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Birgitt Mander
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Birgitt Mander is the daughter of Jevard, and Blenda Mander making her a member of House Mander. Birgitt Mander has two siblings in the form of Birgitt, Andrias, and Jorni Mander of which Birgitt was on a path of becoming married but her oppurtunity has diminished following the embaressment of House Mander, while Andrias stands as the Lord of House Mander and works hard to wash away the shame his father brought to the family, while Jorni would fight furiously on behalf of his father and during the Civil War in Mander he would be killed on the battlefield.

Birgitt Mander would be sent to Lucerne at the request of James Lovie II. who was demanding that many noble families send prominent members to Lucerne in order to act as proof of their loyalty and Birgitt was the one requested as there was thought that she might be a match for William Lovie III. Birgitt would be in the capital still as a hostage of sorts when William Lovie III. won the Second Battle of Tree Hill and following this she followed the lead of Cersei Lannister who planned to fully support William, and this became even more clear when Cersei outright insulted Tristan Lovie and banished him from the Fortress of Einhelmer.


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