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Previous Conflict Rebellion of Low Swabia
Battle at Arennis Hold
Matilda Lovie Cover Amazing Front1.png
Location Arennis Hold
Start of Conflict 5121
End of Conflict 5122
Result Inconclusive
  • Relief army ends siege
  • Death of Matilda Lovie
  • Escape of Marius Scott
Yellow Dragons of Lucerne Red Dragons of Lucerne
Yellow Dragons of Lucerne Red Dragons of Lucerne
  • Maelevor Arennis
† = Killed in action
(†) = Missing
 Surrendered = Captured
 Fled = Fled the Field
5,500 Placeholder
None None

The Battle at Arennis Hold was a battle fought during the Second Lucernian Purge between a force of Yellow Dragons who had besieged Arennis Hold against a force of Circle of Magi loyalists who moved to break the siege.

The Battle of Arrenis would first come to its eventual move with the decision of House Arrenis to continue resisting House Scott even after the defeat of the larger Oakheart Rebellion, and this forced Peter Scott to send a force led by Marius to the area. Following the departure of Marius it was Daniel Scott that leaked this information to As the siege continued it was Maelevor Arennis that would invite Matilda Lovie inside the walls of Arennis Hold, and she would convince him to speak to Marius Scott who was given the guests right and allowed to stay in a spire of Arennis Hold.



The Battle

Arrival of Matilda

I just wanted to see you Marius.
Matilda Lovie

As the siege continued it was Matilda Lovie that would arrive at the western entrance to Arennis Hold and arriving at the camp of her husband Marius Scott the two reunited, spending the night together. In the morning it was Matilda that would sneak out of the tent and with her two men at arms she would go to Arennis Hold where revealing who she was she was allowed inside the walls by Lord Maelevor Arennis. Inside the walls she was treated very well as Maelevor a Red Dragon and thus a loyalist to her father and using this loyalty she was able to convince him to speak to Marius Scott who was given the guests right and allowed to stay in a spire of Arennis Hold in preparation for this meeting.

Assassination Attempt

Matilda Lovie Cover Amazing2.png

I held her hand as she died. She was coughing up blood from the three arrows that your men hit her with. I held her hand as she died. You did that. You have to live with that once I'm gone.
Marius Scott

Marius would be targeted for assassination by Theoderic Weitlest of whom was obsessed with Matilda Lovie and had arrived at the Battle of Arennis Hold with the relief army. As the relief army settled in the northwestern area of the siege it was Theoderic that prepared his plan to kill Marius. Theoderic was told that Marius was meeting with Lord Maelevor Arennis, and then would be staying the night as Maelevor’s guest in the second spire of the Hold. Taking a group of his men they used ladders to get onto the northern wall during the night, and then waited inside the northern tower for morning knocking out the guard on duty at that tower who was not expecting an attack from the friendly northern side of the hold. Theoderic now in control of the tower would have his men use the Balista, and there own bows to fire at the tower that he believed was occupied by Marius. As Theoderic's men were doing all this it was Marius, and Matilda that awoke from bed, and going to the side room which was occupied by Baldwin, and Wilhelma Bell he would accompany Wilhema to the kitchens to get breakfast in bed for Matilda. Baldwin remaind with Matilda while this was happening, and it was Marius and Matilda that shared a quick kiss before he left. After gathering the breakfast it was Marius and Wilhelma that were going back up the tower when Theoderic and his men fired at the tower. The first arrows and balists smashed into the tower, and while most didn't go through the wooden walls the balista shots opened up several holes, and through these holes it was Baldwin that was struck in the neck and killed. Matilda attempted to crawl to the door where she could hear Marius screaming from below, but was hit several times as she attempted this. Marius and Wilhelma were also hit during this barrage of arrows and Ballista shots with Marius taking a shot to the shoulder and leg, but Wilhelma was wounded quite badly with an arrow to the chest, leg, and arm. By the time the barrage was over Marius crawled his way up the stairs and found Matilda who by this point had been hit several more times, and couldn't even speak as she lay dying. Marius attempted to call for help, but by the time the first of the Arennis guards begin arriving it was Matilda that was already dead.

Escape of Marius

Following the attack by Theoderic on the spire it was the men of House Arennis that quickly retook control of the tower, and northern wall, but by this point the men of Theoderic had fled the wall and left behind the sigil of House Scott to blame Marius for the attack. Finding the sigil, it was Visenarr that arrived at the spire intent on arresting Marius, but discovered a dying Matilda, and a Marius severely injured by an arrow to shoulder. Marius would be allowed to escape Arennis Hold by Visenarr Arennis, with a horse through the northern gate, but he was not able to get to his force south of hold, or to the Swans east of the wall due to the lockdown on the hold, and so instead planned to travel north attempting to reach Kissenburg.