The Banditry Wars of Lucerne is the name for a series of banditry wars and rebellions fought in the Kingdom of Lucerne during the waning days of the reign of James Lovie II.

The banditry wars of Lucerne would first become an idea following the failure of the Orcs to completely shatter the Kingdom of Lucerne at the Battle of Forks, and Battle of Tree Hill and James would come to believe that if he launched numerous attacks throughout the Kingdom of Lucerne then this would destablize the nation and shatter it.

Banditry Wars

Name Instigated By Supported By Ended By
The Badger Rebellion James Lovie II. Circle of Magi House Greymane
Seven Knights of Aerene Rebellion James Lovie II. Knights of Aerene William Lovie III.
Dollburger Conflict Emma Pratt Edward Shephard Jack Shephard
Northron Hills Civil War Aemon Estermont Robert Baratheon Trevor Baratheon
Bandit War of Rosten Tristan Herbus Tyrion Lannister Hedrik Clegane III.

Rebellious Conflicts

Name Instigated By Supported By Ended By
The Plague
  • Walter Jackson
  • Telvin Heard
  • Gregory Nune
  • Charles Swan
  • Eddard Starke
James Lovie II.
Anti-James Lovie Rebellion Charles Swan Eddard Starke William Lovie III.
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