House Bell

House Bell is a medium sized Vandal House that is located within the Kingdom of Lucerne, and makes its home within the Grand State of the Crownlands province of Western Lucerne where it rules from its seat at Castle Bell.

House Bell has the words "The Bell chimes for all those who hear it." And this is a call upon the ancient Dragonoph story where The Grey Beards will let loose the great bells of High Hrathgar whenever one is required to exit the mortal world and fight for God. The sigil and banner of House Bell is a Temple Bell chiming in mid movement, with a background of white, and outlying colors pitched by black on the inside.

House Bell would send forces to take part in the Lucerne campaign in France and during this conflict there force was completely wiped out with no survivors leaving the son of Martin Bell to take control of the family after a horrible loss.

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