Curtia Scaevola
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House Highport
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Curtia Scaevola is the daughter of Proculus, and Plinnia Scaevola making her a member of House Scaevola.




Early History

Birth of Natalie Highport II.

The End of the Arwyn Highport
You think I wanted to keep this to myself. I was screaming out for help. I was screaming...just no one was listening. Where were you Natalie? Why didn't you protect us?
Lara Highport Cover2
You think I wanted to keep this to myself. I was screaming out for help. I was screaming...just no one was listening. Where were you Natalie? Why didn't you protect us?
Lara Highport

After nearly a year of the sexual abuse caused by Arwyn it is Lara that becomes pregnant with the child of Robin and coming to the conclusion that she is pregnant she attempts to abort the child but is discovered by her mother who stops her and then has her access to a doctor restricted without her being around. Realizing that she needs to keep the secret abuse under wraps so that it can continue it is Arwyn that travels to Tree Hill and meets with Robett Highport of whom she convinces that Lara was raped by Dontell Lott of whom is in actuality inocent but Robett hates the Lott family so believes the lie and gives her command of a task force tasked with punishing Dontell. Arwyn engages in a smear campaign across Fogtown hosting numerous dinners where she has the nobility convinsed that Dontell Lott comitted the rape and with House Lott banned from these dinners they are unable to stop this campaign and

Blaming Dontell Lott

You think I wanted to keep this to myself. I was screaming out for help. I was screaming...just no one was listening. Where were you Natalie? Why didn't you protect us?
Lara Highport

Dontell Lott would be targeted by Arwyn Highport as the person she wanted to blame for fathering a bastard child with Lara Highport in spite of no evidence he was acused and banished from Fogtown as a part of the agreement between House Highport and House Lott.

The Truth Comes Out

Natalie Highport Cover Amazing
You think I wanted to keep this to myself. I was screaming out for help. I was screaming...just no one was listening. Where were you Natalie? Why didn't you protect us?
Lara Highport

Lara would give birth to a girl of whom became the first child of Robin and her and this child is named Natalie Highport after their sister and this naming is meant by Lara to incite interest by Natalie of whom has been too busy with running the family to notice what has been going on. After years of being sexually abused by their mother it is the failure of this naming of her baby to incite the interest of Natalie that would finally break Lara's ability to accept the life she was living. Lara would attempt suicide by hanging herself, but her attempt failed when the rope broke and as she got up from the floor she discovered Natalie had entered the room and the emotionally shattered Lara would reveal to Natalie everything that their mother had been doing to her and Robin. Following this Natalie would find her mother and while Lara secretly watched from the door it was Natalie that got into a massive argument with her mother which in the heat of this argument it was Natalie that stabbed her mother killing Arwyn.

A Scott in Fogtown

A Scott in Fogtown
You didn`t have to be told what his standing in the world was because he threw it in your face. You spoke to him, and you just knew this was a twisted, and arrogant young man, but even I didn`t imagine in my wildest dreams how twisted he truly was. His true darkness was far beyond my imaginations.
Margaery Tyrell6
You didn`t have to be told what his standing in the world was because he threw it in your face. You spoke to him, and you just knew this was a twisted, and arrogant young man, but even I didn`t imagine in my wildest dreams how twisted he truly was.
Robin Highport

Nathan Scott would be sent to Fogtown as a young man alongside Maegary Tyrell where they were meant to be educated by the Highports for several months. Alongside Nathan went a small entourage of his friends, and several of Margaery`s hand maidens of which brought a large contingent of servents with them leading to a rather large convoy making its way to Fogtown. Nathan and Margaery were by this point being paired up alongside Nathan and Haley and Dan had chosen Margaery to go with him as he preffered Margaery over Haley and thus wanted to sway the Tyrells into moving before Earl Scott stepped in. Nathan Scott, and Margaery Tyrell would arrive in Fogtown and were greeted warmyl by the Highports, and after the first meeting everything looked like it would go okay, but during this meeting Margaery Tyrell had noticed the beauty of Natalie, and Larra Highport and wanted to remove Nathan quickly before he slept with either of them. In order to do this she planted seeds in both Robin, and Nathan that the other one was a devient with her telling Robin that Nathan had sexually harassed his sister Natalie, and he told Nathan that Robin and her had been nearly intimate. Alongside this fighting was a fight between Robins friend Percival Lott, and Nathan`s friend Oswart Dunny of whom had also started to become hateful towards the other due to their friends rivalries. Margaery made special efforts to be seen by Nathan around Robin and she worked hard to become his friend so that their relationship appeared to be something strong enough that Nathan would believe in the lie he was being told by Margaery. The two boys without anymore effort hated eachother and got into a massive fight in the Highport keep which ended with bruises, and cuts. Nathan decided to take it further and begin flirting with Natalie Highport of whom resisted him in one of the first rejections of his life which caused him to get angry and it was in this anger that Robin found him, and the two fought once more which was broken up only seconds before they were going to take swords out. With this fight leading to almost the death of one of the boys Robett Highport wrote to his Lord Dan Scott telling him in no uncertain terms that his son Robin was at fault and that Nathan should be removed from son before Robin did something worse. Nathan would learn of this in a letter from his father telling him he was returning and he threw this information in Robin`s face of whom now realized once and for all his father hated him, and this was only made worse when Robett told his family he would be following Nathan and Margaery and going to stay in Tree Hill for a time.

A Dark Desire

Larra Highport Cover
I don`t know when I stopped looking at her like a sister, but I just know that it happened. There came a day when she was something more then that, and it didn`t matter how many times I told my self it was wrong. All the resistance in the world couldn`t change my feelings.
Robin Highport

Shortly after Nathan Scott left the Highports it was Larra, and Robin that begin to have romantic feelings for eachother. For their youth they had always been extremely close but that had been a sibling relationship, but following the departure of Nathan and all the conflict that he had brought Larra looked at her brother in a different light, and at the same time Robin begin to notice the changes in her appearance as well. Robin would nearly kiss her one afternoon, and despite Larra leaning in for the kiss he pulled himself away from her at the last minute leaving both of them shocked at what had almost happened. It was following this that Robin was preparing to travel to Darkhaven, but at this time Tree Hill was sacked by Orcs and he returned to Fogtown to meet with his older sister of whom was leading the family with the departure of their father. Arriving in Fogtown his sister was leading the forces of House Highport northward alongside her engaged future husband Dontell Lott, but when Robin attempted to join them he was commanded by Natalie to remain behind in charge of the defence of Fogtown. Now alone as Lord of Fogtown he and Lara would spent each night alone with most of the household gone, and it was on the fourth night alone that they secumbed to their feelings and begin to become intimate. Their intimacy spilled into each of the nights as Robin commanded all the household servents to leave the inner compound during the nights and gaurding the outer compound leavin the two to be together for each night no longer feareful of the consequences.

Larra Highport Gif

Larra Highport, and Robin Highport had resisted eachother for some time, but their resistence ended the moment the Hills of Tree Hill burned.

So much had happened while she was gone that I thought the moment she saw us she would have known. I though for sure she would have slapped me and banished me from our lands, but instead she didn`t even notice. It was life as usual for her, but our lives were different.
Robin Highport

Natalie wouldn`t return until almost four weeks later and when she did the two were completely engrossed in eachother, and she would unknown to herself be pregnant with Robin`s child. Natalie didn`t seem to notice anything had changed, and since Robin had banished most of the servents none had seen what the two had been doing thus concieling their secret. Whether or not they had wanted to keep it a secret changed nothing between the two as they now slept in the same room every night with Lara sneaking out of her room and staying with Robin.

The Journey

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Founding of Anthor

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The Discovery of Traitors
He is truly a man king. But he is the king. Loyalty doesn't go away just because the one you are loyal to loses his mind.

Escorting a Bride

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Candice Anthor Cover - HD1
I need you to escort my daughter west. These are dangerous times and I need a man I can trust to do this. Can I trust you Robin?
Varian Anthor
With House Anthor rising very high in power following the founding of Anthor it was Varian Anthor that would use this new power to influence House Onggrill to finally accept the long standing betrothal between his beloved daughter Candice Anthor and Morgon Ongrill. Having succesfully used his influence to force this it was Candice Anthor of whom would following the founding of Anthor be sent to Castle Ongrill in order to marry her betrothed Morgon Ongrill of whom had finally accepted that the decision to marry was outside of his control. Despite having accepted his fate whatever love he had for Candice had gone away following the discovery that she had cheated on him during their betrothal, and had not only fallen in love with the man but had also mothered a child with the man. Candice traveled westward escorted by Robin Highport of whom had been asked to accompany Candice as a favor for Varian and Robin saw this as an easy way to travel to see Vanessa of whom he had learned had gone back to the Lucernian estate for House Cleef alongside her brother in order to assist in the passing of the estate to a newly founded knightly house. While travelling on the road the emotionally upset Candice would spend most of the time flirting with Robin and while he was nice to her he was dismissive of this but she continiued and while camped on the road she attempted to sleep with him but he would resist her causing her to flee his tent.
Candice Anthor Gif Large
After being embarrassed by the refusal of Robin to sleep with her she ran away from the camp and her escorts and was captured by a group of soldiers that had been following them and the men would be revealed to be led by Thomas Grestife a bannermen of House Jestife and this force would quickly take her back to the House Grestife castle where they awaited their next direction from House Jestife. On the road with Thomas Grestife it was Candice that for the first time realizes the consequences of her actions and tried to bed Thomas to let her go but Thomas despite feeling bad for what he was doing was unwilling to help her and thus the two made it back to Castle Grestife. While held a hostage at Castle Grestife she would be treated well by Lord Reginald Grestife of whom showed himself to be an honorable man but was driven heavily by the oaths of loyalty he swore to the king and by extension House Jestife and he attempted to explain this to Candice but she refused this line of argument telling him that William was the king now and everything done against him was treason. Several days after her capture it was Jeremy Jestife the man who had taken the lead on the capture of Candice Anthor who would arrive in Castle Grestife and he would arrive revealing that the plan was for her to swear herself to their cause and then travel back to Anthor and murder her father and brother and thus become the lady of House Anthor. When she refused this outright it was Jeremy that unlike her previous captors he did not treat her well instead depriving her of luxury and then when she continued to refuse he had her stripped and he would threaten sexual violence if she did not comply within two days.

Rescuing Candice

Robin-Vanessa Confrontation at Goldshire
I've spent my whole life being treated like dirt by everyone around me. I got real good at telling when someone is lying to me. Say whatever story you want but I look in your eyes and I know your lying to me.

Truth at Goldshire

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Vanessa Cleef Cover1
The trick of all this Robin, is that you just need to be honest with her. Tell her everything. One way or another you will have your answer.
Candice Anthor

Robin Highport and Candice Anthor would after several months together would finally say goodbye outside of the Port of Stormwind and Candice would give him a final piece of advise on what to say to Jessica telling him that he should be honest with his feelings. Leaving the Port of Stormwind for Goldshire he arrives there accompanied by his own forces and arriving on the outskirts he finds Vanessa riding with Myrcella and without thought he rides to Vanessa and at his arrival she sends away Myrcella and prepares to confront Robin who she believes has slept with Candice.

Return of Candice
Candice Anthor Cover1
I went into his tent three times. Three times I attempted to have him sleep with me. Three times I failed. Three times he told me there was someone else. You are that someone else. You need to fix this before he forces himself to move on.
Candice Anthor

Following the departure of Robin and the end of their confronation it was Candice Anthor that returned to Goldshire and confronted Vanessa about what had happened and conversation would lead to Vanessa realizing everything that had happened was the fault of Myrcella and disgusted with herself for not believing Robin she made efforts to get him back.

Invasion of Righel

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The Invasion of Righel
The King wants you to become one of the great houses of this entire kingdom. Help us with Righel and everything you dream of can be yours. Follow the king the way you followed his father.
Brooke Scott Cover Front Amazing
I have to prove that I'm more then just a girl who got pregnant. I have to prove I can be a queen.
Brooke Scott
Taking Madrisimo

Lothar, and Godfrey following their work in ending the Bronheim Rebellion move southward and acting on the orders of James Lovie II. would go to Castra Madrisimo where they would target the main Righel fleet there for sabatage and while this was not at first noticed it would come up in a major way at the Battle of Madrisimo.

Surrender of Calcaria

Meeting with Petillia, its Brooke who takes the lead, and Leven is overcome by indecision and watches as the whole meeting happens without her really becoming involved, but this changes when Petillia and Brooke discuss the return of Quintus. Leven storms into the discussion and interupting the discussion she implies knowledge of what Petillia did to Quintus and after argueing with both Brooke and Petillia for a time she forces them to name Quintus as her adopted son and a member of House Martell while she will guarantee to never come after Quintus or risk Leven coming after her. Having achieved what she wants Leven demands that no more negotiations be done and everything further to wait for William who will surely be coming soon, and despite clearly revealing that she wants to finish things now so that she can get credit for this Brooke is unable to convince Petillia who is now frightened of what damage Leven can do to her.

First Battle of Castle Stragnarax

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Crisis in Darkhaven

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Family Members


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