Dan Scott
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House Scott
Vital statistics
Title Arch Lord of Tree Hill
Alias Placeholder
Race Gothic German
Status Alive
Allegiance House Scott
Father Earl Scott
Mother Marl Scott
Siblings True Born
Spouse Karen Scott
Children True Born

Dan Scott is the son of Earl, and Marl Scott which has made him a member of and the Patriarch of House Scott, on top of the Arch Lord of Tree Hill. Dan Scott has three siblings in the form of Kieth, Deb, and James Scott of whome his brother Kieth is a skilled leader of men and after being tricked out of being Lord of Tree Hill he has become the leader of Patria, while his sister Deb lost much of her family in the fall of Tree Hill and since then has become a depressed women, and his final brother James was a skilled fighter who died during the events of the Battle of Lyons. Dan Scott is married to Karen Scott of whome was a member of House Tyrell, and through her he is the father of Lucas, Nathan, and Brooke Scott, while the step-father of Haley Scott of whome Lucas was the hero of the Fall of Tree Hill and has become very influencial throughout the time since the Second Battle of Tree Hill, his son Nathan is his greatest love and the future hier of House Scott while on the other hand being somone who is losing love in the city through his percieved disrespect for his brother Lucas, while his daughter Brooke was someone he was never close to until she engaged in a long term affair with William Lovie III. and mothered a child with him of which would make House Scott the owner of one the heirs of House Lovie if something crazy was to happen.

Dan Scott was born in Patria at his House's personal estate. At this point in the House's history it was still just a second fiddle to the power of House Targaryan, and this bitterness was evident in Dan's father Earl Scott . Dan was raised very closely by his father Earl Scott and from him the main thing that stuck was that family comes first. This has defined Dan Scott's life in both a good and very bad way. This relationship was something of great importance to Dan and together the two were very close. Dan was raised very closely by his father Earl Scott and from him the main thing that stuck was that family comes first. This has defined Dan Scott's life in both a good and very bad way, in that he believed that he needed to be constantly attempting to improve the lot of his family but at the same time the emotional part of it was never something Earl was great at so Dan Scott never focused on this. Dan Scott would not join his father and brother when they took part in the Battle of Lyons and he was placed in charge of Tree Hill alongside his brother Kieth while his brother and father were away. When they returned and they all realized that James was dead there was a shock amongst the family This relationship was something of great importance to Dan so when the day came that he watched from the keep of Tree Hill as his father and the relief army were wiped out there was a near pyschological switch that went off in his mind and has caused a severe, and negative change in his personality.


Early History

Dan Scott was born in Patria at his House's personal estate. At this point in the House's history it was still just a second fiddle to the power of House Targaryan, and this bitterness was evident in Dan's father Earl Scott . Dan was raised very closely by his father Earl Scott and from him the main thing that stuck was that family comes first. This has defined Dan Scott's life in both a good and very bad way. This relationship was something of great importance to Dan and together the two were very close.

The Fall of House Targaryan

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House Scott becomes Lord of Tree Hill

Training to be Lord

With House Scott now in control of the Lord seat in Tree Hill, Earl Scott wasted no time in beggining Dan and Kieth's grooming to replace him.

Lord of House Scott

Fall of Tree Hill

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The Siege of Tree Hill

Tree Hill Raid of 5123
My sister has come here and she has built herself an army within the one I have built. Her army is going to come here. I must stop her. You must survive until I do.

Tree Hill Raid of 5123

Main Article : Tree Hill Raid of 5123

Morrigan Cover Amazing
I'm here to help you Lucas Scott. In whatever way I can.

Lucas Scott would be spending time with Haley Scott of whom he is at first talking with on the battlements of the Tree Hill keep with who they believe is Caryl Todrinnel and they are talking about the recent appearance of food within the food storage of the caverns beneath the Tree Hill keep and while Caryl pushed the idea that this was the work of Glaurung it was Lucas that in his own mind would think to himself that this was impossible and made plans to sneak into the storage that night and observe what happened. Lucas Scott would hide himself in the storeroom and waited all night until something happened when Morrigan entered the storeroom seemingly through a wall as she had used Magi to get inside. Watching her from his hiding place she would summon the food from her home inside the storeroom, and it was only when she was completed her ritual that she saw that she was being watched. Lucas would confront Morrigan of whom he demanded how she had entered the food stuffs of the city and why she was giving them food, and when she was truthful telling him that she was a member of a special group and had been commanded to save the city he would demand the truth not believing her. As they spoke he begin to remember bits of memories from the initial Orc assault on the city and sensing his regaining memory she would use her Magi to take him back to the events of the initial assault on Tree Hill. With his memories restored including the fact that he had been mortally wounded and saved by Morrigan he would agree to keep her a secret but demanded that the two speak every day about what was happening and that she told him everything she was planning and having longed to be closer to Lucas for months it was Morrigan that readily agreed to this. The next day Lucas Scott gives a speech where despite knowing that the food was the work of Morrigan he declares it an act of Glaurung himself to keep them alive and his speech brings about the first sounds of happiness from the crowd and over the course of the day he works about schedules where the women will help distribute the food and rebuild their broken stocks of agriculture which has sprouted up in the city.

Gerlinde Jocic Cover2
My sister has come here and she has built herself an army within the one I have built. Her army is going to come here. I must stop her. You must survive until I do.

While Morrigan was working against Flemeth in Tree Hill it was Gerlinde Jocic that would be sent to Lucerne in order to assist Morrigan in her manipulation of the Kingdom of Lucerne, but as Gerlinde hated Morrigan she would not make her presence known and watched Morrigan witnessing her helping the Tree Hill defenders, and wanting to ruin something of Morrigan's she would begin infiltrating the Orc army and begin building her own forces. Gerlinde quickly realized that the Orcish main leader in the form of Jurden Hardaxe was a puppet of Morrigan and was actively working against the destruction fo Tree Hill, and thus it was Gerlinde that went to Chigdrask a goblin leader of the Hill of Edrestic and turned him Chigdrask into her puppet. Using Magi Gerlinde was able to manipulate Chigdrask until he had become her servent and with Chigdrask under her control he would begin massing his forces at the Hill of Edrestic for an assault on Tree Hill which would destroy the city before Jurden hardaxe could step into stop him. As Gerlinde made the final preparations for the attack on Tree Hill by her forces she was discovered by Morrigan and the two fought a brief battle but Gerlinde was able to escape fleeing Tree Hill to west of the city staying with her personal forces there. As Lucas goes to his room to go to sleep he is exhausted but his exhaustion ends when he sees Morrigan sitting at a chair in his room and talking to her she tells him about a horrifying development that she has uncovered in the army of Orcs seiging the city and reveals that she has been controlling the Orc leader to keep Tree Hill alive. She reveals that she is being confronted by a sister of hers named Gerlinde Jocic and her sister has raised an army of Goblins and Orcs that she is using to bypass Morrigans Orc army and attack the city of Tree Hill. Morrigan says she tried to fight her but Gerlinde fled to a stronghold of the goblin Chigdrask north west of the city and she needs Lucas's help in defeat her sister at the camp of Chigdrask and despite his still skepticism towards Morrigan he agrees to gather men to him who will join him assisting Morrigan.

I'm asking you to come with me to a place where we face extreme risk. I'm asking you to do this because I believe our time is running short. My speech is nothing more then an illusion. We need to change things. We need to take a chance.
Lucas Scott
Lucas goes to the Scott Keep and meets with several of his friends in the form of Loras Tyrell, Oliver Slinde, Lucas Oakheart, and Jake James. As he takes the group to the food storemoom he is prepared to meet with Morrigan but instead they find Caryl Todrinnel and Morrigan and it is then they Caryl reveals that she in fact not Caryl but actual an angel of sorts named Roswita and that she will portal them inside the camp once Morrigan is able to get inside. Morrigan portals out of the room and as they wait for nearly an hour for her they talk with Roswita and learn that she found Carly dead outside of the city but wanted to help so she used Magi to take on her physical appearance and has been helping ever since in whatever way she can. In the hours before the forces of Gerlinde were to attack the city of Tree Hill it was Morrigan that infiltrated the camp of Chigdrask's Orcs and killing her way inside the keep she would find that Chigdrask had already left with most of the Orcs to attack Tree Hill but Gerlinde remained behind with only a small elite guard and her closest goblin commander Knenkimm to defend her in the hopes that she would be able to kill Morrigan.
Roswita Gif
After almost two hours Caryl's portal stone begins pulsing and she opens the portal and walks through and Lucas follows behind her and then the rest of the group and they find themselves inside the ruined keep of Oliver's family causing an enraged Oliver to let out a tear at what has become of his families home. Finding themselves there they follow Morrigan into fighting against Gerlinde and her goblin defenders and they are able to defeat the goblins killing them to a man and they watching as Gerlinde and Morrigan fight a horrifying battle joined by Roswita and after Morrigan takes a horrible wound to her shoulder its Roswita that delivers a glancing blow to Gerlinde knocking her down. As Gerlinde attempts to escape once again she would be stopped by Morrigan of whom was able to use Magi to lock her away into a Soulstone and thus keep her secret alive. A badly wounded Morrigan explains that the army of Chigdrask has already left for Tree Hill and remains behind with Roswita but portals Lucas and his forces out of the keep and back to Tree Hill where they rush to the keep and set of the warning alarm and then making their way to the walls where they find the archers there already firing on the rushing army.
The Assault
Roswita Cover Amazing
Today might seem hopeless Lucas. Today might feel like the end of the world. I promise you their will be better days. This pain will pass.
As the years of siege went by a lull in the fighting had taken place as the Orcish commander was completely fine with draining his leadership rivals in duels with Lucas, while the defenders were worn out and emotionally destroyed. The Raid of 5123 came about when an especially large Orc took control of forces, and led them in a very large attack that unlike the overall Orc leader he was actually interested in destroying the city. The main attack came against the main gate, and they were hardpressed to hold them off as they ran across the bridge.
Loras Tyrell Gif
The only lull in the fighting came as the Orcs were forced to push their casualties into the moat where so high were their losses that they begin to fill the moat. At the eastern gate Loras Tyrell led the defences and the orcs here were in greater number then every before and they broke into the courtyard of the keep. Fighting became brutal and a last stand broke out at the gatehouse as the defenders were overrun and the Orcs broke inside the Keep. Loras Tyrell would lead some twenty men into the breach and kill most of the attackers during the charge, and bought time for relief to arrive from the main keep. The large Orc would be killed at the eastern gatehouse by Nathan Scott and following his death the Orc force retreated, but the defenders had been drained beyond repair by the attack suffering immense losses, and Loras Tyrell fell into a coma following a massive blow from the large Orc.

The Journey

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Lucernian Civil War

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Invasion of Westbridge

Main Article : Invasion of Westbridge

Family Members

Earl Scott - Father

Marl Scott - Mother

Karen Scott - Wife

Kieth Scott - Brother

Lucas Scott - Son

Nathan Scott - Son

Brooke Scott - Daughter

Haley Scott - Step-daughter

Jamie Scott - Grand-son

Riley Scott - Grand-son


204 dan n l walking

Lucas Scott

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Lucas and Dan never got along. In his youth Lucas wasn't as social as Dan felt he should be in comparison to Nathan and this led to a lot of problems.

"He had my looks. He had my brains. Now if only he had my balls."

-Dan Scott in Lucas's youth

It was during the first invasion of Tree Hill Lucas basically by himself held the inner city from falling, before closing the outer gate and then somehow managing to make it back. When this happened Dan had a change of heart towards his once wayward son. After this Dan showered Lucas with accolades and affection. But for Lucas the damage was already done, and more important to him was the fact that Dan had basically no relationship with Brooke.

"I guess I was wrong about Lucas. Who could have known he was capable of that. I sure as hell didn't see that coming. It sucks because I realize any chance between me and him is gone. But atleast now I'm proud of him."

-Dan Scott


Nathan Scott

See Also : Nathan Scott Nathan very quickly became the heir apparent. Despite him being younger then Lucas, it became clear to Dan that Nathan was the man who would most effectively take over from him. This closeness would eventually cause even greater problems with Lucas, creating so much hostility that Lucas and Dan didn't speak for 2 years before the First Battle of Tree Hill.

Brooke Scott

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Brooke Scott Hot3
"My father was not a good person. I don't know what else I can say other then that."
-Brooke Scott

When Brooke Scott was born she was forced to accept the fact that she had been already superceded by two children that had captured what little emotion that Dan Scott was capable of. Dan would be basically devoid from the earliest parts of Brooke's life and during this time she was cared for the most by her mother Karen of whom had always wanted a daughter. As time went on Karen became more and more in her favoritism of Lucas and this led to her moving away from the close bond she had with her daughter when she was a baby. As Brooke got older she was cared for mainly by her aunt Deb Lee, and her grandfather Earl Scott of which Dan Scott for a time didn't seem to care about. As this continued though it was the involvement of Frank Lee into Brooke's life that made Dan enter her life for the first time. As Deb had taken over mothering of Brooke it was then Frank Lee that begin to become a father figure to Brooke, and this did not sit well with Dan Scott. Dan would make it very clear to Frank Lee that he had better stay away from his daughter lest some very real consequences befal him. Frank would ignore this and continue to be a father figure to young Brooke, and this would eventually end with Dan causing Frank's death during the First Battle of Tree Hill. Following this it would be an irate Brooke that would attempt to get her father to be in her life after she lost Frank, but she discovered that it was nothing more then about his status, and that he actually didn't care a thing about her.

William Lovie III.

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You listened to that mad man Riley. You listened to a man who allowed his people to die just in the hopes he could somehow gain more power. You listened to him, and now...and now your just like him.
William Lovie III.

Dan Scott and William Lovie III. would originally meet during the Relief of Tree Hill and the two at that moment had a somewhat positive relationship, but the rumors that William had been told about Dan Scott clung to his thoughts of the Arch Lord and led to him leaving Dan Scott behind when he went back to Lucerne to take control of the city. Dan Scott for his part took this as an extreme insult, and would begin to in his own mind at least plan for rising above William in this new world that he was seeing grow in front of him.

Cooper Lee

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Cooper Lee
"He was a dark man that had a heart colder then you could imagine. My family was innocent and still he had them killed. I sought out everyone involved in their killing and have left them all in shallow graves except for him. He's the only one to yet pay for the injustice done to my family."
-Cooper Lee

Cooper Lee and Dan Scott would at first have very little contact with eachother as during his youth his father Frank didn't want Dan to have an influence over his children and thus kept them away from Dan. Cooper would one day ask his father why he never met the Arch Lord, and he was told very clearly that Dan was a bad man, and that the day may come that Dan might try and harm him or one of his familly. Cooper remembered this conversation, and when during the Fall of Tree Hill his brother, and father were killed he begin to look deeply into the events during the siege, and he became sure that Dan had actually been behind the killing of his family. Realizing this he came to utterly hate the Arch Lord, and has silently been Dan's greatest oponenet inside of Tree Hill.

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