House Jurny

Brandon Jurny is the son of Thomas, and Gretchen Jurny making him a member of and the current lord and patriarch of House Jurny.




Early History

The Journey

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Meeting the Northern Lords

With the departure of Leven Martell from Stormwind, and the knowledge that William Lovie III. was going to make his way to Stormwind at some point in the coming days, it was the decision of House Starke, and House Lannister that they should call in the northern, and southern Lords for the eventual meeting. Eddard, and Tywin would send two of their family north so that it was clear that they were in unison and for Eddard he sent Jon Snow, and Robb his heir while Tywin sent Lancel Lannister, and Veryl Reyne II. As they travelled on the road they met with the Baratheons

Lucernian Civil War

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Founding of Anthor

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Game of Rivers

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Family Members


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