House of Elwe

House Elwe is one of the Elven Elder families.

The House of Elwe controls the Realm of Avelorn where they have been the dynastic ruler of the Realm since the very start of the Atmer Empire.

Pheonix Crown

Phoenix Kings

The House of Elwe would gain control of the Pheonix Crown following the events of the Sundering (First Elven Civil War) and under the leadership of Caledor Elwe I. the House of Elwe effectively led the Atmer Empire through the civil war and defeated the Dark Elves forcing their retreat out of Ulthuan. The House of Elwe would have their control of the Phoenix Crown ended when Caledor Elwe II. personally led the Atmer forces into the Thirteeneth Battle of Tor Alessi and was killed in a single combat duel with the High King of the Dwarves.

Family Members

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