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Races are the different species groupings that make up the Sol Solar System including the planets Earth, Luna, and Charon and the space throughout the Sol system.

Origin of the Races

Race Creator Homeland
Human Zeus France
Elves Slanaash Ulthuan
Trolloc  Khorne Germania
Asurans Nurgle France
Children of Odin Odin Croatia
Arakhora Tzeneech Croatia
Trolls Harkkon Africanas
Twi'Lek Ares The Fade
Quarren Poseidan Ulthuan
Draenei Malekor The Fade
Naga Neperune Atlantis
Wisps Hermes The Fade
Furbolg Ursonoc Kalimdor
Aqir Mortei Africanas
Cenarius's Children Cenarius Valley of Lucerne
Dwarves Perses Finland
Spiders Ungoliant Valley of Lucerne
Skaven Fronos Italy
Tauren Pantheon (Four Titans) Hispania
Gnomes Erbag Central Europe
Greenskin Ghorka, and Morkha Africanas
Caldari Reynard The Fade
Djinn Hypnos The Fade
Argonians Hist The Fade
Sylvari Ventari Pale Tree
Treekin Hircine High Forest
Woses None (Adopted by Jupiter) Croatia
Charr Asia
Romulan Ishosith Luna
Anhilan Mannoroth Luna
Nazrathim Tichondrius Luna
Na'Vi Eywa Charon
Sha'Tar Naaru Space
Lizardmen Old Ones Lustria
Harpy Aviana Gondor
Orovar "White Walkers" None (From Mars) Frostfang Mountains
Apes Vendriel Eastern Europe

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