The Blackrock Empire is a very large Orcish Empire located in Eastern France, and dominated by Clan Blackrock, and centered around the massive fortress of Blackrock.


The Blackrock Empire is located in eastern France, and the center of its power is based in the Blackrock Valley, and Blackrock Mountain in particular.


Early History


Warchief of Blackrock

The Warchief of Blackrock is the supreme leader of the Blackrock Empire, and anwsers to nothing and noone.

See Also : Blackhand

is a powerful Mag'Har Orc born in the swamps north of Ember, and the current Warchief of the Empire of Blackstone of which he rules as the puppet for the High Orc Gul'dan of whom he believes is the Orcish God incarnate. Blackhand has two sons of which are his most trusted allies in the form of Rend, and Maim of which Rend is the chieftan of the Broken Tooth Clan, while his son Maim is the Chieftan of the Blacktooth Clan. Blackhand is the Warchief of the Empire of Blackrock, and in this position he leads by intimidation over the Clans he controls, and over all of that he is loyal to Gul'dan of whom he believes is the Orc god incarnate.

Blackhand was born in the swamps north of Ember, and in his early life he was constantly fighting, and this fighting made him more and more powerful until he was the leader of a land around his home. When the Clans of Ember were formed for the eventual invasion of Europe he was one of the Clan leaders and would take charge of the Blackrock Clan, and in this way took part in the Invasion of Carthage where they destroyed the remaining human controlled land outside of Lahmia in Africanas. The Blackrock Clan would arrive in Europe during the second wave, and they took part in the hard fighting around Hispania, and would remain fighting against the Roman Legion, until the death of the previous Chieftan, and the rise of Blackhand of whom led them northward into the maelstorm that was the fighting in France. The Blackrock Clan would take part in the Fall of Eastern France, where they sacked dozens of towns, and killed thousands in their victories, but it would be the Siege of Whiterock that would define them as they invaded the massive fortress of the Sof-Dwarves of Whiterock, and alongside three other Clans were able to smash their way past the Dwarven defences and killed any Dwarf that wasn't able to get away, and renamed the fortress Blackrock after the destruction that had been wrought against it during the fighting.


Clans of Blackrock

Clan Name Type of Orc Holdings Chieftan Shamen or Warlock
Clan Blackrock

Mag'Har Orcs

Blackrock Mountain Blackhand Warlock
Broken Tooth Clan Mag'Har Orcs Searing Gorge Rend Blackhand Warlock
Black Tooth Clan Loghair Orcs Broken Valley Maim Blackhand Warlock
Stormreaver Clan Mag'Har Orcs Blackrock Mountain Vorpil Warlock
Black Nose Clan Mag'Har Orcs Toronthi Highlands Tog Black Nose Shamen
Warhawk Clan Mag'Har Orcs Marathi Highlands Gug Shamen


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