted to get Kevin to fight him in a duel but when that proved hopeless he simply threatened Kevin Zegars before leaving the young prince horribly embarrassed. 

Valeria Dungeon.jpg
The City was in ruins as we had been rocked by catapult fire for nearly a month before we were relieved. The worst part was that he didn't even care. No apology no nothing. He proved to me that day that he was useless.
Scotty Zegars

Inside Munchen the damage was extensive and the forces of Valeria were badly damaged emotionally by the weakeness shown by Kevin Zegars. Scotty Zegars over the incident was forced to exile his brother Kevin - of whom he would not speak to again after this day - to the eastern side of Valeria in the form of the fort of Valeria. On top of exiling his brother he rounded up much of Kevin's friends and supporters from the capital of Munchen and throughout Valeria and had them judged on their guilt. Many of them were found guilty and sent to the dungeons of Munchen where they would toil till they were dead. It was this last act that burned Kevin the most as he didn't particularly care about Munchen, and wanted to get away from his siblings anyway but it was the loss of his servents that sent him over the edge. Despite the peace treaty between the forces of Valeria, and Lorderon the war would continue in the north of Valeria as a part of the agreement had been that the Valerian-Frenlick conflict would be left to be resolved by the two combatants.

Britney Hemsworth9.jpg

Lies told in the light

"I returned to a world I didn't want anymore. I wanted him. I needed to be at his side for everything to make sence. Without him all this seemed empty. I knew the reason that I was pushed away, and because of this I knew how to get him to take me back. I would become so powerful. So important that everywhere he went he would hear my name whispered and he would know that he had found his equal in me."
-Britney Hemsworth

Following her return to Arnor, and her child with William, she became obsessed with becoming good enough to return to him. In this capasity she begin at first using her families considerable wealth and power to find out what was happening back in Lucerne. From this she discovered that William had undertaken something being commonly called The Journey, and that from this he had overthrown his father and was now the King of Lucerne. She learned this about a month before everyone elce had as the news was travelling slow into Arnor, and instead of telling her family about this she used this knowledge as a sort of religious tool. From this she came to believe that William had overtaken his father because he had kept William away from her, and that this was the final thing she needed to

Britney wasn't at all diminished in her love for William.

truly believe that he had loved her completely. She waited patiently for some time for him to attempt to find her, but as time went on their was no news incoming about his attempts. She once again attempted with her families power to find out what was taking him so long, and when she learned of things she discovered that he had married a young noble girl from Forks and that she had his child and the current heir to the throne of Lucerne. This news shocked her and broke her spirit for a time but she recovered and spun a series of lies to herself about why this would happen. She came to believe that the reason William had chosen this girl was because of her power, and thus she begin to attempt to gain power for herself.


Britney Hemsworth11.jpg
"It was all about power in those moments. It didn't matter that I was hurting people. None of it mattered when as he used to always say the ends justified the means."
-Britney Hemsworth

She once again tapped into her families basically unlimited wealth and used this money to begin purchasing the loyalty of certain powerful diplomats of the surrounding regions. While she asked nothing of these people other then to report to her of the goings on she had larger plans in mind for thier words. Alongside these contacts she created a small Order called the Numenorian Order of the Black which she likened to a kind of secret society that was directed towards controlling the flow of information. As she begin building the order she found herself becoming known to certain nefarious individuals and they offered her extremely lucrative deals if she would offer her contacts but in these early moments she showed a strength and a moral fortitude that would come to define her. She remembered in the most perfect of detail the way in their brief political conversations William would tell her how the evil of the world deserved nothing but death, and that if good must grow they may have to do evil but they must never become evil. She followed his words to the letter, and she had these evil men believing her when she told them she would go along with them, but instead she begin gathering them into positions where she was going to get them all into one place and then kill them. This would culminate when she brought eleven of these morally bankrupt men to a meeting in Storr and when the meeting took place she would get up from the table and without a single word to the criminals around her she would shoot the ringleader through the head with a crossbow before members of her Numenorian Order of the Black sprang to action and the remainder including their gaurds were all killed. This power is outwordly for her own amusement but in fact she is still madly in love with William Lovie and she beliees that a man as perfect as him would only return her loe if she returned to him with so much power that he would respect her. But following this murder her path was clear and the influencial members of Arnor society came to see her in a different light, and those that longed for a return to stronger times begin to actually to her in order to get the ends they wanted.

Learning the Truth

Lucie Lovie1.jpg
My mother was everything to me. She was my best friend, and so when she started hiding things from me I wondered to myself what I had done to hurt her. I wanted her to sit behind me and brush my hair as she had done for all my life. I wanted my mom back.
Lucie Lovie

Following the brief arrival of Jamie Snow her uncle through the marriage of her uncle to Natalie Portmane she came to see a change in her mother. Her mother's love for her seemed to her to be diminished, and she couldn't understand why or what she had done to offend her mother. Britney had been broken by the news that her step sisters brother had brought from Lucerne in the form of learning that William had travelled to Lorderon and agnockleged several of his father's bastards. This was an act that Britney had planned on revealing to him, and it becoming the first of many things she did to show him how influencial and powerful she had become through her Order of the Black Numenorians, but with him already finding out she had lost that and it threw her plans into question for herself. Britney was forced to try and create a new plan of how she could win him over again, and while she was doing this she had unknowingly become distant to her beloved daughter. Lucie took the silence and depressed behavior of her mother as being about her mother being upset with her, and thus when Britney decided to travel northward to visit her beloved brother Liam Hemsworth she would convinse her mother to take her with her to see Liam.

Britney Hemsworth Pink1.jpg
Hearing the truth from my mother broke me to my very core. I had trusted her with everything in me, and I knew in that moment that she was a liar. How much had she lied about was the real question.
Lucie Lerman

Arriving in the northern fort of Talheim she is delighted to meet her uncle again who has been in the north for many years fighting against the slow encroachement of the Teutons into Northern Arnor. Hearing tales of how violent it is becoming from her uncle she is frightened enough that her mother leads her away back to her room, and finds this time to talk to Liam. Lucie sneaks back to the room they were speaking in, and hides in the rafters above the room where she listens into the coversation they have. Britney Hemsworth tells Liam that her plan to win back William by telling him about his family is now in tatters with Jamie having already told everyone after William's father apparently told him all that he had done. The two discuss the marriage of William to Bella, and the fact that he has never sought after her, but Britney fabricated lies saying that William has sent her many letters over the years of which Liam does not believe but listening in from the rafters Lucie believes this. Liam says to her that is the least of her problems as she needs to tell Lucie that her father is the King of Lucerne. Also during this conversation Liam attempts to convinse Britney to perhaps toy with the idea of sending Lucie southward to Lucerne to be raised with her father, as he is well aware that the moment is coming when The Empire will attack again, and there is no hope currently of holding out against their forces. Horrified about learning the truth and scared and excited about the possibility of meeting her father and perhaps living with him, Lucie tries to climb back down from the rafters but slips and falls and the noise is heard by Britney, Liam and many gaurds of whom rush to find her. She begins to cry and demands her mother tell her the truth. 

House Lovie.jpg
The Rise of Lucerne
I saw the destruction of the world, and knew I had to stop it. There was nothing left to do but become bigger then everyone else. The Empire was never going to be the beacon the world needed it to be. Westros was on fire. The Bretonians had reached for the stars and been burned. And the old shadow of Numeron was fading far too quickly. It was left to us in Lucerne to change the fate of all those who wished to reject darkness. We were the last hope for a world who had long since given up on believing.

I moved as quietly as I could, knowing with each step I risked my mothers ire, but her silence of late frightened me more then her anger. My mother had never kept anything from me, and now seeing her silent looks, and the hushed whispers I needed to know the truth.

I pressed my ear to the wall and I heard them talking, but I couldn't quite hear through the wall so I saw a few boxes piled against the wall and made my way to them. Climbing myself up I made my way onto the rafter above them, and it wasn't until I had stopped moving that I saw how high up I was from them. Maybe twenty feet up, and nothing beneath me but a table to protect me in case I fell.

My mothers voice pulled me from my fear of hieights. "Liam it was all coming together perfectly."

"You say that now dear sister, but I have my doubts how succesful your attempts would have proven to be." My mother scoffed at this, and I wondered who they were talking of. What had my mother attempted, and more importantly who had stopped her.

"You have never met the King. I spent years with him, and I know him better then anyone else in this world does. Not even his medelling sister truly knows him as I do."

"He has remarried Britney perhaps he has changed since you knew him all those years ago."

"I'm sure that Italien Swan has changed him somewhat, but his character is unchangeable. He was a perfect prince, and with age he will only be wiser." She spoke of this man with such admiration, and love, and it warmed my heart to hear it. My mother had never taken a lover. Never remarried despite numerous attempts from grandfather to make an arrangement for her, and perhaps this man was the reason. "With the success he has had leading Lucerne, I doubt it will be long before he comes to talk to us. Arnor and Lucerne are ancient allies, and his great-great uncle came here once before. He will follow the footsteps of that great member of House Lovie."

"You speak of him as if he is a god. He is just a man. Nothing more, and please understand my dear sister that he he cannot save Arnor from what is going to come to pass."

"If your so sure we shall be ruined why do you fight?"

Britney had always know the moment would come, but it didn't make it any easier finally revealing the truth.

My mother loved him so deeply. The sence of it was all over her eyes, and it was in that moment that I first learned what love was.
Lucie Lovie

Lucie Lovie would follow her mother hysterically crying back to their room, but as Britney held her she wasn't calming down so she held her hand and walked her outside into the palace grounds. Walking together Britney told her all about the life she had lived with William many years ago. Telling Lucie more and more about the history the way she remembered it she painted many people in a terrible light including Alice, Jasper, and Bill of whom were made to appear to be the sole reason behind why Britney and William were not married now.

William Lovie III. Wide.jpg
I was thirteen at the time and yet she spoke of it as if it was the day before. Her eyes shined in the light as she mentioned him, and I got carried away in this epic love story.
Lucie Lovie

Everything changed from that moment forward as Lucie believed her mother when she was told that she would get to meet her father, and that everything was moving towards that. Britney packed up their things and the retainers and gaurds gathered them into the carriage and the two would return to Fornost. Before they left Lucie would have a heartfelt goodbye with her uncle Liam of whom everyone knew had become stuck in the north and wasn't going to leave until it was secure which didn't seem possible. As they rode back Lucie picked up paper for a letter of which she begin to write for her father in distant Lucerne. Writing as much as she could while her mother slept everything in the family was changing quickly.

Numenorian Order of the Black

Main Article : Numenorian Order of the Black

Britney Hemsworth Large4.jpg
"The seed was the start of what I knew was going to be the largest change in Numenorian History since we first threw off the yoke of elven slavery."
-Britney Hemsworth

With her powerbase growing she did begin to take somewhat of an outward interest in the Numenorian legacy of which she came to believe was the true means of showing William that she was worthy of his love. She would travel alongside Lucie Lovie into the Kingdom of Lucerne for the first time since she was exiled by Jasper when she travelled to Lorderon the ancient city of the Empire of Numeron, and while she was there she was able to commandeer an ancient seed of Nimloth of which were the ancient trees of Atlantis of which very few still existed. She would send the seeds, and Lucie back to her holdings in Fornost but she herself would remain in Lorderon for a time where she would meet with Dianna Portmane of whom she was able to befriend through the relationship she had with Natalie of which was Dianna's sister. She was able to learn of much of the events that were happening in William's life as for the first time the menipulative Dianna was tricked by Britney into releasing the information. Discovering everything she believed she could from Dianna she would leave Lorderon without a word, and travel southward to the lands of Gondor where she would meet with her fellow Numenorian Artenia Elessar of whom she was able to menipulate by offering a cure to her madness into giving her one of the Palantir of which had been lost to Arnor many years past. As Artenia gave her the palantir she would be forced to fight her way out of the capital as Artenia was beyond crazed that she had been tricked and was not going to be cured. Finally completing her tasks she would return by boat to Arnor where she would land briefly Galheim where she was unseen due to conseling herself, and then she travelled east to Fornost.

Second Arnor War

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Second Arnor War
This right here is a line. If you cross that line my friend we are going to have issues. Stay away from Arnor. Leave it to its own devises and our two nations can have peace...If you threaten them, then I'm going to threaten you....It is that simple.
The Fall of Arnor
You told me about lines. I didnt want to cross the line. But here were are.

Austrian Invasion of Arnor

Battle of Krost

Main Article : Battle of Krost

I could look out in the morning over the wall, and for a moment I couldn't see them. For a few moments they were hidden behind mist, and the trees. In those moments I liked to imagine the situation was different. I liked to think that my brother was still alive, and the world was at peace.
Liam Hemsworth

As the Empire invaded southward into Arnor the fortress of Krost was one of the areas they planned specifically against, and they would bring heavy artillery against the fort, alongside some ten thousand men at arms and two thousand knights would be sent under the command of Deiter Stroh of whom was a seasoned commander of whom was well aware of the skill of Liam and wasn't going to walk into a defeat as many previously had. Liam organized his defenses knowing they had to damage the artillery as best they could in the beginning or else their defenses would be greatly weakened, and for this he would array dozens of skirmishers in the trees before the army of the Empire was marching, and in the gaps large pits were constructed that would collapse when the siege machines passed over them. Deiter Stroh weakened much of this plan when he marched irregular troops first, and was well prepared for ambush from the trees and because of this the Arnorian skirmishers were heavily damaged and did little damage to the Empire army. The pits though were a different matter and they would destory upwards of half the siege machines in the Empire army while heavily delaying them as well as they filled them in so that they could keep moving.

They were just a swarming thing moving against us. Whatever there commander thought he must have known the one strategy they had we had no chance against. There numnbers. They just had too many troops...
Liam Hemsworth
Fall of Fornost

Main Article : Battle of Fornost

The Arnor Invasion was going completely the way of the Austrians. All across the front the border defences that had been formed to defend against small incursions were wiped out without any real casualties to the Austrians. These losses though could not be so easily replaced by the Arnorians of whom were retreating back across the front. Only at the the defense of Talheim, and Kost had the defenders on the side of Arnor been able to resist the Empire in any real form.

Magheim had been sacked. Krost was completed surrounded alongside Talheim. Fornost stood alone, and if it fell this all came crashing down. There was no future for Arnor once Fornost went down.
Natalie Portmane

Marcel Lovie II. would lead the army of the Kingdom of Lucerne into the Second Arnor War as the vangaurd of the larger force that was being gathered by William Lovie III. Travelling through the lands of the Kingdom of Stor they used the tunnels of the Dwarves of Dun Garek in order to reach the besieged land, and they were joined by several hundred Dwarves of whom remained behind in Frostmore instead of heading to Fornost. Marcel Lovie II. would arrive to find the city completely surrounded by the forces of Austria and in this way he moved into the surrounding forest and awaited darkness.

There were so many soldiers surrounding the city, and for a moment I felt like William Lovie II. who had saved the city on the back of a dragon.
Marcel Lovie II.

Using the night as an ally he was able to get very close to the Empire army before they knew what was happening, and ambushing them while most of the army was either asleep or facing the wrong direction a brutal melee ensued. Marcel and Fredrick Clegane would cut their way through the army of the Empire with their personal elite gaurd and find the command structure of the army and Marcel defeated Driam taking him prisoner. With the defeat of Driam Troy the rest of the forces begin surrending, and Marcel would quickly send the prisoners southward towards Frostmore while he took Driam Troy into Fornost where his additional forces allowed Fornost to hold against the siegers all around them. 

Natalie Portmane Action1.jpg
I had hoped that Driam Troy's capture would bring them to the table, but despite him being a hostage they refused to even respond to diplmocay. It became clear easily enough that the Empire was not interested in Arnor surviving in any form.
Marcel Lovie II.

With the capture of Driam Troy Marcel and the other commanders attempted to use diplomacy to push The Empire back, but discovered none of their attempts were met by even communication. Realizing there would be no end to this fight and it would be fought to the last drop of blood Sif Hemsworth, and Marcel would come to the conclusion that they needed to hold at Frostmore where the defences were greater. Due to this plan Marcel would be influencial in keeping the royal family of House Hemsworth alive after he made them aware of the fact that the Empire forces had made threats of what would happen if they captured the members of House Hemsworth. The siege of Fornost would become even more dire and potentially disasterous when the illusive Priam Troy would arrive with a larger army and a clear thought of defeating Fornost through whatever means neccessary. With the knowldge that the city was going to fall he would lead his forces and some of the defending Arnor forces out of the doomed city and prepare to move to Frostmore where they would make their last stand. Marcel would do his best to console his cousin Natalie but was unable to convinse her to hide, and because of this he was forced to sadly say goodbye to his cousin who was so brave, and took Britney, and Lucie Lovie with him out of the city and southward towards Frostmore. Inside Fornost the defenders led by Sif Hemsworth remained resolute in dying in defence of the city, and they held the walls to the last man as the siegers led by Priam Troy broke through the walls in several areas. Charging through the gaps in the walls the defenders would initially attempt to hold the gaps, but overwhelming numbers forced them to retreat back to the keeps that lay within the city, and defend themselves from there. Falling one by one the keeps and strongpoints were no match for the unending armies of Austria, and thus the final stand was made at the Royal Fornost Palace.

She was ready to die. Her life was a hollow shell now she told me, and I never knew what had saddened her to the point that she was ready to die. I took her son with me because she was a brave soul, and that kind of spirit needs to be protected as best you can.
Marcel Lovie II.

Priam Troy stood with the army for the first time demanding for Driam Troy's return but Sif Hemsworth laughed at him from the walls lying that Driam was dead, and that only his body would be discovered by the Teutons. Priam instead of ordering the storming of the keep would bring forth catapults and ordered dead cows fired into the palace grounds and did this the entire day causing disease to spread amongs the Atlantians. As the Palace grounds were bombarded with disease the rest of the city was pacified and the many nobles unable to retreat southward were taken into their control, including several members of House Hemsworth. As the defenders of the palace died in their dozens Priam begin firing burning oil into the palace and so few were the gaurds that they were unable to combat the fire and it spread horribly throughout killing the remainder of the defenders. Sif Hemsworth and a handful of defenders opened the Palace gates and attempted to meet their end in honorable combat, but Priam Troy would fire on them with archers, and crossbowmen killing them before this could happen.

Britney Turns Away
Britney Hemsworth Hot3.jpg
I saw who my mother really was in that moment. She spent her entire life telling me how dearly she loved my father, and yet here was her chance to save my father's cousin and she wouldn't even raise a finger. It would have taken nothing to help him, and yet she did nothing.
Lucie Lovie

As the army of Marcel Lovie retreated southward it was still filled with several thousand troops of the Order of the Black Numenorians led by Britney Hemsworth, and it would be this force that would dramatically change the outcome of the Battle of Frostmore. As they approached Frostmore she would be alerted by one her agents using one of the Magi Stones of Lucerne that the region of Lorderon had gone up in flame after discovering that Arthas Menathil was a chaos servent and was heading north with an army now no longer aligned with Lucerne. Realizing that no reinforcements were incoming she knew the fate of Arnor was sealed, but she also knew she needed time to get away, and thus she ordered her forces to sneak eastward during the night as they camped. Not alerting Marcel to the betrayal of Arthas Marcel was shocked in the morning when a quarter of his army was gone, but had no choice but to continue on to Frostmore. Britney took the entirety of her force as well as draining some of the defenses of Frostmore and traveled eastward before traveling southward into Dun Garek where she and Lucie bid goodbye to Arnor and made their way southward to new horizons.

Arthas Moves North
Jaina Proudmoore Action.jpg
Don't do this Arthas. I just need more time.
Lucie Lovie
Last Stand of Marcel Lovie
Marcel Lovie1.jpg
word from Dun Garek told me that noone was coming, and in that moment I knew what William would have wanted. He would have wanted me to retreat the army and save as many lives as possible. But as I looked around at the honorable people of Arnor I couldn't abandon them. So we fought, and so we died.
Marcel Lovie II.

As Marcel planned the defences of Frostmore alongside others he was horrified when the banners of the Empire of Valeria begin appearing on the western front, while The Empire's banners also begin appearing on the northern side of the fortress. Marcel upon all of these changes would make top priorty be the surival of as many of the Arnorian people as he could and they flooded southward into Dun Garek in increasing numbers as Frostmore turned into the last bastion of Arnor outside of Talheim. As the southern exit from Frostmore begin to be shut by the Valerians the remaining people inside Frostmore were forced to accept that they may be doomed, and Marcel did his best to quell the fear in the city, but it was as fear hit them that the Valerians struck against the western walls. The Valerians struck with hundreds of cultists, and more terrifying a few thousand demons struck the western walls and broke the moral of the defenders until Fredrick Clegane rallied them when he killed a larger demon. As the defenders rallied Fredick was struck by a black arrow killing him just as Marcel Lovie arrived to congratulate him on his turning of the tide. The defenders wanted to break and pull back but Marcel fought side by side on the western wall and held it for a time. During this desperate last defence while defending against cultists climbing up ladders it was Reingard Highdor that would be stabbed and slashed leaving his one arm gone and bleeding terribly from a wound to his stomach. Realizing that he needed help quickly or he would die it was Marcel that took him inside the tower they were defending and after telling Reingard that he would go and get a healer for him they both heard the fighting outside intensifying and opening the door saw the wall was falling. Realizing the situation Reingard would demand that Marcel leave and save the city over just him, and both crying they said goodbye as Marcel locked the tower door behind him leaving Reingard to bleed out in the tower.

It shocked me to learn that so many troops had already gotten through the Dun Garek passe, and I was elated by the news of Arthas's arrival.
Marcel Lovie II.

Marcel would arrange his forces into Frostmore following this because he was sent ravens by Arthas Menathil that his forces were incoming, and that he should remain there as the entire Lucernian army was only days away. As Frostmore was surrounded Marcel was confused as to where the relief was, but remained rresolute in following what he had been told, and for this reason he didn't retreat from Frostmore. The Valerians finally broke inside the walls, and he was told that The Empire forces had disaspeared from the north heading northward, and thus renewed that perhaps they were retreating in fear of the coming Lucerne army he fought with new passion in the defence of the city. As the city fell he defended the keep to the last, and was defeated in single combat by a Valerian man who had wings sprouting from his body and was just barely alive as he watched the forces of Valeria pull back. Marcel would wake up and find Arthas standing over him, but Arthas had completely given in to Chaos and would kill Marcel before desecrating his body and leaving the city.

Alice Discovers the Truth
Alice Lovie Gif1.gif
Marcel is dead.
Alice Lovie

While uncousioness the link between her and Marcel leads to her feeling his final moments from his point of view, and after this she wakes telling everyone around her that Marcel is dead.

Exodus of Arnor

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Coup of Stor

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Coup of Stor
Power is the only thing that he would ever respect. I did what I had to.
Britney Hemsworth Cover3.jpg
We were but weeks removed from the destruction of the only home we had ever known, and here we were in this new place being treated with kindness and dignity by the Stor. Where I was proud of being their friends and allies, my mother quickly grew unable to be at their level and longed to dominate them.
Lucie Lovie

Following the destruction of Arnor most of the forces of Arnor had retreated into the Dwarven Lands, and from there they had remained or had traveled into the Kingdom of Lolland which had been the traditional client state of Arnor due to the proximity to the Dwarven Mines. For Britney Hemsworth, her daughter Lucie and her Order of the Black Numenorians she would travel to the Kingdom of Stor where she had spent years building her influence for this very moment, and was given a royal invite by King Endrew Stor I. While there Lucie Lovie was ignored by her mother of whom was emotionally destroyed by the death of her brother Chris, and the assumed death of Liam alongside everything she had done, and because of this Lucie spent her time with Roslin Stor II. of whom made her a lady in waiting for her. Roslin would go to Britney Hemsworth and attempt to help her but found Britney crying in her room and Britney would beg the supremely intelligent Roslin to take Lucie away from the capital for a time and show her the sights of Stor. Despite not wanting to leave the capital while so much important things were happening she and Britney had become friends over all the years Britney had visited the land, and from that Roslin trusted her. Lucie would following this be approached by Roslin of whom told her she planned to travel Stor for a time, and she wanted Lucie to come with her and her family, and after discovering her mother had allowed this she would steadily agree with travelling with Roslin.

Your Grace I knew not what my mother was planning. I went with your daughter for no reason other then the fact that she was the first person since my aunt who put me first. She just cared about me, and I wanted to be around her. I`m sorry for what happened, but you must believe me your grace when I tell you that I knew not my mothers plans.
Lucie Lovie

Roslin would go with her daughter, and baby son alongside some fifty men at arms to gaurd them as they traveled northward to the Wall. As they left Stor they were greeted by Jasper Stor of whom joined their journey alongside his wife, and their youngest child of whom they wanted to bless at the great Dragonoph Statue near the Wall. Traveling with this close knit family Lucie came to understand how truly dysfunctional her mother was, and she grew to enjoy this family more then her own, and what came along with being her mother`s daughter. The group would reach the Wall, and while the children were not allowed to scale the wall through the elevator Jasper Hale would go to the top with their baby son Jordon Stor of whom he blessed at the Great Aerene Statue that hung off the side of the wall. As they left the wall they would head towards a large waterfall so that Lucie could see it, when as they traveled the road they were stopped by a group of bandits of whom fired on the guards and a great fight occurred. The men guarding them did their best but were outnumbered, and ultimately defeated when another group attacked the caravan from the rear, and Lucie was shocked when she recognized them as her mother`s men. Jasper Stor was struck down after letting his gaurd down to one of the people attacking him. Lucie watched from the wagon as the person who had struck Jasper down pulled back their hood and revealed her mother Britney of whom whispered to Jasper as he died. Lucie would scream out, causing Britney to see her and smile briefly before standing and coming towards the Caravan.

Roslin Stor II..jpg
There are times my sweet daughter when we must do evil things for the good of many. The germans here cannot rule themselves for they do not have the capability too. I am doing them a service by taking control here. Without me they are doomed to a life of cruel unhappiness.
Britney Hemsworth

With Jasper dead and Britney approaching the wagon Jasper`s wife finally got loose of Roslin`s hold and ran out of the wagon where she attempted to get to Jasper but Britney stuck her down killing her before opening the wagon door and waving her daughter away with a hand, before talking with Roslin. Britney planned to use Roslin and her children as blackmail in case they ran into any kind of trouble when they arrived in Stor and begin the coup. Roslin told her that she would not be used as a bargaining chip and that she might as well kill her now because she was going to ruin Britney`s entire plan, but Britney needed Roslin and thus simply put her in chains and led her to another wagon which was barred. As Britney commanded her men to move the caravan back towards Stor she was attacked by her daughter Lucie of whom finally was finished with Britney and begin raining her little fists at her mother, and Britney and her would have a massive argument which ended with Lucie being locked in the main wagon with Roslin`s children, and Britney getting back on a horse and leading the caravan towards Stor.

Every plot comes with an element of risk, as you are trusting that men who are betraying their king are going to continue remain loyal, when everything in their character tells you they won`t.
Britney Hemsworth

While Lucie had been gone with Roslin on their trip, and before Britney ambushed the caravan it was Britney that had been putting into place the final elements of her plan when she was finally able to convince Theomore Coldtor that Britney would be better as the leader of the land then the Stor`s of whom Britney had spent years manipulating Theomore into believing that the Stor`s were hateful towards the Coldtor`s. Theomore spent months gathering support, and had what he believed was a dozen marginal lords sided with him, while he also had two powerful lords of whom had been offended by the King in someway or another. Tristifer Ereham III. would be at one of these dinners where Ar-Brentey had attended in one of her attempts to gain House Coldtor and House Ereham to her side of the Coup of Stor and during this dinner it was Tristifer that was changed by what he heard from Ar-Brentey becoming emboldened to seek out more then what his father had once dreamed. When Britney left to attack the caravan and take Roslin prisoner Theomore would send his son Theodred Coldtor III. to the capital to meet with his other son Arthor Coldtor IV. of whom was now married to Roslin Stor and he planned to give Arthor a chance at the Lordship of House Stor if he would support their attack on the Stor`s. Britney had warned him against this and Theomore had promised he wouldn`t but he believed that his son Arthor hated his life with Roslin and thus would be easy pickings, when in fact Arthor deeply loved his wife and children and wouldn`t risk their injury.

The Coup Discovered

Ar-Brentey Hemsworth Cover Amazing5.jpg
Your Grace they mean to take control, by this point they may already have my wife and your daughter under their control.
Arthor Stor

Following the conversation between Theodred Coldtor and his brother it was Arthor who would go to the King and tell him about the plot that was forming, and Theodred had trusted his brother so much that he had told him major elements of the plan to the point that the coup was basically crushed the moment this information was revealed. The King would send Arthor with a troop of men along the road where they would attempt to quickly protect the caravan of his wife and the kings daughter while at the same time Endrew would call his banners to him, and lay siege to Castle Cold where House Coldtor made their home. The caravan with Britney had gotten a day away from Stor and made camp before Britney planned to meet with her secret forces arrayed inside the capital, and it was here where Britney would meet with her daughter for what neither of them knew was the last time. As Britney spoke to her Lucie refused to speak to her mother, and Britney broke down begging Lucie to understand that she just wanted to be with William and that she was doing everything she could to be noticed, but Lucie demanded to speak to her father now and when Britney refused Lucie turned away and said no more. Roslin had spent the days of traveling working her way out of the weak restraints that had been placed on her, and had now managed to convince one of the bandits that she would knight him if the bandit would release her, and the bandit came through when he killed the guard of her wagon and let her outside.

My husband is a good man...he`s an honest man, and I love him. Please Britney I beg of you to not do this. Take it all back for a moment and just do the right thing. Make the right decision for once...please Britney...
Roslin Stor II.

As Roslin escaped Britney was crying in her tent when she was told by her scouts that a large group of knights was seen traveling the road towards them, and that they carried the kings banner. The scouts reported that a smaller group had broken ahead and was making faster approach up the road with only sixty or so men, while main force was moving slower due to have infantry. Knowing immediately that she had been discovered she commanded that the Bandits be assembled for fighting while all of her own men were to assemble west of the camp, and await her arrival. As the Numenorian Gaurds left she went to find her daughter with Ser Arys Tordenall, and would be unable to find her as she had managed to get out of her locked wagon alongside Roslin`s children. Realizing that Roslin must have escaped she commanded the bandits to assemble to her and they traveled along the road and above a hill overlooking the road. As Arthor and his men traveled the road below they would fire on them killing dozens, and causing Arthor to charge into them up the hill with the few men he had left. Arthor would be dueled by Arys Tordenhall and defeated and his form brought back to the camp where Britney called out for Roslin of whom she knew would still be hiding in the camp because that's where the relief would arrive. Hearing that Britney had her husband she came out of hiding and confronted Britney.

Britney Hemsworth lARGE7.jpg
Don`t you understand mother what you`ve done. You did all these things, you killed all these people and for what. He must not love you or else why would he never have sent for you. He doesn`t love you and how could he ever love someone as disturbed as you. Go to hell mother, and never come back. You are dead to me.
Lucie Lovie
The two would argue back and forth, and got no where as Britney planned to kill Arthor as punishment for her plan falling through and never had any scenario where Arthor lived. Roslin begged and pleaded for Arthor`s life but to no avail, and then Lucie came out of hiding and also tried to argue for his relief, but even her own daughter couldn`t convince Britney to let him go, and as a Bandit came and whispered to Britney Arthor would say goodbye to his wife and turned to Britney and said that he forgave her for her mistakes. Britney would let a tear fall before slitting his throat and then getting on her horse and leaving with the bandits and Ser Aryn. When the main force arrived they found the group and Roslin forced most of them to chase after Britney in the hopes of catching her and her forces, but everyone had a sort of knowing feeling that she was gone.

Roslin Stor II. was known as one of the most intelligent people in Stor and she helpless to help her beloved husband.

The King would go to the field where the bodies of Jasper, and his wife were discovered upon the directions of Roslin and finding his brother and his wife alongside the fifty men defending them was a horrifying moment for the king and he broke down crying. Roslin Stor II. would return to the capital with Lucie Lovie of whom told her everything she could about her life, and everyone was called to a council where they were told that they had the oldest child of the King of Lucerne in their hands, and despite many saying they should barter her to the Lucernians Roslin argued that if they did that William had shown he would never forgive the slight.
Britney's Escape
Roslin do you think my mother is sorry. Do you think when she looks back at what happens here she will look back at it with sorrow. I wonder Roslin if she will look upon any of this as anything other then an annoying setback.
Lucie Lovie

By this point Britney Hemsworth and her personal escort arrived in Dole where they would meet with the hundreds of other Black Numenorian Gaurd and made their way to the capital of the land of Dole. Britney had spent most of her time preparing herself to take control of Stor, but she had also made several trips to Dole and had made connections in the Dolish political scene as well. She would reach the capital and upon reaching the capital meet with some of her more senior commanders of whom told her that her daughter had turned sides to the Stor and had given up her parentage to Roslin, and from what they could gather Lucie was in the process of being sent to Lucerne. Britney would command several of her men to travel to Storhold where they would wait for the moment that the shipping of her to Lucerne was growing close, and at that point they would be given further intructions about what they were to do. In Dole Britney prepared with even more vigor then she had in Stor to take control of the land, and make herself into the power that would finally show William what he was actually meant to be married to.

Siege of Coldtor

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My son is dead. I cannot surrender now.
Theomore Coldtor

Theomore Coldtor would be besieged by the forces of the Stor following the discovery of the Coup being planned against House Stor and with Theomore having already prepared for the coup his forces were assembled at Castle Coldtor already and thus the siege would not be a quick affair, and this was only made worse with the discovery that his son Arthor had been killed during the fighting.

The Rise of Dole

The situation in Dole would increasingly collapse as the economic situation deterioted due to the greed of Dolish merchants and the failings of the emotionally devestated Dolish nobolity leading the deaths of many nobles. Following the death of her father Gale Everdeen it would be Katniss Everdeen who would become the lady of House Everdeen and she attempted to grow the wealth again of her family but found that most of her families vassals had become as poor as House Everdeen and the only ones able to do anything laughed at her family. It was at this point that she went to the final vassal of her family in the form of House Melark where she was once again laughed at and turned away in shame. As she was about to leave Peeta Melark the heir to House Melark would stop her and speaking over his lord father would promise to assist her in rebuilding their reputation.

The Grey Numenorians

Britney Hemsworth would be able to escape Stor with nearly the entire strength of her forces and arriving in Dole with the Order of the Black she would come to the capital of Kingsgrave where she would meet with several influential noblemen including Haymitch Aberghel, Plutarch Heavensbee, and Alma Couin of whom convinces her to side with Katniss Everdeen and take control of the region through Katniss. Arriving at Britney's summoning she would find the ruined capital being rebuilt and at first she grew extremely close to Britney of whom she saw as a chance at really rebuilding the Dolish lands.

The Kingsgrave-Greenmore War

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The Kingsgrave-Greenmore War
You should have married my son. Now I'm going to wipe out every piece of your family.
Katniss Everdeen Cover1.jpg

Following the failure to capture the power of House Everdeen through marriage House Grundmun would break from the Realm of Kingsgrave and found the Kingdom of Greenmore which they immediatly used to declare war on the Realm of Kingsgrave initiating the First Kingsgrave-Greenmore War.

Family Members


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