Brooke Scott
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Story Role
POV Role Lucernian Series

War of the Ancients Series

Appears In Burning Dreams
Vital statistics
Born 5107
Title Official Titles
  • Lady of Tree Hill
  • Grand Princess of Tree Hill
  • First Daughter of House Scott
Nickname None
Religion Dragonoph
Race Gothic German
Status Dead. Turned into "Daughter of Flemeth"
Allegiance Family Loyalties

Other Loyalties

Father Dan Scott
Mother Karen Scott
Siblings Full Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse None
Children Base Born

Brooke Scott is the daughter of Dan, and Karen Scott making her a member of House Scott through her father, and a member of House Tyrell through her mother. Brooke is the sister of Lucas, and Nathan Scott of which her brother Lucas is a brilliant warrior who became the hero of the people of Tree Hill but is now dealing with the personal problems that have arisen due to his sexual involvement with several women, while her brother Nathan is the heir to House Scott and lies in the position of secondary power to only his father in House Scott. Brooke Scott has been secretly engaged in a long term affair with the King of Lucerne for the better part of her life now, and in this love affair she has three children in the form of Riley, Sigmund, and Lana Scott of which Riley is nearly six years old by the time of the Rise of Lucerne, while Sigmund is younger at only four years old.

Brooke Scott was a POV character during the Journey, and had an entire chapter of which she described the coming of William Lovie III. into Tree Hill. This would be the only major part of the Journey that we do not see the actual thoughts, and processes of William Lovie thus making her role a rather shocker change.

Brooke Scott was born the youngest child of Karen, and Dan Scott and at the time of her birth she stood outside of the line of succession due to the Agnatic gender laws of her family and thus the plans for her were for an eventual marriage and little else. During her youth she was very popular with everyone she met, and this allowed her to get away with a lot of things with her father who was very happy with her apparent growth into a perfect political marriage wife. In this capacity she grew close to her mother whom she spent a lot of time with learning to practice of being a political wife, and a generally acceptable wife for the Houses eventual requirement. Her relationship with her mother was one of mutual love, and respect but at an early age Brooke became painfully aware that her mother Karen was dealing with her own demons, and for this reason she never really pushed her mother to be anything more then what she could be.A very outgoing girl she found her rich existence destroyed when orcs destroyed Tree Hill. She honed her skills at medicine until she is now one of the most capable healers in all of Tree Hill. This skill has done little to heal the wounds she still sees in her family, who she believes are closing in on a very dangerous moment in their history due to the hatred between Dan and Lucas, and a growing hate between Lucas and Nathan. Much like Bella Swan her life went in a tailspin when she became pregnant by William Lovie III.. Unlike Bella Swan she has been forced to keep this a secret, and instead her child is believed to be the child of a soldier in Gondor who she still sees every once and awhile. This secret was confronted when Bella Swan learned of the love affair and traveled to Tree Hill with William in order to confront Brooke which she did near the end of the Rise of Lucerne. Brooke Scott would eventually become overcome with her hatred of Bella Swan, and this would correspond around the same time that Morrigan was being commanded by Flemeth to find someone close to William Lovie that would be able to infiltrate his inner workings. Realizing that Brooke was lost she would push using Brooke not realizing the extent of the love that William had for her, and thus she was eventually hounded by the Dark Men of which would eventually end in her suicide and turning into a Daughter of Flemeth. As a daughter of Flemeth she would spend reasonably little amount of time in Korcani as Flemeth was forced to take her into the Fade where she was shown a phony world where everything had died, and told that the main reason for this change was the fact that she and William were not together anymore. Convinced through exhaustion that the only way to reunite with William was his death she would be sent to Lucerne where she was supposed to kill him the first chance she got. Waiting month after month she finally got her chance when William traveled to the Lucernian Mountains but it was at this point that Odin the Titan would finally reveal himself when he appeared to her as an aspiration and released her from much of her corruption. 





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Brooke Scott was born the youngest child of Karen, and Dan Scott and at the time of her birth she stood outside of the line of succession due to the Agnatic gender laws of her family and thus the plans for her were for an eventual marriage and little else.

Early Life

Young Brooke Scott.jpg

I believe in the compelling power of love. I do not understand it. I believe it to be the most fragrant blossom of all this thorny existence. This was not always the case though. In my youth I was pulled in by the freedom that an unattached life provided. I was jaded by my parents lack of affection and never understood that there was another way.
Brooke Scott

Brooke Scott was born the youngest child of Karen, and Dan Scott and due to complications during her birth she would also be born the last child of Dan and Karen Scott. During her youth she was very popular with everyone she met, and this allowed her to get away with a lot of things with her father who was very happy with her apparent growth into a perfect political marriage wife. In this copasity she grew close to her mother whome she spent a lot of time with learning to practice of being a political wife, and a generally acceptable wife for the Houses eventual requirement. Her relationship with her mother was one of mutual love, and respect but at an early age Brooke became painfully aware that her mother Karen was dealing with her own deamons, and for this reason she never really pushed her mother to be anything more then what she could be. Her mother for all of her skills didn't even notice that Brooke pulled away from her following this realizing, and this was a truly sad moment for Brooke as she lost the only parental relationship besides her Grandfather at an early age. Even though she was close with her mother this closeness never moved towards her relationship with her father if what the two shared could be described as a relationship with her father Dan Scott.

As I came to understand that my mother was just always going to be devoted in her love for Lucas, I was lucky enough when my Aunt Deb became the mother I needed. She and I came to love eachother as I should have loved my own mother, and that made me truly sad. Despite my sadness about the failure between me and my mother I couldn't have imagined my youth without Deb around. She was the one constant in my life, that I just knew would be there. She and Frank didn't have to give me a moment of the love that they did, and the way it ended I almost wish they hadn't. Life is so becomes more then you can handle when your alone...I guess I just wish I could have said I loved them more then I had.
Brooke Scott

As time went on Karen became more and more in her favoritism of Lucas and this led to her moving away from the close bond she had with her daughter when she was a baby. As Brooke got older she was cared for mainly by her aunt Deb Lee, and her grandfather Earl Scott of which Dan Scott for a time didn't seem to care about. As this continued though it was the involvement of Frank Lee into Brooke's life that made Dan enter her life for the first time. As Deb had taken over mothering of Brooke it was then Frank Lee that begin to become a father figure to Brooke, and this did not sit well with Dan Scott. Dan would make it very clear to Frank Lee that he had better stay away from his daughter lest some very real consequences befal him.


Brooke Scott19.jpg

Its funny how simple popularity was for me. I could say the most irrelevent, idiotic thing and they would eat it up. It took me a long time to realize that they didn`t actually like me. They didn`t actually care about what I had to say or what I cared for. They cared about an image that it built for them the moment they were seen with me. The daughter of the Lord of Tree Hill was the exact person everyone wanted to be around. I look back now and can only feel sadness for the vanity of my life back then.
Brooke Scott

Along with this during her youth even as she gained immense popularity due to her intelligance and general beauty she never became especially close to her two brothers. Of her two brothers she was somewhat close to Lucas and it was through this relationship that she came to known Haley James who would come to be one of her best friends. But despite this Nathan and Brooke had no type of relationship during their youth, and this was something that was just accepted by everyone in the family. What little existed between the two was near conflict as Brooke despised the way in which Nathan treated Lucas, and also she was silently jealous of the attention that her father showered on Nathan.

I hated myself for feeling it but I envied my brother Lucas. He seemingly had everything, and yet he was able to maintain it without even the slightest effort. He never went to the endless parties that I went to. He didn't socialize with the popular people the way that I did. He didn't do any of the things that my mother had told me were the only ways to achieve real power in this world.
Brooke Scott

Brooke attempted constantly to maker herself into something that was important enought, and noticeable enought that her father would care about her. She would go to every party that the nobles were going to, and during these parties she would play the role of the perfect Lord's daughter with such skill that if she didn't feel so empty while she did it, she might have thought it was a real effort. She used her beauty and station in life to make a lot of friends in the noble school in Tree Hill, and she became even more popular then her brother was during their youth.

Peyton Sawyer

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Peyton Sawyer11.jpg

She entered the room and she was a ragged little thing. My mother told me she was only nine so she was three years younger then me, but in so many ways the look her eyes made me believe she was far older then me.
Lucas Scott

When Brooke was eleven her mother brought home an orphan girl named Peyton Sawyer of whom she had discovered while travelling to the market. At first Karen had walked by the young girl on the street, and thought little of it. Then she came to handing the girl food from the market, and then she came to sit with the girl on the route back from the market. Eventually she attempted to get Dan Scott to intervene but she found her husband nearly uncaring towards the affairs of this poor girl and so she took matters into her own hands when she brought her home. Peyton at first stayed hidden on the outside of the estate by Karen, but at a certain point Lucas came across her hiding in one of the houses, and came to talk with her. At first she was extremely afraid to talk to Lucas as she was told by Karen that she needed to be very careful lest she be thought a criminal and someone killed her on sight. After a time though she

Peyton entered Lucas's life and changed the way he thought about love.

and Lucas came to get comfortable together, and he was able to convinse her that he meant her no harm. Now that he knew the secret he came to discuss it with his mother and they decided to keep it a secret until Karen had completed her room, and everything was prepared. As this continued Lucas came to meet with Peyton many times and they grew very and as the days moved forward she came to live inside the actual House Scott home as a handmaiden to Karen Scott. Peyton was very similar to Lucas in that they were both very shy and didn't like the center of attention. In their shared personality they became closer when Peyton grew close to Brooke Scott on a friendship level, and started to feel more comfortable in the house. Peyton would be the only person that Brooke ever really felt was actually listening to her, and this brought the two to a level of comfort that she had never felt with anyone outside of Deb, or her grandfather.

Brooke Scott was the best friend a person could ask for in the entire world. She never asked of you anything more then she knew you were willing to give, and she gave herself completely to whoever she was with in a way that made you just immediatly want to be better.
Peyton Sawyer

This close relationship with his sister Brooke, and his best friend Haley led the two to become together more often, and during these times it became clear that they were both very interested in the other. Peyton eventually made the first move and following this they became very sexually invovled with eachother to the point that even his time with Haley was interupted due to his growing

Peyton Sawyer Gif5.gif

obsession with Peyton Sawyer. Lucas was completely in love with Peyton and he often talked openely with her how he wished to marry her, and for her to have his children. This affection was returned by Peyton but she worried what his parents would say, and also she feared she wasn't good enough to marry Lucas. Because of this in the days leading up to the Fall of Tree Hill Peyton had rejected Lucas's proposal to marry him, and this had created the first problem between the two. After the rejection of the proposal Peyton became distant from Lucas, and this made her closer to Brooke Scott, and Brooke would definetly need her for the coming days as she was to married off to Julian Baker of House Baker.

Love of a Grandfather

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Brooke Scott 5.jpg

My father was a cold and calculating man with little love for anyone but my brother Nathan. My mother Karen was constantly worried about my brother Lucas. It was my Grandfather that was the one that paid attention to me. It was my Grandfather that tried everyday to make sure I had a smile on my face. It was my Grandfather that was the one that I scorned in favor of the friends that cared nothing for me. It was my decisions in regards to him, and the lies I told that haunted me more then anything else that happened in my youth.
Brooke Scott

A Family relationship that was suprising in the family was her relationship with her grandfather Earl Scott. Earl Scott was a hard and strict man that showed very little affection for his children, and even less to his grandchildren, but for whatever reason he was enamered by his grand-daughter Brooke Scott. While Earl Scott would spend some time with Lucas Scott of whom many spoke of as reminding them all of Earl when he was younger, he basically spent most of his kindness on making sure Brooke was happy. For much of her youth her relationship with her grandfather took the place for her lack of relationship with her actual father Dan. Earl spoiled Brooke to no end, and Brooke begin accompanying her grand-father on his

Brooke Scott Gif4.gif

constant trips throughout Lucerne. During these trips she was able to see all the major cities of Lucerne, and at one point she actually visited the Lucernian Academy where her future lover William Lovie III. would be taking classes. While she was at the academy her grandfather had asked her whether she wanted to come to school here, and she had said no because she was afraid to be in the big city without anyone she knew. Brooke had silently dreamed of going to the Lucernian Academy but the fact that it was so far away from everything that she knew wasn't even what did it to her. She felt this feeling in her heart like she was somehow needed in Tree Hill. This would be a decision that had not been popular with her father, and mother who both believed that she needed to go to the Lucernian Academy if she wanted to have any hope in becoming popular enough to gain a proper husband, but their desires were overruled by Earl Scott who had a horrible habit of giving Brooke everything she wanted.

Fall of Tree Hill

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The Siege of Tree Hill

The Journey

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Meeting Brooke Scott
There was just a difference between the love I felt with her. Nothing compared.

Meeting Brooke Scott


You just had no idea what was happening in that moment. For years we had all kind of accepted in our own way that we were going to die. So one day a prince rides from lands unknown and tells us that were going to live...
Brooke Scott

With elements of House Martell, and House Shephard entering the area outside the main gate and communicating with the defenders there was no more doubt about what had transpired on the part of the defenders. The entire city was abuzz, with news that the Prince of Lucerne was heading into the city. Brooke would join Haley, and Peyton in gathering the nobles and the entire population to prepare for the entering of the prince, of whom they all knew had saved them from certain death. For many including Brooke this would be their first look at a member of the Royal Family, and for others including Dan Scott this was a chance at getting to know what kind of future king they were looking at. On top of just seeing a member of the revered royal family they were also going to meet the man who had saved them all from death or slavery.

It was like looking into perfection. I had been with many women in my life, and in the span of three weeks I was finding myself doing something for the second time. I was falling in love again. I could feel my heart flutter at the sight of her, and even though I love Bella I couldn't help myself. I needed to feel her. To hear her voice. I needed her...
William Lovie III.

When he entered the city he was mobbed by the crowd, and it took many minutes before he reached the town hall where the Scott Family waited for him. It's said that when she looked at him she fell instantly in love with him, and it appears that the feeling was mutual. This provided a deeply troubling situation for the prince as he had already proposed to Bella Swan back in Forks, under the pretense that his love for her was the greatest he could ever feel. Brooke watched him as he moved towards her father and shook his hand before Dan introduced the entire remnants of House Scott to him. As Dan moved down the line and finally reached the spot where Brooke was the situation became different and as William took her hand to kiss the top of her hand, the two became locked in each other embrace for a moment and only a slight shot to the back of William from Jasper moved William along. Despite moving along he was lost in his mind over the image he had gained of the beautiful girl. As he followed Dan Scott into the Scott manor he hoped and prayed that she would join him, while at the same time he also knew that it was a dangerous game, and she was the kind of girl that he could see himself going to war over. The silent looks, and held kisses was something that passed by the majority of the members of House Scott but one number that didn't ignore it was Lucas Scott, of whom immediately thought that something had transpired between William and Brooke.

Falling for a Prince

Brooke Scott13.jpg

My parents would push me into it in their own silent ways. I mean they said all the right things when they told me that he was off limits to me, and that I needed to stop, but in the darkness they whispered to me that being with him could push House Scott into the position that House Swan had long coveted. For me I cared nothing for the politics of the situation. I didn`t care about Isabella, or being Queen. I just wanted him. It was always about him for me." Always him.
Brooke Scott

William entered the Scott Keep where accompanied by Charles Swan, Jack Shephard, Eddard Starke, Jasper Hale, and Leven Martell they would meet with Daniel Scott who was joined in the meeting by Nathan Scott, Gadaric Feilbehr, and Atharid Curmann. During the meeting William would confront Daniel on what was the belief that he had been involved in the surprise attack on Tree Hill, but Daniel would respond with a series of letters written between him and James that detailed Daniel's innocence in the matter. William learned more of what had happened during the assault and came to understand that it had not simply been a sneak attack but had actually been assisted by members of the Circle of Magi who had killed defenders and sabotaged segments of the defenses marking his fathers involvement as more expansive then anyone had expected. Discussing with the assembled members it was agreed that the armies would remain in Tree Hill for several weeks in order to repair as much as possible before they moved northward to confront James Lovie II. and install William as the new king of the Valley. The group would break up after this agreeing to meet again that night for a feast, and with that William accompanied Daniel to a breakfast where he would sit with Daniel and his family. As the breakfast ended Brooke's father Dan had by this point seen the looks that were being constantly shared between the young prince and his youngest child, and in this moment he also knew that William was involved with Isabella Swan of House Swan. With this in mind Dan wanted to make sure that he was able to get House Scott into a higher position and what better way then if his daughter became involved with the prince. In order to succeed at this he told William that he had important business to attend to but that his lovely daughter Brooke would be more then happy to show him around the town. Both of the young adults just kind of stared at each other with William understanding that he may not be able to control himself around her, and Brooke wanting desperately for him to be with her. 

Brooke Scott was by this point desperately in search of happiness after what had happened throughout the siege, and feeling an intense connection to William she would ignore all the training she had grown up with in how to deal with a noblemen.

I looked at him, and I wanted desperately to ask him whether he was with anyone. I wanted to know what kind noble girl from some peaceful place of Lucerne had already stolen his heart. Surely he had to be with someone. I wanted to ask him. I really had meant to ask him.
Brooke Scott

Brooke would lead William on a tour of the remains of the town, and as they walked William found himself more interested in getting to know her then the city. As they walked together the conversation was simply, but it wasn't the conversation that changed things it was the moment that William felt the pull so strong that he moved his hand towards hers and gently rubbed his hand up and down her hand. When he did this she looked up at him through her eyelashes and they both knew that resisting had ended for William and he had relented. With this gesture from him, Brooke saw her chance and grabbed his hand and they walked from that point on hand in hand. As they reached the last spot that Brooke thought she could even explain to him, she was scared that this would be the end and that she wouldn't see him anymore unless she did something drastic. She couldn't know that at the same time she was worried it was going to end, William was feeling the same fear, and so together in that moment she made the decision to go for it. She grasped his hand tighter and told him that there was one last thing that he needed to see before the tour was over. She led him towards the ruins of Castle Typhon which she knew would be empty with most people either celebrating or preparing for their next moves.

Brooke Scott Medium6.jpg
The moment my lips touched his I knew there was only two things that happened. He broke my heart and turned me away. Or he stole my heart by kissing me back.
Brooke Scott

The two would enter the ruins of Castle Typhon, and as they walked the grounds they would continue talking but the electricity between them was too much to resist. William would be the first to move and he put his hand to her cheek and after this they two would kiss. The kiss would become heated and the two would engage in this for some time but despite Brooke attempting to get it to go beyond just kissing William would slow things as he realized the political consequences of the action. Brooke would lead him back to the city, where the two would join the celebrations that were taking place, and despite attempting to remain secretive there shared looks and smiles throughout were noticed by many including more then just Lucas this time. Jasper would take William aside and get him to tell him the truth and after at first lying to his best friend he came clean after seeing the hurt in Jasper's eyes over being lied too. Realizing he had to help his friend Jasper convinced him to keep it a secret, and made him understand that his betrothal to Isabella was beyond stopping at this point. Saddened but realizing the truth William and Jasper would find Leven, Emmett, and Edward and meet as the Shadow Council to discuss their next moves. Brooke for her part would learn about the betrothal form her brother and Haley who having seen Brooke with the prince and the way she looked at him would attempt to warn her of the dangers posed in continuing with him. For her part Brooke prepared to meet with William and find out the truth but before she could she was stopped by Margaery Tyrell (of whom had sworn herself to Daniel despite being friends with Brooke) who told her that she needed to speak with her father. Despite wanting to rush to William and find out more she would heed this and go to her father. Meeting with her father it was Daniel that convinced her that the betrothal could be broken if Brooke was able to successfully get William to fall in love with her. Brooke was already desperate for William to be hers and thus took this advise allowing herself to ignore her knowledge of the betrothal and to prepare for the feast to come.

The Feast of Tree Hill
I knew about the betrothal before the feast Leven. It didn't matter then. It doesn't matter now. He was fated to my mine. I was always going to be his.
Brooke Scott
Final Confrontations
Brooke Scott Needs Fixed Large.jpg
I felt like I would die. I couldn't believe it even as he said the words, but I knew my brother and I knew he wouldn't lie to me. Not about something like this. I knew the seriousness of me confronting him but...but I loved him.
Brooke Scott

Brooke ran out of the room and quickly found Carlisle Cullen of whom she knew was Williams advisor of sorts. Telling Carlisle that she had word for him from her father Carlisle told her that he was meeting with his friends in the camp. Making her way to the camp she would find the prince still in the meeting and she barged her way past Ellia Targaryan and the four other guards in place to make sure no one entered. Entering the room she discovered him laughing with Leven in the corner and immediately begin crying which brought the attention of everyone in the room especially William. Seeing her cry broke his heart and he rushed to her side taking her outside the tent and rushing her to his personal quarters followed closely behind by the Shadow Council, and his personal guards. Making his way inside she broke down and he held her as she cried, while outside Jasper kept everyone from intervening telling them that William had to deal with this. William and Brooke would talk and he laid everything on the table for her, making her understand that he loved her deeply and that despite only meeting hours before he knew they were fated, but on the same note he said that he couldn't break his betrothal to Isabella. Brooke in that moment hated Bella more then she believed she had hated the Orcs as they butchered the city, and she made the decision in that moment that despite her love for him she had to step back and give him space. William told her that he would return and see her and that feeling what he had felt with Brooke he believed that what he had felt with Bella was nothing compared to their connection.

End of Darkness.jpg
Look at the world father. You were born into this land. You grew up here. These people swore their lives to you. How could you have done all of this? Look at everything you have done. You destroyed a city. Killed hundreds of good men out of fear. Is this how you want to be remembered father. Is this the world you want to leave behind? I know you were a good person once. Don't end it all here. Don't do this. For me father. For everything I supposedly mean to you. Don't do this.

Entering the gates of Tree Hill I was surrounded by my guardians of whom were still worried there might be Orcs straggling within the city despite the fact that our men had gone over the ruins twice. Either way moving towards the Keep I could see it high on the hill. It looked foreboding so high up the hill, and as I looked up I could see a tower pushing towards the clouds, and even from this distance I could make out the flames of the men and women watching from it parapets.

Riding forward making my way towards the inner city, I saw several horsemen riding towards me recognizing Orival Crane immediately by his families yellow flag hanging from his shoulder. Hedrik moved beside and nodding at him I stopped on the road raising my hand to signal the knights behind me to stop as well.

"My King the survivors have raised the bridge." Following this Hedrik would turn behind him motioning for a barely armored man behind him to bring his horse before me. "My King this is Anakin Oakheart the Lord of House Oakheart."

"It is beyond an honor to meet to you Anakin." As I spoke he looked at me with the look of a man who didn't quite believe where he was. Moving closer to him I moved my horse directly beside him and put my hand out to shake his hand. Staring out at my hand I saw his hand shake and then he begin crying.

There is this notion that a true knight does not cry. A true and brave man does not show his emotion, instead he keeps himself brave, and calm in all situations. As he reached out and took my hand his hand clung to me but threatened to let go as the emotions must have left him with no strength. Despite a look from Jasper I held his arm tighter allowing him to cry before finally he calmed down.

"I'm so sorry prince...Your Grace I am....I just never thought I would see this day."

"You do not have a thing to apologize to me Milord."

"You saved us all My prince." He looked me straight in the eyes without an ounce of question in them as he said it, and the horror of this situation just continued to get worse seeing the look of pure horror in his eyes.

"I only wish I had come here sooner."

"You came." He let go of my hand, moving his hand to his face to wipe away the still wet tears adorning his face . "You came my prince, and for that I can never repay you."

"Show me to the inner city and we can start there Anakin."

"I can do that my prince."

"Excellent" We followed behind as Anakin turned his horse and moved his way down the road snaking between the ruins of the fires and rubble left behind by the Orcs and as we moved I was joined at my side by Orival.

"My prince I briefly spoke to Anakin Oakheart and..."

"What did he say Orival?"

"Most of his family is gone."Before the battle Carlisle had told me of House Oakheart. From his lesson I knew that Anakin Oakheart was the lord of the family with his wife who I couldn't remember the name of. "His children?"

"I don't know about all of them but he said his twin son's Fraiser, and Thomas were killed during the initial assault."

"I don't foresee many families getting out of this unscathed Will." For his size Emmett was able to sneak up on me more then I liked to admit.

"I'm afraid your going to be right on that Emmett."

"Prince William. Words do not describe our joy at seeing you here. I honestly do not think we would have lasted much longer here without you."At this words I got off my horse walking towards where Dan Scott and his family were knelt before me.

"Rise Lord Scott."

"My prince." There just were not words to describe the girl in front of me. Her hair fell to her shoulders, and her eyes stared downwards as she half knelt in front of me.

""Please rise Milady." With some resistance she raised her face looking at me and everything around me seemed to fade away as I was lost in her eyes. Her face turned red and she looked down again before a cough from Dan Scott raised her face again.

I pushed past a Violet haired girl that didn't seem impressed that I had done that, and walked into the tent. Entering the tent I saw the large boy, and Jasper standing in the corner looking onto a table, while a lanky robed young man stood behind them trying to look as well. It wasn't until I heard his laughter that I realized he was in the corner with a beautiful blond girl who I knew from the initial meeting was a Martell. Was she another of his girls on the side? He had seemed so sincere when we had spoken, I just couldn't believe that he was here laughing with his next conquest while I was broken utterly and completely. 

I let out a sob and he looked over at me followed by everyone else in the room. I wanted to yell at him. I wanted to hit him and make him feel the pain that I felt being betrayed in this moment, but I couldn't. No words, or movement came from my body or mind, and I watched crying helplessly as he nearly ran to me and pulled me through the tent and back into the open. I could hear the sounds of shouting but all I could concentrate on was the feeling of his hand on my shoulder, and the way he nearly carried me wherever he was taking me. "Everything with be alright Brooke."

"You lied to me William how could any of this be alright?" He made a left down the paths of tents and pulled me past more guards and stunned faces into a larger tent then I had ever seen before. 

"I'm sorry that I lied to you Brooke, but I knew if I told you then...If I told you the truth you would have passed me by." There was a vulnerability in his eyes that confused me. This was a stark contrast to the confident and centered prince that I had seen up to this point.

"I would have passed you by because your taken. Your taken and now I'm ruined." I fell forward and he caught me and brought me to rest on his shoulder. As I cried I could hear the voice of someone outside the tent making everyone understand that everything was fine and no one was entering the tent. I had never thought much about my first time. It was always something I didn't have to worry about as a noble girl. My father would pair me with someone, and that person would have me as he pleased on our wedding night. It was all so simple until I saw him. 

"I'm sorry that I betrayed you, but you have to know that I care for you deeply." He looked at me and I believed him. Either he was the greatest liar that ever lived or he was telling the truth. "I thought what I had with Bella was fated. I met her and I guess I didn't know what love felt like because I thought that was it. I thought that was love until you and I were together."

"What am I to do now William. I can't picture myself with anyone else now. How could I? You tell me what I'm supposed to do?" He looked conflicted. A part of me wanted him to tell me to think of him no more. It would have made things so much easier if he had just cut the cord right there. It was only a part of me that wanted that though. The main part and the part that was ruling over my decisions wanted him to beg me to wait. Tell me that we would meet in secret, and eventually he could divorce the Swan and marry me.

"I don't know Brooke."

Lucernian Civil War

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Invasion of Righel

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The Invasion of Righel
The King wants you to become one of the great houses of this entire kingdom. Help us with Righel and everything you dream of can be yours. Follow the king the way you followed his father.

Brooke Scott Cover Front Amazing.png

I have to prove that I'm more then just a girl who got pregnant. I have to prove I can be a queen.
Brooke Scott
Taking Madrisimo

Lothar, and Godfrey following their work in ending the Bronheim Rebellion move southward and acting on the orders of James Lovie II. would go to Castra Madrisimo where they would target the main Righel fleet there for sabatage and while this was not at first noticed it would come up in a major way at the Battle of Madrisimo.

Surrender of Calcaria

Meeting with Petillia, its Brooke who takes the lead, and Leven is overcome by indecision and watches as the whole meeting happens without her really becoming involved, but this changes when Petillia and Brooke discuss the return of Quintus. Leven storms into the discussion and interupting the discussion she implies knowledge of what Petillia did to Quintus and after argueing with both Brooke and Petillia for a time she forces them to name Quintus as her adopted son and a member of House Martell while she will guarantee to never come after Quintus or risk Leven coming after her. Having achieved what she wants Leven demands that no more negotiations be done and everything further to wait for William who will surely be coming soon, and despite clearly revealing that she wants to finish things now so that she can get credit for this Brooke is unable to convince Petillia who is now frightened of what damage Leven can do to her.

Assassination Attempt on Daniel Scott

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The Assassination Attempt on Daniel Scott
You came here looking for vengeance. You know the saying about searching for vengeance.

Taylor Scott Cover.jpg

He cannot be allowed to rule. His continued rule stands as a great insult to everyone who lost their lives due to his leadership. He must be removed. Dead or alive. This ends here.
Sunilda Scott

With Sunilda unable to rally support among the upper levels of leadership in the Stormlands for removing Daniel Scott she would begin to gather to her those who were willing to have him removed and they begin plans for the assassination of Daniel Scott.

Trial of Sunhilda Scott

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Roderic would following his betrayal of Sunilda become horrified that Daniel did not honor their deal and executed Sunilda leading to Roderic retreating the Neumayer Hold with his sister and openly declaring himself against Daniel Scott.

End of Brooke Scott

A Desperate Gamble

The Will of a God

Free from her prison somewhat she followed the pull that she felt since Odin's intervention and found herself after months of travel in the Mountains of Valhalla where she was met by Odin once again. During this meeting she would also meet with another of the Daughters of Flemeth in the form of Morrigan of whom was revealed to also be mainly free of coruption and was now working tirelessly to protect William from increasing numbers of threats from the forces of Flemeth.

Protecting the new God

Commanded by Odin to accompany several of his Valkyrie she would travel into Estalia where she and her companions would meet with Mila Jaener of whom was being uplifted by Odin and many Titans in secret to become a new Man God capable of defeating Sauron.


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