Circle of Magi
The Circle of Magi
was once the official organization that controlled the only Magi users in the Kingdom of Lucerne. Its excistence ended when Bill Lovie left the Kingdom and Khadgar swore loyalty to William Lovie III. , and founded the new Magi order in Lucerne called the Order of the Blue Dragon, but it infact continues on in the French city of Orleans.

The Circle of Magi was founded after Bill Lovie became obsessed with the chaotic book Myctism and wished for more and more information on Magi. To do this he gathered too him many Magi powerful members of the Valley of Lucerne and used this men to control what he wanted to gather to him. The Circle became a very secret order whose excistence was known to less the a handful of people in the entire Kingdom, and to keep this secret they moved their holding to the Tower of Magi, and destroyed an entire Lucernian village. The Circle of Magi would be responsible for nearly the entire spree of violence that was purpotrated by the evil mind of Bill Lovie, and they would thus the lower echolon of the Circle of Magi would become sacrificed as well in order for the leadership to escape the Valley of Lucerne. Following Bill Lovie's exile the Circle of Magi is now operating under Bill Lovie inside the ruins of the former Bretonian city of Orleans. Here they work for Bill in gathering more and more Magi knowledge to him.


Circle of Magi

Early History

In its early days the circle was meant to be the center of a massive center of Magi learning in Lucerne. Unfortunatly this plan never went through to its completion since Bill Lovie halted much of the training programs that were underway when he had left for Lyons.

Madness of Bill Lovie

Following the battle of Lyons , Bill lost his grip on his humanity. This loss led him to change many of his previous policies and bring in a multitude of new and dangerous policies. Most of these plans used the Circle of Magi to execute, and as such they were involved in such events as "The Plague ", and the prelude events of "The First Battle of Tree Hill ".

The End of Alice Lovie

End of the circle

During the final days of Bill Lovie's reign the Circle began preperations to began killing political enemies if the return of William heralded any sort of goverment change. Luckily any assasination operations were thrown into diseray when Bill Lovie teleported out of Lucerne, and William took over as King. So sudden was this that many in the Circle simply teleported to the Dark Tower in the hopes of finding Bill Lovie. The only two who stayed behind were the Kingdom loyalist Khadgar , and the extremely homocidal Forder Braxton .

The Circles fall would leave the Kingdom without any Magi group until the founding of the Order of the Blue Dragon by William Lovie, and Khadgar.


When Bill Lovie fled Lucerne he set up his new base of operations in the ruins of the Bretonian city of Orleans. It is here that the Circle of Magi was reborn, and continues to serve its dark master Bill Lovie.


The Circle was once meant to be organized in a similar pattern to the Kirin Tor in Lorderon , who were held in great regard by Bill Lovie. This changed with Bill Lovie's madness, and eventually the Circle became little more then servents doing the bidding of Bill Lovie.

The Harrowing

The Harrowing
The Harrowing is a test that every mage apprentice must go through to become a full Circle mage. The test involves the apprentice entering the Fade through the use of lyrium. Once in the Fade, the mage apprentice must face, and subsequently overcome, a demon who wishes to possess the mage's body and enter the living realm. The demon is summoned by the mages of the Circle of Magi to the same part of the Fade the mage apprentice enters and is promised a living body will be waiting for it when it arrives. If the mage apprentice succeeds in resisting the demon, they granted the title of mage and become a full member of the Circle of Magi.

However, if the mage is overwhelmed by the demon, or takes too long to complete the task, the mage is killed by a group of templars who are standing by so the mage does not become an abomination. (It should be noted that one templar is designated with giving the killing blow, and the rest are on standby in case the appointed templar fails.)

Because the Harrowing ritual requires a significant amount of lyrium, only promising mages are deemed worthy of attempting it. Those who are not are either forced to become one of the Tranquil or are executed. A mage can also elect to become one of the Tranquil if they wish. Since passing the Harrowing theoretically proves that a mage is capable enough to resist possession, Chantry law forbids making mages who pass their Harrowing Tranquil.

Noteable Members

Bill Lovie

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Circle of Magi
Mickey 682 1300673a
House Lovie
Vital statistics
Title Former King of the Kingdom of Lucerne

Prince of House Lovie

Alias "The Mad King"
Race Vandal Germanic
Status Believed Dead but survived and lives in Orleans
Allegiance House Lovie
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Mother {{{Mother}}}
Siblings {{{Siblings}}}
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Bill Lovie is the son of Margeary, and James Lovie making him a member, and the long time Patriarch of House Lovie through his father, and a member of House Ordos through his mother. Bill Lovie has two siblings in the form of Catherine, and James Lovie of whome his sister Catherine has taken on the role of being the mother to Alice, and William his two children and done many of the tasks that Kathy should have done, while his brother James died on the battlefields of the Battle of Lyons. Bill Lovie came to marry Kathy Tyrell with whome he became the father of Sean, Alice and Andrew Lovie of which he came to truly hate Sean, and Alice while at the same time feeling a devotion to William in a way that bordered on fanatasism. Alongside his marriage to Kathy Tyrell he also engaged in a long term affair with Esme Portmane in which he fathered three children in the form of Natalie, Diane, and Jamie Portmane of which he had no relationship with whatsoever but did tell William about their excistence which reconsiled them into House Lovie.

Bill Lovie grew up during the peaceful, and positive reign of Jame Lovie, and during this time he was close and loving with his siblings and his parents. As a young boy he would lose his father, and mother in short sucession which led to his quick appointment to becoming the King of Lucerne. Shortly after becoming King of Lucerne he was forced to deal with the War in France. The once gentle and kind man, he lost himself following the disasterous Battle of Lyons after he was forced to head back towards Lucerne while spending time with a dark man. When he returned to Lucerne he spent weeks in the Library of House Lovie which he came to love because it was the only place he could get some peace and quiet but during this time of reading he discovered the book entitled Mystism of which completely darkened his mind. Bill Lovie would become the instigator of a truly henious series of events of which the first was The Plague which he instigated after he believed that his enemies were plotting against him. Following this he pushed the Orcs of Marseilles , which would only end when his son would depose him. After fleeing lucerne he has returned to Lucerne many times to interact with many people, and for this reason their are defences being placed around Lucerne to restrict the ability to do this.


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Morrigan Large
Morrigan is a "daughter" of Flemeth, and thus a loyal servent of the Korcani Wilds, and before this was known as Andrea Lovie making her a member of House Lovie. Her actual birth parents are members of House Lovie and it was for this reason that Flemeth would capture her to use for later. Her father loved her deeply and her death had a dramatic effect on him during his later years and her death also was one of the reasons for John Lovie's fall. She has become romantically linked with Lucas Scott during her return to Lucerne and her abilities mean that she makes a very dangerous oponenet for Peyton Sawyer of whome is also after Lucas Scott.

Andrea Lovie was born the youngest child of William Lovie and was born following the annexation of Stormwind which basically signaled the completetion of William Lovie's Kingdom of Lucerne. During her youth she was beloved by everyone she knew, and her father especially adored her and her kindness. She grew close to her father's dragon Stragnarax, and this relationship would become one of the great stories of the Kingdom. As the only girl born of House Lovie at the time she was noticed by Flemeth and she immediatly went about planning her demise through the use of the Man of Fear. She was sent to the Kingdom of Lucerne, and in this station she has grown close to the people she was meant to look callously at. This has provided problems for her, and with her position in the Circle of Magi leading her out of the Kingdom, it took her some time before she was able to return to Lucerne. Following the end of the Civil War she did return, and she now remains in Lucerne stuck between being loyal to the Kingdom she loves, and the mother that controls her spirit. Since her return to Lucerne she showed her powers to Khadgar in an effort to join the Order of the Blue Dragon, and he was impressed enough to make her an Azure's Lord in the Order. In this position she continues to obsessivly love Lucas Scott, and took it so that she would have something to do other then just obsess over him.


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Khadgar is the son of Methinsio and Heather Morgrave making him a member of the now destroyed but once extremely powerful House Morgrave. Khadgar spent his early time under the teutalage of his parents who taught him everything they knew about Magi.

Khadgar is a former member of the Circle of Magi, which he joined as a young boy after Bill Lovie discovered his skill in Magi. Inside the Circle of Magi Khadgar would become completely lost as to the moral direction that he was being led, and he had a complete collapse in confidence when the Fall of Tree Hill was caused by the other members of the Circle of Magi that he had known for a long time. When Bill Lovie fled the kingdom, he decided not to follow him and instead to join Andrew Lovie in attempting to fix the damage he believes he helped cause. Under the leadership of Bill Lovie, Khadgar was forced to do some terrible things in order to survive. He attempted to always resist these orders but he was unable to resist them for the most part. When he first approached William Lovie with the idea of creating an Order of the Blue Dragon he was at first met with sketisism but over time he built respect with William to the point that he was granted the ability to do this. He would organize and grow the order for many years until finally he was tasked with his assignment during the Invasion of Westbridge where he took a lead role in the success of that mission.

Kieth Schwartz

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Kieth Shwartz1

Kieth Schwartz is the son of Daimen, and Lucie Schwartz making him the current Patriarch of House Schwartz. Kieth Schwartz has two siblings in the form of Fadril, and Tylin Schwartz of which his brother Fadril lost himself during the time in the Circle of Magi and is now an extremely demented human, and his brother Tylin is the lone remaining male of the house following the betrayal of Kieth Schwartz during the Lucerne Civil War. Kieth Schwartz would marry Jaina Thalmer who he met through one of his best friends in Bill Thalmer, and the two would love eachother for a long time before his coruption and eventual murder of her. With Jaina Thalmer he would have three children in the form of Daimen, Heather, and Derk Schwartz of which he murdered Heather, and Derk during his escape from Lucerne as his madness completely overcame all former love he had for the two, and his son Daimen Schwartz II. stands as the heir to House Schwartz should anything happen to Tylin Schwartz and only survived because he was in Lucerne squiring.

Kieth Schwartz was born to the powerful House Schwartz, and during his youth before he was sent to the Lucernian Academy he was very close to his younger brother Tylin, and his brother Fadril and together the three would constantly talk of what they would do when they were older. When Kieth was sent to the Lucernian Academy he became friends with Bill Lovie, of whom took on a role of dominence with the impressionable Kieth Schwartz. This would be fine during that period as Bill was a good man, but when Kieth followed him to the Battle of Lyons everything would change and this control would become the point of destruction for Kieths soul. Bill would lose himself morally on the return to Lucerne, and thus when he got back he spent his time attempting to corupt those around him, and while this failed with most he was able to worm his way into the soul of Kieth who became his most trusted commander.

Other Noteables

Name Current Loyalty Status Location
Tobin Aven Circle of Magi Dead Orleans
Fredrik Gurse Badgers Alive Orleans
Johan Snow Order of the Blue Dragon Alive Lucerne
Alex Kirsh Circle of Magi Alive Orleans
Bill Thalmer Circle of Magi Alive Orleans
Forder Braxton Circle of Magi Alive Orleans
Markus Braxton Circle of Magi Dead Berne
Fadil Schwartz Circle of Magi Alive Orleans
Emond Mountain Order of the Violet Dragon Alive Lucerne Hold
James Nighting Circle of Magi Dead Brill
Ludin Marbrand Circle of Magi Alive Paris
Luthor Clune Himself Alive Lucerne
Broderik Snow Himself Alive Lucerne
Lothar Guntbold Circle of Magi Alive Orleans
Godfrey Crester Circle of Magi Alive Orleans
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