House Dunesterian

Caewhil Dunesterian is the daughter of Inril, and Poelin Wunesterian making her a member of House Wunesterian. Caewhil Dunesterian has seven children in the form of Renelon, Urenian, Pelleas, Ailmar, Irhaal, and Arryn Dunesterian of which Urenian was the eldest child of Hebedir and was a brave man who lost his life during the Tevinter Coup killed by his younger brother Ailmar, while Renelon would be a brave knight of whom traveled with Teleron to France and was killed at the Battle of Andorra, while Pelleas would flee Tevinter into the south with his family following the Tevinter Coup and has become a Lucernian loyalist since, while Ailmar would betray his family joining the Death Eaters and killing many in his family and following the Coup of Tevinter he gained control of House Dunesterian turning it to the Black Numenorians, Irhaal would become the obsession of her elder brother Ailmar of whom married her following the Coup of Tevinter, and finally Arryn would flee north meeting with her brother Teleron following the Coup of Tevinter. Teleron Dunesterian, and Arlissa Girion would be married in a marriage required by the King of Dale in order to secure the army of Teleron in Dale, and despite starting on bad terms the two have grown to be in love.

During the Coup of Tevinter it would be Ailmar Dunesterian that turned on his family allowing the Death Eaters to enter the fortress of Castle Dunesterian and after hiding away his sister Irhaal he would systamically command the murder of nearly his entire family with only two of his brothers and one sister surviving and escaping the massacre outside of Irhaal of whom would be lied to after the fighting that the massacre was the work of Teleron.


Early History

Coup of Tevinter

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