Kingdom of Senegal

Baltazar Abrefa is the son of Hanno, and Gloriun Abrefa making him a member of and the longtime lord and patriarch of the House of Abrefa, and the King of the Kingdom of Senegal until his death during the Senegal-Ghana War.

Tozdan Boateng had throughout his youth had a difficulty with gambling and had wasted large sums of money on gambling and this had led to him falling out of the line of succession, but it was not until the start of the plotting of Baltazar Abrefa that this would cause significant issues. Baltazar Abrefa would send his son Aradus Abrefa to Ghana where his daughter Natine was falling in love with Ozwald Boateng and in order to spark a conflict with Ghana he would have Aradus blackmail Tozdan into raping Natine and then allowing the staging of the room so that when Ozwald arrived it would lead to the entire scenario that would unfold. Baltazar would alongside his son Baltazar Abrefa II. lead the Senegal 1st army in its assault on Kumasi and it was while assaulting the walls that he learned of the destruction of his son Hanibal's force which was besieging the southern part of Kumasi and realizing he was trapped he attempted to fight the incoming Ghana forces but was overwhelmed by their numbers and when he was told of the deaths of his children and siblings fighting at Tombo, and Accra he would commit suicide and was followed shortly after by his son who attempted to attack Ozwald Boateng and was cut down during this attempt.




Early History

The Rape of Natine Abrefa
I know you've been with other men. I know your a whore. I know everything.

The Rape of Natine

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All you ever had to do was believe me. Look at everything I have done to show you how hurt you made me. You could have stopped all of this.
Natine Abrefa

Natine's life and future would change dramatically when the brother of Ozwald Boateng would rape her and when she went to Ozwald for help he refused to believe her sparking her to flee Ghana and return to Senegal where she revealed what had happened and this sparked the Ghana-Senegal War. Ozwald returning to Accra where he goes to see Natine in her room at the estate but she is not there so he leaves her a note and goes to see his sister and spends hours with her and eventually falls asleep in her room. Waking in the morning he goes back to Natine's room and she is once again missing and when he once again leaves a note for her the palace guardsmen Oolah of the White Jaguar laughs and tells him that Natine has had several men in her room in the last few nights and shocked Ozwald runs away returning to his room. Returning to her room to demand to know who she is with it is Oolah that gives him a location and he travels there and storming inside he finds her naked in bed with a man and overcome with rage he goes to kill the man but is stopped by his best friend Dumisa Sontonga of whom drags him out of there with the help of two of his guards. Storming away form the situation he would go to his father telling him what has happened and his father immediatly orders her banishment from Ghana and the end of the betrothal as well as the drafting of a letter to be sent to her father demanding a return of the dowry money that he gave to him to pay for her arrival. Despite the reservations of his father it is Ozwald that is able to convinse his father to give him time to speak to Natine before she is taken from the island and in this he travels to her room where she is on the floor crying as Ghana guards are packing everything in her room with little care for damage. As she sees him she runs to him to hug him but he pushes her back and then as she cries he stands back questioning her and is shocked when she tells him that his brother Tozdan raped her while he was away and she doesn't remember anything since. Ozwald is overcome with rage at the acusation as his jelousy springs to its extreme and he acuses her of sleeping with many men and despite her tears and words he doesn't believe her and storms from the room demanding her to leave him alone.

The Senegal-Ghana War

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The Great Senegal-Ghana War
You should have believed me Ozwald. You're going to wish you had believed me.

Hasdrubal, and Aradus Abrefa would lead the second Senegese army into the Battle of Accra where there goal was to delay the main Ghana army at Accra long enough for the main Senegal army to take control of Kumasi, but they discovered that the forces of Ghana were far more numerous then their intelligence had told them and the 2nd army would be crushed at the Battle of Accra, and their defeat was so complete at the battle that no one was able to escape to warn the 1st army at Kumasi.

Battle Tombo Island

Hamilcar, and Hanno Abrefa would be commanded to attack the island of Tombo on the south-eastern waters of Ghana and during this attack Hamilcar leading the 4th army of Senegal would walk the army into a trap which led to the destruction of the Senegal fleet transporting them.

Battle of Kumasi

Hanibal Abrefa would be in command of the 3rd Senegal Army which was leading the assault on the southern defences of Kumusi and it was here where he would be ambushed by the arrival of the Ghana army of whom would crush the entire 3rd army and during the fighting Hanibal would be killed.

Natine Abrefa Cover Amazing1
All you ever had to do was believe me. Look at everything I have done to show you how hurt you made me. You could have stopped all of this.
Natine Abrefa

As the remaining forces of Senegal retreated back to Senegal following the catastrophic battle of Kumasi, and as these retreating forces returned to Senegal it became clear that the casualties were immense including nearly the entirety of House Abrefa having been killed including the King of Senegal and his heirs leading panic among the remaining leaders of Senegal. In the chaos that appeared following this it was Natine Abrefa who stepped into the vacuum and rallying the remaining leadership to her she would through sheer charisma fight off attempts to have another house named to the monarchy and had herself named the Queen of Senegal and while she was personally rising to great heights she was devastated when her mother Domina Abrefa overcome with depression committed suicide and Natine in order to protect her position hid this suicide. Natine having been named queen following all the death among House Abrefa she would negotiate a peace treaty with the Kingdom of Ghana and as a result of this peace treaty it was believed by Ghana that Senegal was back in step with the alliance between the two nations but in fact the deaths of her father and brothers broke Natine who became obsessively hateful towards the Kingdom of Ghana and specifically her former lover Ozwald Boateng.

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