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Bernd Von Yernese is the son of Aldo, and Frida Yernese making him a member of House Yernese a vassal house of House Swan. Bernd Von Yernese has one sibling in his brother Volker Yernese who has become the patrarch of House Yernese following the death of their father Aldo. Bernd Von Yernese is perhaps most known for being the leader of the Order of the Golden Dragon. Bernd is middle aged man and has three children with his first wife who died during the First Battle of Tree Hill, while he has two more with his new young wife

Bernd Von Yernese has come into many an argument with the other leaders of the Order of the Gold Dragon due to his belief that the order should be moving towards a rivalry with the Order of the Red Dragon . Bernd wants the order to become another standing army in Lucerne alongside its true purpose as a bodygaurd order. He has also found resistence as the influence of Jasper Hale spreads from simply his Praetorian Gaurd to the orde as a whole.

Bernd Von Yernese is known as a very noble, and loyal man to the Kingdom, and this has held him in high esteem for most of his military career in Lucerne. This honor, and nobility havn't declined since his conflcits began but he has become more depressed in his outlook since he begin losing control to others with the Order of the Golden Dragon.


Early History

War in France

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First Battle of Tree Hill

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The Journey

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Second Battle of Tree Hill

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Order of the Golden Dragon

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Civil War

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Invasion of Westbridge

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Family Members


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Jasper Hale

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Jasper entered the Order of the Golden Dragon when he returned from the Journey, and this entry was an exciting moment for the Order and Bern especially was excited to have such a well known, and influencial member of the Kingdom join him. The two met often during the early days of his time in the Order and they were friendly in their meetings. This changed dramatically when Jasper started the Praetorian Gaurd which would be a subsect of the Order of the Golden Dragon that would be responsible for the protection of the royal family. This angered Bernd and since that day the two have been constantly in conflict over who is the most powerful in the Order of the Golden Dragon.