The Destruction School of Magi is one of the Schools of Magi that exist in the world, and is the mastery of the spell effects that "harm living and unliving things, and include elemental damage, draining, damaging, vulnerability, and disintegration magical effects. Destruction is typically used by Battlemages, and an Illusion master went so far as to say that the school is not a "true" school at all.


Spells and Powers

While most choose to concentrate on dealing out elemental damage, the school of Destruction has a number of useful spells beyond those. A clever caster can hinder an enemy, destroy weapons and armor, and weaken him or her to the point of collapse. It also allowed a spellcaster to reduce damage from other magickal attacks.

Shyish is the purple wind of magic, and is associated with the Lore of Death. The power of Shyish comes from the ending of things, the slow decline of the soul, and the certainty and terrible awe of death that all sentient creatures must face at some point. Shyish tells us that even though physical form must inevitably come to an end, creation is permanent, and there exist forces larger than our mortal selves that deserve respect and even reverence. Shyish is drawn to places where death must be faced, or where things are brought to an end. It blows strongly around battlefields, lingers around gallows and courts of justice, and hangs in the mournful silence around fresh graves. It is said to be strongest around times of obvious transition, when one state ends and another begins. Dawn and dusk are the most obvious examples of this, but also spring and autumn, and the equinoxes that mark the beginning of the end for winter and summer.

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