Circle of Magi
The Circle of Magi
was once the official organization that controlled the only Magi users in the Kingdom of Lucerne. Its existence ended when James Lovie II. left the Kingdom and Khadgar swore loyalty to William Lovie III. , and founded the new Magi order in Lucerne called the Order of the Blue Dragon, but it actually continues on in the French city of Orleans.

The Circle of Magi was founded after James Lovie became obsessed with the chaotic book Mysticism and wished for more and more information on Magi. To do this he gathered too him many Magi powerful members of the Valley of Lucerne and used this men to control what he wanted to gather to him. The Circle became a very secret order whose existence was known to less the a handful of people in the entire Kingdom, and to keep this secret they moved their holding to the Tower of Magi, and destroyed an entire Lucernian village. The Circle of Magi would be responsible for nearly the entire spree of violence that was purported by the evil mind of James Lovie, and they would thus the lower echelon of the Circle of Magi would become sacrificed as well in order for the leadership to escape the Valley of Lucerne. Following James Lovie's exile the Circle of Magi is now operating under James Lovie inside the ruins of the former Bretonian city of Orleans. Here they work for Bill in gathering more and more Magi knowledge to him.


Circle of Magi

Early History

In its early days the circle was meant to be the center of a massive center of Magi learning in Lucerne. Unfortunatly this plan never went through to its completion since Bill Lovie halted much of the training programs that were underway when he had left for Lyons.

Madness of Bill Lovie

Following the battle of Lyons , Bill lost his grip on his humanity. This loss led him to change many of his previous policies and bring in a multitude of new and dangerous policies. Most of these plans used the Circle of Magi to execute, and as such they were involved in such events as "The Plague ", and the prelude events of "The First Battle of Tree Hill ".

The End of Alice Lovie

End of the circle

During the final days of Bill Lovie's reign the Circle began preperations to began killing political enemies if the return of William heralded any sort of goverment change. Luckily any assasination operations were thrown into diseray when Bill Lovie teleported out of Lucerne, and William took over as King. So sudden was this that many in the Circle simply teleported to the Dark Tower in the hopes of finding Bill Lovie. The only two who stayed behind were the Kingdom loyalist Khadgar , and the extremely homocidal Forder Braxton .

The Circles fall would leave the Kingdom without any Magi group until the founding of the Order of the Blue Dragon by William Lovie, and Khadgar.


When Bill Lovie fled Lucerne he set up his new base of operations in the ruins of the Bretonian city of Orleans. It is here that the Circle of Magi was reborn, and continues to serve its dark master Bill Lovie.


The Circle was once meant to be organized in a similar pattern to the Kirin Tor in Lorderon, who were held in great regard by James Lovie. This changed with James Lovie's madness, and eventually the Circle became little more then servents doing the bidding of James Lovie.

Grand Enchanter

Name Reign Power Seat
James Lovie II.
Kieth Schwartz

First Enchanters

Name Seat Power Status
Kieth Schwartz 4 Loyal
Morrigan 4 Order of the Blue Dragon
Khadgar Morgrave 4 Order of the Blue Dragon
Tobin Aven Dead
Hanzal Herbus 4 Dead
James Nighting Dead
Ludin Marbrand Loyal
Cuthwin Mountain Loyal

Senior Enchanters

Name Magi Family Power Sworn To
Fredrik Gurse
Lothar Guntbold
Dontell Otriveghel
Ostara Mountain Destruction 3 Cuthwin Mountain

Other Noteables

Name Current Loyalty Status Location
Johan Snow Order of the Blue Dragon Alive Lucerne
Alex Kirsh Circle of Magi Alive Orleans
Bill Thalmer Circle of Magi Alive Orleans
Forder Braxton Circle of Magi Alive Orleans
Markus Braxton Circle of Magi Dead Berne
Fadil Schwartz Circle of Magi Alive Orleans
Emond Mountain Order of the Violet Dragon Alive Lucerne Hold
James Nighting Circle of Magi Dead Brill
Ludin Marbrand Circle of Magi Alive Paris
Luthor Clune Himself Alive Lucerne
Broderik Snow Himself Alive Lucerne
Godfrey Crester Circle of Magi Alive Orleans
Mathilde Ratzinger Circle of Magi Alive Paris

Training and Rituals

The Harrowing

The Harrowing
The Harrowing is a test that every mage apprentice must go through to become a full Circle mage. The test involves the apprentice entering the Fade through the use of lyrium. Once in the Fade, the mage apprentice must face, and subsequently overcome, a demon who wishes to possess the mage's body and enter the living realm. The demon is summoned by the mages of the Circle of Magi to the same part of the Fade the mage apprentice enters and is promised a living body will be waiting for it when it arrives. If the mage apprentice succeeds in resisting the demon, they granted the title of mage and become a full member of the Circle of Magi.

However, if the mage is overwhelmed by the demon, or takes too long to complete the task, the mage is killed by a group of templars who are standing by so the mage does not become an abomination. (It should be noted that one templar is designated with giving the killing blow, and the rest are on standby in case the appointed templar fails.) Because the Harrowing ritual requires a significant amount of lyrium, only promising mages are deemed worthy of attempting it. Those who are not are either forced to become one of the Tranquil or are executed. A mage can also elect to become one of the Tranquil if they wish. Since passing the Harrowing theoretically proves that a mage is capable enough to resist possession, Chantry law forbids making mages who pass their Harrowing Tranquil.

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