Previous Conflict The Seven Knights Rebellion of 5123
Bandit War of Rosten
Grand Province of Rosten - Bandit War
Location Grand State of the Stormlands
Start of Conflict 5121
End of Conflict 5122
Result Rebel Victory
Rebels of Rosten Loyalists of Rosten
Rebels of Rosten Loyalists of Rosten
Rebels of Rosten Loyalists of Rosten
Rebels of Rosten Loyalists of Rosten
The Bandit War of Rosten was a conflict that took place within the Grand Province of Rosten between the Loyalists of House Elric against rebels financed by several parties. The Bandit War of Rosten took place within two larger events with the first marking it as a member of the Banditry Wars of Lucerne, and the second which ended the conflict marking it as a part of The Journey led by William Lovie III.

The Bandit War of Rosten would be marred by a concentrated genocidal effort by several factions in the fighting with the Pure of Aerene targeting the Italian/Christian population of the area and despite there eventual defeat they changed the demographics of the area as their campaigns either killed or forced out almost the entire Italian/Christian population of northern Rosten.



Hanzal Herbus would be sent to Rosten during the events of the Banditry Wars of Lucerne as James Lovie wanted Rosten to go up in flames as to make it more difficult for aid to be sent to any future attempt to relieve Tree Hill, and Hanzal Herbus would be accompanied by a troop of fifty men from the Circle of Magi and bags of coins for what he would come to spark in the form of the Bandit War of Rosten. Hanzal Herbus would enter the court of his brother Dominic Herbus who was a Landsgrave of Rosten and entering his brothers court accompanied by Circle of Magi men he was able to gain immediate recognition despite never having spent any time with his brother, and delivering letters from the king it was Dominic that was forced to obey the commands of Hanzal and his soldiers.

The War


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