Charlie Shephard or Charlie Grugargen is the son of Sigmund, and Gertrude Grugargen a poor family that lives in the slums of Tree Hill. Charlie Shephard has two siblings in the form of Nytwin, and Pippen Grugargen of whome Nytwin was murdered during the events of the Fall of Tree HIll, while his brother Pippen fell during the Battle of Berne. When he was nineteen he became the husband of Claire Shephard and thus was through this marriage elavated from being a member of the House Shephard honor gaurd into the actual ranks of House Shephard.

Once a member of the House Shephard Honor Gaurd he is now a member of the House after marrying Claire. In this role he was present at the Battle of Berne and only luck had him in a different location then his brother Pippen otherwise he would have been witness or perhaps forced to kill his own brother for his traitorous behavior. Following the death of his brother he has become a more devout follower of the Dragon as he believes that his brother's personal failures were the reason for his death and subsequent dishonor.


Early History

Charlie Shephard was born into the extremely poor house of the Grugargen family, and in this early life he came to greatly admire the members of House Scott, who basically provided for many of the poor and hungry in the regions around their farms in Brill .

When Charlie came of age to be able to he left for Lucerne, and hounded the honor gaurd of House Shephard until finnally one day Claire Shephard was outside with her brother Jack and begged Jack to let Charlie into the honor gaurd.

Honor Gaurd


Battle of Berne

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Death of Pippen

Siege of Westian

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Claire Shephard

Claire Shephard

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Claire Shephard and Charlie Shephard became close following Claire's involvement in allowing Charlie Shephard into the House Shephard Honor Gaurd.

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