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Daniel Faraday
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Daniel Faraday is the daughter of Charles, and Eloise Faraday making him a member of House Faraday. In his role he has gained a seat on the council of Forks. He is married to Charlotte Faraday , and together they have two children.

Following the death of their brother Joe, Daniel and his brother Desmond became crazed in their desire to enact vengeance on Freddie Highmore. At first Daniel was just as determined as his brother but with help from his loving wife Charlotte he has grown to accept the loss of Joe. This has caused tension with Desmond who is hell bent on revenge. Believing his family had finally joined him in getting over the death of Joey he was shocked when the conspiracy was uncovered and his family imprisoned. He lobbied heavily for their lives to be saved and the king was relenting on killing them when Penelope begged for their deaths promising there would be no end until they were gone. When his family was executed he was named the new Lord of House Faraday but this lasted only days before he left Lucerne on a horse and never came back leaving for places unknown and leaving his nephew Charles Faraday II. as the new Lord of House Faraday.


Early History

The Journey

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Invasion of Westbridge

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Family Members



Charlotte Faraday

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Daniel Faraday and Charlotte met each other for the first time when Daniel was sent to Forks, to agree to a trade deal set up within the city.