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Calanthus Vyrantus is the son of two members of House Vyrantus making him a member of House Vyrantus.

Clary and Jessika would accompany Calanthus to the Triwizard Tournament of 5122 and both would enter the Goblet of Fire and Clary would win becoming a participant which caused subtle problems as the other Magisters there had been expecting their candidate Is-Tinton Haellevnix was going to win and enter the tournament and this defeat caused enmities towards Calanthus. Battling in the Triwizard tournament of 5122 Clary would pass the first two challenges but got into a duel with the Nubian Alara Kandake and Clary was horribly wounded during this duel but she killed Alara using a curse which caused great enmities between the Nubians and Tevinter groups once it became clear what had happened.




Early History

Clary Folwyn

During the early days of her time with the Magisterium she would come under the influence of Calanthus Vyrantus of whom was a very honorable member of the Magisterium of whom she would come to respect greatly. Alongside Calanthus Vyrantus she would rise within the Magisterium within only a few short years, and it is notable that during this time the one thing she did focus on was her growing abilities in the Magi realm of Restoration where she was able to create an elixir to stop her aging and make her increasingly beautiful.

The Goblet of Fire

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Death of Calanthus Vyrantus

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Family Members