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Davos Seaworth is the son of Dale, and Kataryn Seaworth making him a member of House Seaworth, and upon the death of his father he became the Lord of House Seaworth. Davos Seaworth is married to Marya Seaworth who has birthed him seven children: Matthos, Maric, Dale, Allard, Devan, Steffon and Stannis Seaworth. Under the rule of Davos Seaworth, the members of House Seaworth have turned their loyalties towards the Harrenhall ancient enemies of the Iron Islands and were primarily responsible for the failure of Harrenhall during the Siege of Harrenhall.

Davos Seaworth was born the first son of his father Dale Seaworth, and during his youth he grew very close to Stannis Strong of the allied House Strong. During their time together though Davos appeared openly to be very subservient to his friend Stannis, and while on the surface he appeared to accept this openly he was inside very bitter about this course of actions. When his father died he became one of the Lords of Harrenhall, and it was during the celebration for his gain in power that the final straw would pull loose for him. While he was being crowned he discovered to his horror that Stannis Strong sat at the same table as he did, and this caused him to stop the ceremony and demand to know why his friend had broken tradition and not sat at a lower table. Before Stannis could anwser his brother Robert would jump in and insult Davos as the serent of Stannis causing a fight to break out between Robert and Davos. Following this disaster Davos lost all love for his friend Stannis and begin to communicate with members of House Greyjoy of the Iron Islands. His communications would culminate in the massie betrayal of his own city in the Siege of Harrenhall. Since the siege of Harrenhall he has courted himself as King of Harrenhall under the loyalty to the Iron Islands. This has made him extremely unpopular in the city but he is supported by massive resources from the Iron Islands so he is able to move past this.


Early History

Davos Seaworth was born the first son of his father Dale Seaworth, and during his youth he grew very close to Stannis Strong of the allied House Strong. During their time together though Davos appeared openly to be very subservient to his friend Stannis, and while on the surface he appeared to accept this openly he was inside very bitter about this course of actions.

The First Harrenhall-Dole War

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Betrayal of House Seaworth

Siege of Harrenhall

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King of Harrenhall

Lucernians in Harrenhall

Route of the Harrenhall Revenge - Maps
The capture and death of our people on the Rhine was a moment of immense pain, but through that change came our revenge. We would strike at their great Harrenhall conquest and show them what death looked like.
Mathew Clegane

Following the capture of Catelyn Starke and the deaths of many during the ambushes that followed the rise of Euron Greyjoy it was the decision of William Lovie III. that revenge needed to be struck. Calling on the Order of the Violet Dragon, and the Order of the Red Dragon he would send some three hundred troops mainly of the Red, but he sent both Harlequin, and Helaquin (accompanied by their Whelplings) as well to the contested city of Harrenhall. Mathew Clegane was placed in charge of the forces while Harlequin, and Helaquin were in charge of the Violet's that were sent to the city. While Mathew Clegane had been given orders to assist House Strong in capturing the city and evicting the Ironborn from the city, silently revenge was also in play as the assassins were commanded to kill as many of the Greyjoy's that were present in Harrenhall as they possibly could.

Matthew Clegane Large
We arrived at Harrenhall and were greeted by the Strong's of whom were beyond happy to see us.
Mathew Clegane

The Lucernian force would travel by heavy combat boat from Fairmarket thus avoiding once again the Trident of which was not blocking ships but might reveal their departure. Landing in Boralus breifly they would pick up some sixty troops from House Proudmoore of whom were to join on the campaign, and some one hundred troops of several other Kul Tiras Houses. Travelling northward up the Rhine they went passed the Lorderon pass and took the northern river through to the Strom River where they then went south and skirted near the Iron Islands before landing west of Harrenhall. Unoticed by any of the Ironborn forces they would enter the city from the western gate of which was controlled by the forces of House Strong and there arrival was met by great applause and happiness. Since the turning of House Tarth to the forces of House Strong things had been going very well for the Strong forces, but the leadership of Euron Greyjoy had flooded Harrenhall with Ironborn. Also accompanying these Ironborn were the recently captured forces of the Sunset Islands of whom had sent some two thousand troops to Harrenhall under the command of the honorable Ser Gunthor of the Sunset Islands. Due to the increase in Ironborn forces the Strong forces had lost control of increasing amounts of land, and the fortress market had been ground down by siege machines brought in by Ser Gunthor. Arriving in the city the Violet's would move away from the main force and meet with Renly Strong of whom had been placed in command of the assasins missions in Harrenhall

Harrenhall - Maps2
We moved into the area east of Fogburn Keep and planned to defeat their forces and link up with the Tarly forces. It was a simple plan, and if we were victorious it would be immense for the future of Harrenhall.
Mathew Clegane

With Ser Gunthor and the main force of the Sunset Islands attacking the marketplace, it was Robert Strong, and the Lucernians that turned and moved towards the are east of Fogburn Keep and south of the Tarly lands. Attacking with nearly two thousand troops of House Strong and the four hundred Lucernians they were able to overwhelm the defenders that were in the area, and take control of the Hanged Man. The Hanged Man was built onto a peak located there, and was a heavily defendable area, and with enough men garrisoning it would be nigh untakeable. The White Emproium fell that same day despite reinforcements coming in from the main holdings, and retreating forces bolstering the defenders. With the capture of the White Emporium some six hundred of the Seaworth forces were captured alongside almost four hundred Ironborn of whom died heavily as they were not often to surrender.

Campaign of Death

Harliquin Large
We all have vengeance in our hearts. It is without a doubt the most human of our emotions. To hate. To want people to pay for crimes we have judged worthy of pain. I am hurt, and therefor you must hurt as well.
Renly Strong

With the capture of the eastern block of Harrenhall the Ironborn were flooded into the area to try and retake the east from the outnumbered Strong forces. While this was happening Harlequin, and Helaquin moved into the northern section of Harrenhall near Grightwood Keep, where Aeron Greyjoy II. and his family were staying as he commanded the attack on Helldor Castle. Harlaquin and Helaquin would infiltrate the keep alongside all thirty of their whelpings and killed their way through the gaurds and servents in order to reach the sleeping quarters of Aeron Greyjoy II. Aeron would wake to the sound of fighting outside of his door, and the moment he opened the door sword in hand a dagger went into his head killing him. His wife and young son hid in a closet, but were quickly discovered and brought out and killed beside Aeron. With the murders completed Harlaquin, Helaquin and the whelpings would attach wolf pelts to the three bodies then hung them off the highest tower of Grightwood keep as a warning to the other Greyjoy's about what they had done to the Starke's.

They left a trail of destruction behind them, and knowing the Lucernian assassins and their reputation it was clear this was not an accident. They could have killed the three without alerting anyone, and yet they wanted us to know that gaurds didn't mean a thing to them. They were coming for us...
Dagon Greyjoy II.

The deaths of Aeron and his family would greatly shock the leadership of the Greyjoy's in the city, and despite Dagon assuring them that gaurds wouldn't matter the number of gaurds on each Greyjoy were greatly increased. With this in mind Dagon attempted to send away Aeron's sister before she too met a grisly fate, but the boat she was to leave on was sunk, and the captain that was meant to take the ship out was found decapitated with a wolf's pelt nailed to his chest. Dagon who had been planning to send away his own wife and child was now forced to accept they would have to deal with the assassins another way, and begin to plan for this. While this was happening Ser Gunthor continued to attack the Market and was able to push into the Opera House and after hours of brutal melee the Opera House finally fell to the forces of Ser Gunthor of which forced the abandoning of the defences around the Opera House as they were now able to be targeted by the attackers from the Opera House Windows. With victory growing at the marketplace Dagon made the next move when he begin marshalling as many forces as possible and with this Dagon would lead some three thousand troops against Helldor Castle in a battle that would become known as the Second Battle of Helldor Castle.

Family Members

Dale Seaworth - Father

Kateryn Seaworth - Mother

Halten Seaworth - Brother

Marya Seaworth - Wife

Dale Seaworth - Son

Allard Seaworth - Son

Maric Seaworth - Son

Alice Seaworth - Daughter


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