The school of Mysticism can unravel the mysteries of the universe if properly applied. It can also tell you what is around the next corner, lying in wait for a hapless adventurer to wander by. The Mysticism School of Magi is also known by Ulgu for its wind, which is the section of the Fade that it draws strength from.

Ulgu is the grey wind of magic, and is associated with the Lore of Shadows. Ulgu is a mysterious wind, which spreads disorientation and confusion amongst those it touches. It is spoken of as a thick grey fog, and it is drawn to still lowlands and waterways where natural mists gather at dawn. Ulgu invokes the sensation of being lost, or perplexed by something that you can't quite put your finger on. The Shifting Isles off the coast of Ulthuan are shrouded with the power of Ulgu, and provide an impenetrable maze to protect the isle from invaders.


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