House Eisenburg

Charlamagne Eisenburg is a historical member of House Eisenburg of whom is historically seen as the progenitor of House Eisenburg during its rise to prominence. Charlamagne is the current male progenitor of the entire House Eisenburg family line, and throughout his life he had several children of which one was Lisiana Eisenburg of whom is currently prominent as a member of the "Daughters of Flemeth".

Charlamagne would be the lord of House Eisenburg when the Dwarves of Matron begin instigating their uplifting plot for the Franks of France and in this way he would be one of the early leaders of the Frankish Crusade that eventually took control of France.


Early History


When she turned 16 and her family was at the apex of power, rumors begin to spread around the region, that she was in fact a witch who was using her powers to control the minds of the people in the region, and that this was the reason her House was gaining so much power. This sent shockwaves through the tribes of the region, and forced the House to go on the defensive against such attacks. But no matter what they did the rumors just got worse and worse until eventually their were people openely gossiping about her in her home town. There was now beggining to be talk about removing House Eisenburg and this was the final straw for Lisiana.


No longer able to resist the whispers of the various gossips in her tribe, she became overcome with grief over what she was doing to her family, and their reputation. So in her sadness she felt inclined by something in herself to jump off a cliff and end her families misery. As she walked she felt as if she was litterally being pushed towards the cliff, and it was only when reached the cliff, that she first heard the words in her mind.

"In front of you is the escape for you family. The only way your family can rule, and protect the people is if you move forward. Step back and watch your family destroyed by your behavior."

-The Shadow Man

Rise of the Kingdom of Bretonia

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Family Members


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