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Berethor Isilrim is the son of Nimelwyin, and Taldwuin Isilrim making him a member of House Isilrim.

Berethor Isilrim is a Captain of the White Tree Guard of which he was once the Captain General but resigned after his defeat during the Lost Fog Battle of Pelagir. In his position he is unquestionably loyal to Ildarion Elessar of whom he sees as the son he never had, and this has led to him remaining in the White Tree Guard despite the shame he feels.


Early History

Tears of Lyllenzil Creek

I had spent so many years winning I had no idea that it was possible to lose. It was the first taste I got, but it seemed once I got a taste it was all I could ever taste.
Ildarion Elessar

It was many years into the marriage of Ildarion Elessar, and Dianna Agron that Ildarion and the White Tree Guard would have a really serious situation to deal with it. The city of Pelagir was a constant sight of Trolloc attacks, but usually the Trollocs attacked and then retreated, and thus there attacks while devestating they were only static and never remained. This changed when a particularlly large Trolloc under the sway of a Myrddrall would mass themselves and overrun the rangers position in the north before besieging Pelagir. After a month of the siege not ending and more and more Trollocs flowing into the gap Aragorn ordered the army moved towards Pelagir and commanded that Osgiliath also send forces, alongside Dol Amroth and the south western lands as well. Ildarion would go east to join the army attempting to end the siege of Pelagir and now led over some one hundred men as a Captain in the White Tree Guard. Moving towards Pelagir there was little thought to safety as the Trollocs were deemed a foolish force incapable of overral strategy, and it was due to this mistake that during this time that they are caught on the banks of a creek by a large Trolloc force. and nearly destroyed before Ildarion rallies the army and defeats the Trolloc leader nearly on his own, but despite saving the army and winning the battle he watches one of his two best friends in Carahanir be killed by a Trolloc of whom runs off laughing.

Broken Borders

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Family Members