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"I try to remain calm as the storm crashes all around me. I try to be the anchor that the people need me to be, but sometimes the storm gets so loud I want to scream."

-Arwen Elessar

Aw-Ren Elessar is daughter of Elrond Mellesar was a noblemen in Umbar until the fall of Umbar and making her a member of House Mellesar. Arwen Elessar was married to Aragorn Elessar the son of the King, as she was of the Numenorian bloodline which they needed the wife to be so that she could produce for sure more Numenorian children. With Aragorn she would produce three children in the form of form of Eldarion, his heir to the throne as well as Ildarion of whome is a very skilled warrior, and his daughter Artenia. He is a great warrior, and as the heir of Isildur, bears the shards of Narsil, which was reforged and renamed Andúril, theFlame of the West, and is one of the finest swords in Europe

Arwen was born in Umbar, but she was part of the very pro-Gondorian sect of the province that lived in the auxillary port city of Meehuge. Following the collapse of the Umbar province she fled north into Gondor where she met again with her old lover Aragorn Elessar II.


"In the middle of the table, against the woven cloths upon the wall, there was a chair under a canopy, and there sat a lady fair to look upon, and so like was she in form of womanhood to Elrond that Frodo guessed that she was one of his close kindred. Young she was and yet not so. The braids of her dark hair were touched by no frost, her white arms and clear face were flawless and smooth, and the light of stars was in her bright eyes, grey as a cloudless night; yet queenly she looked, and thought and knowledge were in her glance, as of one who has known many things that the years bring."
-Frodo Baggins

Early History

Arwen was born in the auxilary port of Umbar called Meehuge, which was a center of the pro-gondor movement that controlled the province of Umbar .

Fleeing Umbar

Coming to Minus Tirith

Aragorn and Arwen



Present Day


Aragorn Elessar

See Also : Aragorn Elessar II.

Aragorn fell in love with Arwen at first sight, when he first mistook her for Lúthien. About thirty years later, the two were reunited in Osgiliath; at that time, Arwen reciprocated Aragorn's love; then they "plighted their troth" (promised themselves to each other) on the mound of Cerin Amroth. This showed that she had made the choice given to her as a child of Elrond.

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