Davos Seaworth1
Davos Seaworth
is the son of Dale, and Kataryn Seaworth making him a member of House Seaworth, and upon the death of his father he became the Lord of House Seaworth. Davos Seaworth is married to Marya Seaworth who has birthed him five children in Dale, Allard, Maric, Mathos, and Laura Seaworth.

Under the rule of Davos Seaworth, the members of House Seaworth have turned their loyalties towards the Harrenhall ancient enemies of the Iron Islands and were primarily responsible for the failure of Harrenhall during the Siege of Harrenhall.

Since the siege of Harrenhall he has courted himself as King of Harrenhall under the loyalty to the Iron Islands. This has made him extremely unpopular in the city but he is supported by massive resources from the Iron Islands so he is able to move past this.


Early History

Lord of Seaworth

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Davos Seaworth

With his mind made up in regards to which direction he was going he begin moving forward in his plans of bringing the Iron Islands to Harrenhall, and gaining control of the city. He travelled secretly to Pyke for nearly two months and while there he was showered with gifts and promices of what Harrenhall would look like if the Iron Islands was to take over Harrenhall. Davos eat up the promises and begin formilizing the method through which the Iron Islands would take over control of Harrenhall.

The plan was created that House Seaworth would continue controlling the port of Harrenhall and would over the course of the next few months take complete control over the ports gaurds which would allow for a large fleet of Iron Islands troops to land in the port and thus take control. These troops would act like mercenaries so that House Seaworth would be able to effectively rule over Harrenhall, but once the time came that they had control the Iron Islands would allow House Seaworth to act as a noble house of the Iron Islands and have control over Harrenhall.

Siege of Harrenhall

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King of Harrenhall

Family Members

Dale Seaworth - Father

Kateryn Seaworth - Mother

Halten Seaworth - Brother

Marya Seaworth - Wife

Dale Seaworth - Son

Allard Seaworth - Son

Maric Seaworth - Son

Alice Seaworth - Daughter


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