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Davos Seaworth is the son of Dale, and Kataryn Seaworth making him a member of House Seaworth, and upon the death of his father he became the Lord of House Seaworth. Davos Seaworth is married to Marya Seaworth who has birthed him five children in Dale, Allard, Maric, Mathos, and Laura Seaworth.

Under the rule of Davos Seaworth, the members of House Seaworth have turned their loyalties towards the Harrenhall ancient enemies of the Iron Islands and were primarily responsible for the failure of Harrenhall during the Siege of Harrenhall.

Since the siege of Harrenhall he has courted himself as King of Harrenhall under the loyalty to the Iron Islands. This has made him extremely unpopular in the city but he is supported by massive resources from the Iron Islands so he is able to move past this.


Early History

Lord of Seaworth


Siege of Harrenhall

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King of Harrenhall

Family Members


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