Audburg Tonproth is the son of Jorvi, and Sjofn Tonproth making him a member of House Tonproth. Audburg Tonproth has five siblings in the form of Gunnbjorn, Frodny, Hagelin, Helmut, and Lerris Tonpoth of which his brother Gunnbjorn is a massive figure in the city of Dresdan forming the leadership of the Jutish Knightly Order of the Knights of Luti, while his sister is a Dragonoph Priest of whom rules over the religious affiliations of the Jutes in Dresdan making her extremely unfluencial, Helmut is a young knight of the Knights of Luti of whom rules over a small holdfast north of Dresdan, Hagelin is a merchant captain of whom makes trade runs up and down the Rhine, while Lerris would discover Magi abilities and hating his family for the disrespect he felt he would turn against them and join the Anvil of Sigmar.


Early History

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