Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat or "Mathew Swan" is one of the top leaders of the White Rabbit Army and as the son of Barnan and Cercie Swan he is a member of House Swan. Mathew has two siblings in the form of Phil, and Charlie Swan of whome Phil died at the age of nine, while Charlie Swan became the Lord of Forks and has sent feelers out ever since listening for word of what happened to his brother. Before leaving Forks Mathew married Heather Swan of whom he had affection for but her love wasn't strong enough to keep him in Forks and all the pressure that went with it. With Heather Swan he has two children in the form of Kendra, and Brody Swan of which his daughter Kendra is a powerful lady of Forks in terms of influence, and his son Brody is the current heir to House Swan and a powerful knight in his own right.

Cheshire Cat was born an extremely gentle young man of whom would constantly find himself having panic attacks over different things he was meant to do, but couldn't becase of the panic attacks. While a member of House Swan he became overwhelmed by the responsibility of what his life would entail, and instead of moving closer to it, he checked out in terms of responsiblity. He left Forks and his wife and two children behind and fled east where he eventually found his way to Pontus and became a mercenary for many years. While in Pontus he became entrapped eventually in the seduction that was Natashia Cole, and in this obsession he followed her and her growing army of the White Rabbit on its new missions.


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Alone and Near Death

Rise of the White Rabbit Army

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