Previous Conflict Battle of Nunenstein Castle
Battle of Aldorf
The Dead Invasion of Germania
Location Aldorf
Start of Conflict 5135
End of Conflict 5135
Result Pyranic Germania Victory
  • Hannover Relief Army nearly anihilated
  • Bavarian Standing Army nearly anihilated
  • Scourge Army nearly anhilated
The Scourge Imperial Empire of Germania
The Scourge Imperial Empire of Germania
The Scourge Imperial Empire of Germania
The Scourge Imperial Empire of Germania
The Battle of Aldorf was a massive battle during the Dead Invasion of Germania where the Scourge now at full strength attacked Aldorf attempting to destroy the city and gain its massive population, but was resisted by three Imperial Provinces and the two sides fought till both sides were nearly destroyed forcing the Scourge to retreat north nearly having been wiped out, and marking the first true defeat of the Scourge during the conflict.

During the battle one of the deaths that would have a major consequnce was the death of Liam Odrell of whom had been holding together the political situation in Hannover through his sheer political genius and with his death the situation would collapse leading to the Hannover Civil War.



The War


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