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Benjamin Bradfoot
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Benjamin Bradfoot is the son of John and Maria Bradfoot a pair of poor servents in the city of Aldorf. Benjamin as a young boy was forced to become a begger in the Empire city ofAldorf and he continued this until he came to become a member of the Ravenholdt Order following the destruction of his rebellion movement in Aldorf. He would remain a member of the Order until his best friend Ezio returned and asked him to help him found the Order of the Violet Dragon in Lucerne. Benjamin Bradfoot has one child with Astria Hirsh in the form of Lessley Snow of whom he wanted to marry Astria over her birth but she rejected this.

Benjamin as a young boy was forced to become a begger in the Empire city ofAldorf and he continued this until he eventually started his own crime syndicate in order to feed the poor he saw. He grew to become powerful enough that the Aldorf Knights would attack them, and his crime syndicate was taken apart piece by piece until the end was near. He came to become a member of the Ravenholdt Order following the destruction of his rebellion movement in Aldorf as his syndicate had been saved by the intervention of Ezio Ederiz of whom had gotten as many out as he could and convinced Benjamin to retreat while he still could. Benjamin Bradfoot accompanied Ezio Ederiz into Hispania during the Raven Orders mission there but realizing that there was no moral decision being made he betrayed the order and fled to Malta where would warn the Order of the Purple Cloth in Malta of whom then sent agents to Hispania where they attempted but failed to stop the Ravens from their sabotage in southern Hispania. He would remain a member of the Order until his best friend Ezio returned and asked him to help him found the Order of the Violet Dragon in Lucerne. He would become one of the founding Lord Assassins in the Order of the Violet Dragon, and served Ezio as perhaps his second in command due mainly to the loyalty that Benjamin Bradfoor has shown to Ezio throughout their time together. During this time he has gained fame through his brilliant defense of Castle Stragnarax during the Battle of Castle Stragnarax. Along with this he has a personal group of twelves assassins that he trains as his personal unit, and together they always remain together, and through this they have all grown incredibly strong in devotion to both eachother and the Kingdom of Lucerne that allows them such safety and peace. Benjamin Bradfoot would enter the Tevinter conflict with his personal forces, and he was instrumental alongside his men in the victory that the Lucernians achieved at Saalfeld as they completely disabled the defences of the city and forced the weakened Tevinter army to lost commanders and then retreat into the open where they were destroyed by Robb Starke.



Benjamin Bradfoor is haunted by the fact that he believes he abandoned his men in Aldorf to death at the hands of the Empire soilders, and harbors a deep hatred for disloyalty or anyone he believes mistreats the poor.


Early History

Benjamin Bradfoot was born in the massive Empire city of Aldorf, and spent most of his early days begging on the streets for what little food he could. This begging came to an end when he was recruited into a street gang in Aldorf known as the Orange Owls and as a part of them his particular skills were put to great use.

The Orange Owls Rebellion

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The Orange Owls Rebellion
I just wanted to give people a better life. I tried to make things just a little more square and this is the consequence. Do you feel good about what side your on? Right now your the villain of this story.

Benjamin Bradfoot Cover Amazing.jpg

I have a dream of a world without the rich. In this world you don't need to beg for their scraps. You don't have to fight every single fucking day to stay alive. You wake up every day with the knowledge that today is going to be better then yesterday. I have a dream. Together we can make that dream a reality.
Benjamin Bradfoot

He slowly discovered that the Orange Owls did not have the leadership necessary to keep with their premise of uplifting the poor youth of Aldorf to riches, and because of this conclusion he decided to use his skills to take over the gang and try to uplift the youth. The drive to become the leader of the group was surprisingly easy for Benjamin Bradfoot of whom discovered he had a natural talent for manipulating people, and thus over several months he amassed to him several very loyal fellow criminals all prepared to help him rise. Seeing himself with the powerbase neccessary to take control of the Orange Owls he would launch a series of brutal assassinations against his rivals removing them piece by piece and after several weeks of this those that remained against him would surrender swearing oaths of loyalty to his new leadership. Benjamin would begin recruiting massively from the poor of the city and due to its immense size the poor population numbered in the thousands and as his leadership led the Orange Owls to begin targeting the wealth of the city he begin to accumulate large amounts of funds to bring these people into the Orange Owls. As his numbers climbed, but also and perhaps more importantly as his groups attacks begin really hurting the wealthy it was Walter Katzenbach III. who took command of the situation. Walter had lost a son to a raid by the Orange Owls and in response to this he hired a large number of mercenaries and begin launching violent attacks against the Orange Owls resulting in street fighting that killed hundreds everyday.

I feel great sadness for the plight of the guild Lord Katzenbach. But I cannot act against the wishes of my people in favor of my personal opinions. You must win this fight yourself Lord Katzenbach.
Walter Katzenback III.

As this violence escalted it was Benjamin who approached several mid tier merchants from the Guild and attempted to gain their support and in this he found success with many including one of the Merchant Guilds 5 Guild masters in the form of Otto Ribbentrop who would become the primary financial supporter of the movement. As Benjamin moved against the merchant class somewhat dividing them it was the other Guild masters that finally approached Mattheus Franz II. the Emperor for official support, but Mattheus was under the influence of his son Luitpold Franz who was at the time a staunch supporter of the plight of the poor.

My men killed hundreds of these Owls everyday. But there is always another one to fill their ranks.
Walter Katzenback III.

Despite the killing of hundreds each day the poor of the city were the numerically superior group and with this in mind it was the Orange Owls who found their ranks increasing while the mercenaries and merchant guards were slowly being diminished. Seeing loss as a growing possibility it was Walter and the Aldorf Merchants Guild that would send messengers to the Order of the Black Raven of whom would send Poncet Mariette and his two wet paws Ludwig Krieger, and Ezio Ederiz in order to deal with the situation. He begin to discover that the authority was willing to use any force necessary to remove his presence. After months of fighting against the counter assault by the Empire forces his forces were cornered in their stronghold in the poorest neighborhood. The Empire sent in hundreds upon hundreds of troops to root out the crime lord that was causing them so much trouble, but months of the siege wore on with no end in sight.

The End of the Owls

The end finally came when the closest members to him turned their backs on Benjamin and sold their loyalty to the empire. With his forces compromised from the inside the Empire launched a large attack and succeeded in wiping out his defenses. Hundreds of the most loyal members of his gang were cut down, and his headquarters besieged. With only moments before he was killed, a man came into his planning room and convinced Benjamin to escape the ruins of the gang he had built. So loyal was Benjamin to his gang that he refused and prepared to go to the front lines and die beside his men, but before he could the robed man hit him with a mace knocking him unconscious.


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Fall of Hispania

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The Order of the Violet Dragon

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Lucerne Civil War

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Braxton Rebellion

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The Braxton Rebellion
My Glorious King William has long ago given you the option to live. You chose to ignore that gift. Now you pay the price for your betrayal. Kneel before the axe, and face god. The time for surrender is over

Mathilde Ratzinger Cover Amazing.jpg

While you slept your king sent a letter here for you. We did not read it, but it must have been important for Lady Hill left almost immediatly to return to Berne taking with her the High General and leaving us with the taks of waiting for you to wake.
Nylindia Featherbreeze

Following the departure of Franklin Brent, Karyl Reyne, and Demi Hill with their force to Quel'Thalas the preparations for the Invasion of Berne continued, and it was while this was happening that they received word of the revolt of House Braxton. House Braxton was a prominent noble family in the Grand State of the Westerlands and had been split in their involvement in the Journey and subsequent rise of William Lovie III. and it was this split that would become a focus for the True Sons of Lucerne in their search for allies in the Second Lucerne Civil War. Sean Lovie would send out Albin Ratzinger to meet with House Braxton and gain their support something that Albin did willingly as he was quite loyal to Sean and seemed completely in the dark as to how unpopular Sean was. Joining Albin was his son Oscar Ratzinger, and his sons wife Mathilde Ratzinger of which Mathilde was a member of the Circle of Magi but had abandoned the Circle to stay with her husband and support Sean Lovie.

Coup of Hillsbrad

Return to Cadagen

The rebels would end their plan to execute the leadership of House Greymane following the meeting with Franklin Brent and thus in the night they would retreat with their forces out of Hillsbrad returning to Cadagen where they believed they could hold out while they negotiated a peace treaty bringing them back into the fold.


Mathilde Ratzinger Gif2.gif
Take care of our children.
Oscar Ratzinger

The only surviving member of the Braxton Rebellion leadership would be Mathilde Ratzinger of whom had discovered the intent of Franklin Brent just before they were to surrender and had tried to lead herself and her husband out of the castle but when it became clear they were going to be caught it was Oscar that would allow Mathilde to tire herself out forming a portal for them, but realizing that they wouldn't be able to close it behind them in time he said his goodbyes to Mathilde and then pushed her through the portal. Following this Oscar gave himself up and in doing this gave the portal time to close as no one was searching around, and Mathilde escaped through the portal she had created arriving at Berne but emotionally devastated.

Invasion of Westbridge

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As the Order of the Violet Dragon prepared for the coming invasion of Westbridge, Benjamin knew that Castle Strangnarax would require an effective defense leader and he told Ezio that he would remain behind to assist in any defense that might be needed.

First Battle of Castle Stragnarax

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Bastard Child

Following the Invasion of Westbridge Astria Hirsh, and Benjamin Bradfoot's relationship would have consequences as she became pregnant with his child returning home to Brill where she would give birth to a baby girl she named Lessley but was born a bastard as she would not reveal the father despite Benjamin being willing to marry her.

Battle of Saalfeld

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Family Members


Astria Hirsh

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Jerad of Lucerne

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Krylla of Brill

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Ezio Ederiz

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