The Branns are a small Germanic Tribe made that emmigrated from the overall Vandal population of Swedan and took control of the Western Island of Norway, and from there they would come to dominate the region of Western Norway. They lost much of their number during the Great Migration as much of their population fled southward where they came to inhabit the Riverlands in Western Westros. Following this the Branns remaining in Norway swore loyalty to Chaos and have become a dominant fixture in the Chaos armies, while the Brann that went south came to become the dominent fixture in the Riverlands of Western Westros.

The Brann would be converted to the worship of R'hllor by the prophet Ro-Medor Telvian of whom arrived in the Riverlands during the reign of the King of the Riverlands in the form of Harren Hoare II. and during this prothesizing Ro-Medor would suceed in converting Harren Hoare II. of whom went on a campaign of forced conversion.

The Brann are mainly homogenous but they did intermingle with the Franks of southern Thedas forming the Salians of whom are dominent in Noveria as well as a minority in several other regions.

The Riverlands would begin to become dominated by the Brann as under the leadership of the Brannish warlord Harren Hoare of whom battled against the forces of Denmark in Germania for some time causing enough damage during his raids that he was given a vast amount of gold by the Teutons who filtered him to the south alongside a very large army of Brann, and they would eventually reach Westbridge where they stayed briefly before they were once again paid by the Westbridge Franks to go south where they entered the Riverlands.

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