Broderik Snow
Broderik Snow
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Broderik Snow is the baseborn son of Robert Baratheon and Lisbeth Taryly making him a baseborn member of House Taryly through his mother, and a baseborn member of House Baratheon through his father.

Broderik Snow would begin his movement into crime as he found his means of rising to what he thought was his birthright as the son of Robert Baratheon and in this way he would begin to use his natural charisma to bring several prisoners and criminals within Tarndale and using these criminals he started his own criminal group known as the Twelve of Tarndale. Trevor Baratheon accompanied by several of his brothers and his heavily pregnant wife Adelinde would lead a force of several thousand to Brill to take part in the siege of the city and are there when they break past the defences and the city is retaken from the forces of House Jestife.




Lisbeth Tarly would become involved romantically with Robert Baratheon of whom seduced her and she fell quickly in love with him despite the reputation that had already begun for him. Following her pregnancy with their child it was Robert that begin to withdraw from their affair beggining new relationships and while Lisbeth was devestated by this she found solice in the protection her brother Randyll offered her and as she grew closer to her brother during the pregnancy the start of the Tarly-Baratheon hatred begin.

Early History

The Bastards of Robert Baratheon

The Bastards of Robert Baratheon
One day son you will wish that you had never brought these children to our court.
Robert Baratheon Cover1
I'm your son.
Broderik Snow

Broderik Snow would be told of the identity of his father during his early childhood and in this way at the age of ten he would travel to Tenade where he would introduce himself to his father of whom on the urging of Randyll Tarly - who had sent a letter with Broderik - would accept Broderik as his illigitimate child, and Broderik begin to split his time between Horn Hill and Tenade spending summers with his father and the rest of the year with his mother.

Isabella Snow

Isabella Snow Cover Amazing2
I have learned from my father that he slept with Arianne Martell. I'm here to find my sister.
Trevor Baratheon

It was Isabella Snow would be living within the walls of Sunspear Hold when Trevor Baratheon begin his search for the bastard children of his father and Isabella Snow would be discovered when she was one of two children outside of Broderik that Robert remembered the names of their mothers, and upon learning this it was Trevor that traveled to Sunspear Hold to find his sister. Arriving at Sunspear Hold it was Trevor Baratheon that was able to locate his sister Isabella Snow and meeting with her he found she was living a tough life as she was the house servant of an old merchant in Sunspear and in this relationship she barely made enough to live on and with this in mind it was Trevor that offered her a chance to come home with him but she wanted to stay in Sunspear and he was able to use his pull to have her assigned to House Martell where she became a lady in waiting to Leven Martell.

Working Together

Isabella Snow would assist her brother Trevor Baratheon in searching for the remaining children of their father, and she was instrumental in the discovery of Oktavia Snow a commoner living just outside of the House Baratheon estate. Discovered living a poor life at a rundown farm just near the Baratheon estates it was Trevor that found this unacceptable and would use his personal funds to purchase the farm from the corrupt merchant who had owned it and brought the farm to ruin, and then helped his sister further when he purchased tools and goods that turned the farm into a prosperous operation, and after all of this it was Oktavia that would secretly be taken on by Trevor as an attendant but her identity was kept a secret.

Circle of Magi

Broderik Snow would become involved with the Circle of Magi following the events of the Journey as a means of striking against his brother and following his becoming a member of the Circle of Magi he would begin feeding information to them as well as beginning to create his own personal force loyal to only him using money funded to him by the Circle of Magi.

Lucernian Civil War

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Family Members


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