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Cer-Lohn Mason is the son of Ghonin, and Tolia Mason making him a member of House Mason.

Cer-Lohn Mason would be born the second of three children of Lord Ghonin Mason making him second in the line of succession to House Mason behind his elder brother. Lohn Mason would accompany Sarha Mason to Umbar when she was sent to Umbar to marry Tarandor Bedroog and during his time there he became more convinced of the horror that was the rule of Mordor and would return to Ethring more devoted to defeating the forces of Umbar. Lohn would accompany his nephew Thomas back to Umbar in an attempt to negotiate the return of Sarha Mason and just like Thomas he did not notice that she had changed while he was there as Lohn was just happy to have his niece back and he chose to ignore all the changes.




Cer-Lohn Mason would be born the second of three children of Lord Ghonin Mason making him second in the line of succession to House Mason behind his elder brother.

Early History

Wilheims Attempted Suicide

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The Sadness of Wilheim
It seemed like no matter what I did, I kept letting people down. I started thinking how everyone’s lives would be better without me. And what does that feel like? It feels like nothing. Like a deep, endless, always blank nothing. And for those of you who will now be looking for signs everywhere… What does it really look like? Here’s the scary thing. It looks like nothing.
Sarah Mason 3
It seemed like no matter what I did, I kept letting people down. I started thinking how everyone’s lives would be better without me. And what does that feel like? It feels like nothing. Like a deep, endless, always blank nothing. And for those of you who will now be looking for signs everywhere… What does it really look like? Here’s the scary thing. It looks like nothing.
Nu-Wilheim Mason

As his relationship with his sister Sarha drifted away with her increasing popularity and the business of his brother Thomas it was Wilheim that begin to see his life as going to amount to nothing and in this feeling Wilheim begin to seriously contemplate the idea of ending his life. He spent a long period thinking about this and throughout this he would draw elaborate designs of the different ways he might go about ending his life. It was one of these drawings that his sister Sarah Mason would discover one day and it was through this discovery that his life would change for the positive for what may have been the first time. When Sarah discovered the plans she immediately confronted her brother who up until that point she had believed was happy with his life, and during this confrontation he consistently lied to her about the purpose of the drawings but she was not convinced. Realizing that she might tell on him he left their conversation and decided that he would just hang himself and ignore all the elaborate plans he had made for himself. He grabbed the rope and a chair and left his room for the valley of the town. If anyone had noticed him taking these items they made no mention of it, and they certainty did not attempt to stop him or find out what he was doing. As he attached the rope to the tree he thought one last time of the world and in that moment was completely lost in his sadness. Closing his eyes he attached the rope to his neck and then proceeded to push the chair away from himself. It was Sarha that had been on the walls of Ethring with her friends when Wilheim had fled the city for his suicide and seeing a young man fleeing the city she and her friends followed him and since he was wearing a cloak they didn't know who he was. Sarha and her friends would arrive as he was tying the rope and then as he jumped it was Sarha that would shoot an arrow through the rope releasing him from dangling from the rope. As he dangled their panic struck him and he wanted to live but it was too late, and he was passing out from the loss of oxygen. As he made his last gasps of air he felt a pressure release and himself fall to the ground.

I don't care what pain your feeling. I can help you. We can fix this.
Sarah Mason

He lay their gasping for air for what appeared to him to be a long time but only in actuality was enough time for his sister to throw the bow that she had used to shoot the rope he was hanging from to the ground and run towards him. When she reached him she helped him to regain his breathe and once he had somewhat regained himself he cried himself into her shoulder and she just sat there and let him release all his sadness in that moment. After some time of this he calmed down and looked at his older sister who up to this point had only a slight relationship with and saw his savior. The two talked and Sarah realized how little time she had spent with her younger brother, and realized that she had a lot of making up to do if she wanted to have her brother living a full life and not dying young. When they finally returned to the town it was far into the night and she took the blame for them being late and did not tell anyone what had happened.

Discovering Truths

Sarah Mason 2
I don't care what pain your feeling. I can help you. We can fix this.
Sarah Mason

Following her brother falling asleep she leaves her room for the kitchen where she finds her mother, father, and uncle sitting and eating breakfest, but she finds herself unable to sit down and instead breaks down crying as the seriousness of what she has been dealing with finally overwhelms her. Her mother and father conosole her and eventually she reveals what happened last night and telling them why he did it (due to feeling left out of the family) her mother and father look to her uncle and the three have a sort of silent agreement and then her mother kisses her on the forehead before leaving the room with her father leaving her with just her uncle. Her uncle consoles her but tells her to be strong and follow him, and taking him by the hand he leads her down a hallway where they reach a dead end, and it is here where they wait for several minutes before her mother and father also arrive with Wilheim in tow. Her uncle moves a painting aside revealing a key lock which he puts a key into which then opens the wall, and without a word the group goes through the opening which leads to a large staircase going downward. After travelling deep by use of the stairs they reach a large room where she sees her brother Thomas sitting at a table reading scrolls and he jumps up at their arrival clearly shocked to see Wilheim and her. Her father tells her a story about his father and her grandfather fighting a border war with umbar and while Sarha knows about this conflict from her history lessons her father reveals the truth of how the conflict ended when he tells her about the treaty known as the Mason-Umbar deal. Revealing that House Mason is secretly working with Umbar it is Sarha that attempts to storm out unwilling to accept this as being true but she is stopped by her brother who argues why what they are doing is a noble thing and tells her all the good that comes from this arrangement.

The Rise of an Umbar Nationalist

The Rise of an Umbar Nationalist
You grew hearing tales of how we were monsters. They told you we were the men responsible for all the evils of your world. Give me a chance to show you who the real monsters are.
Sarah Mason5
My uncle held my hand as we walked through the giant black gates, but even with his hand holding mine tight there was nothing to push away the darkness. The gate was up on a hill, and looking down you could see the vastness of the city, but also you could see an almost black cloud rising up. This was not Ethring.
Sarah Mason

When Sarah Mason was twenty nine her parents would begin to silently make plans to send Sarah to Umbar after making a series of deals with diplomats in Umbar behind the scenes. Sarah Mason would discover the deal when she overheard her parents talking to one of the Umbar agents late at night, and she was completely unwilling to go, but her parents left her no choice, and kept her guarded after to make sure she didn`t try and escape. These deals led to them offering their daughter to one of the nephews of the emperor of Umbar in order for Umbar to slow the attacks against southern Gondor. Sarha would travel with a small guard of fifty men led by her uncle Cer-Lohn Mason of whom she was very close with, and he would give her a small concealed dagger of which he hoped would keep he safe during her time there but he did understand the chances were she was never returning home to Gondor. 

Take this dagger. Take this dagger and remember that you are a member of House Mason. Your a good person.
Sarah Mason

As she arrives in Umbar she is greeted by many noble ladies of Umbar including Surh-Lanamir Bedroog the sister of Castamir, and Surh-Goldwhine Bedroog the mother of Castamir and one of the most influential women in Umbar. Sarah`s future husband Razh-Tarandor Bedroog is said to be away in Africanas where they are raiding Orc held lands for fun, and he won`t be returning for several months at the earliest, and during this time she will be the lady in waiting to Goldwhine. Taking up residence in the home of Goldwhine she finds the dynamics strange as Goldwhine has an almost romantic relationship with Castamir the Emperor of Umbar and while finding this strange she also understands how dangerous Castamir is after he kills two men in the middle of a council meeting for failing at a merchant mission to Estalia. Following this horrifying moment she begins to write home hoping they will bring her home, but is stopped by Lanamir of whom tells her to follow her. Lanamir takes Sarah on a tour of Umbar alongside some thirty guards and during the tour she speaks of how all the poverty, and violence here is the fault of Gondor and that they need to help the people here and the only way to do that is for Gondor and Umbar to become one again. She and Damon became sexually intimate as Damon wanted her to give him a child so that he would have a claim to southern Gondor through House Mason, but in the last months of her stay there she never became pregnant. This lack of a child brought some distance between the two lovers and they spent less and less time together actually enjoying eachother's time, and instead of this they were just together physical in a more a more desperate attempt to impregnate her, but this continued to fail. With her love for Damon deminished she sent a descriet letter to her parents asking them to bring her home, and her parents who did love her attempted to have this done.

The Fall of Sarha and Tarandor

The Fall of Sarha and Tarandor
You changed Tarandor. I'm sorry we end like this. I truly am sorry.
Sarah Mason-3

Her parents after receiving the letter sent their son Thomas accompanied by Cer-Lohn Mason into Umbar where they would negotiate the return of Sarah Mason to their town and more overall back to Gondor. At first the Umbar Nobles were dismissive but as they listened to his words and watched the relationship deteriorating between Sarah, and Damon they realized that she wasn't going to make him happy and thus they begin to actually discuss the plans. In the end there was no way they would let her leave until they were sure that they would have promises that they would gain control over southern Gondor, and Thomas had been given the word to give whatever they wanted within reason so that they could get Sarah back. For Thomas he understood that his family had no interest whatsoever in becoming a member of Umbar anymore, and that all they wanted was to get Sarah back, but what he didn't take into account when he made the deal was that despite what had changed between Sarah, and Damon her relationship with others that she had met meant that she was still on the same Umbar path that she had started down. Thomas made the deal that they would destabilize the region, and allow for Umbar loyalists to enter into the region and slowly create a power base, to the point that they would eventually be forced to join with Umbar. With the deal created she was allowed to leave, and before she left she went to see Damon one last time.

"As I entered his room I took a moment to just digest all the changes in him. I know that once he had been gentle. I know that once when I entered his room he would run his hand up my arm and do everything he could to make sure that I was comfortable and loved. That was just so long ago, and now as I walked in and he saw me he just roughly walked towards me and kissed me hard on the lips. There was little love in this kiss, just more based on the primal urge he had to prove that he was a man, and I loved him enough to accept that this was who he was now. I let him pick me up and set me on the bed as he always did now. When he didn't say a loving word, or smile at me I wasn't suprised or pained, I was just numb to it all. I knew I wanted to leave Umbar, and the knowledge that I was leaving made this a different experiance for me then it should have, but I knew that this was our last time together. I knew that the possiblity of his return to the person I knew was gone. The hope that one day he would smile at me for a reason other then the attempt at a child was no longer there. The loss of that hope was something that made a tear run down my cheek, and if he noticed he didn't say anything just continued in his own world, and ignored the failings of the world that had once been ours."

-Sarah Mason

She left after House Mason agreed that they would feed information to Umbar, and eventually after the situation had decayed so much that south was no longer holdable House Mason would join with Umbar.

The Fall of Sarha and Tarandor

Sarah Mason-6

When she returned she joined with the new plan as she was an Umbar loyalist now unlike the rest of her family who pretended to assist Umbar while actually doing no such thing. She silently attempted to see how much change she could get in her family and she discovered to her disapointment that they were all very hardset into their Gondor loyalties, and she didn't see any movement inside them. She spent a lot of time with her brother Thomas during her return to Ethring, and during this she discovered that the weak willed brother that she had left behind was gone, and in his place was the new Thomas of whome was a skilled fighter, and a just as intelligent leader. She sent a letter back to Dranian Flalk in Umbar of whome would become her sort of handler during her return to Gondor. Her letter was not even concieled as she understood shockingly that her family was so trusting of her that they didn't even question what she was doing.

Family Members


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