House Erehem
House Ereham
is a large Dornians Household located in the Kingdom of Stor, and making their home within the town of Erehad.

House Ereham founded its seat of Erehad following the Downfall of Numeron as they were given major supplies by House Stor of whom was trying to carve out a land of its own while the Atlantians, and Numenorians were still down. House Ereham would become silent supporters of the Brentey Hemsworth inspired coup against House Storr after prominent member of House Ereham in the form of Tristifer Ereham III. was ensnared by the words of Brentey and made promises of support. When the victorious House Storr military put the capital of House Coldtor under siege it was Tristifer Ereham who now working independent of Brentey Hemsworth took control of House Ereham killing his father and then leading the forces of House Ereham into the Siege of Coldtor where he defeated the loyalist forces.

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