The Restoration School of Magi is Second only to Destruction in popularity, the school of Restoration can keep any adventurer in working order. It can heal physical damage, purge the body of disease, and heal attribute damage from enemy spells. The Restoration School of Magi is known by the Wind of Ghyran of which defines its power.

Ghyran is the green wind of magic, used by Jade Wizards and also Druids to a lesser extent and is closely associated with the Lore of Life. Ghyran is closely tied to nature, water and the flow of the natural essence of life through the world. It is strongest near sources of water or in areas where life grows in abundance - around rivers and lakes, by springs, in forests and woods. Rainfall is known to unleash a torrent of Ghyran energy where it falls. The strength of Ghyran magic is generally affected by the seasons - it is most potent in spring and summer, and it declines during winter. Ghyran magic can be used in a wide range of spells - as well as giving vital energy and providing healing, it can be used to manipulate the natural environment and control water in all its forms.


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