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Dennis Ordos is the son of Wilmar, and Anastasia Ordos and thus a member of and the current Lord and Patriarch of House Ordos. Dennis Ordos has three children with his wife Talaynia Ordos in the form of Martin, John, and Juliet Ordos of which his son Martin is his heir and while once a well respected knight he took a blow to the head and has been soft ever since leaving the line of succesion in question, his son John Ordos would be an honorable if not very skilled knight of whom was killed during the Second Battle of Minas Ithil during the Journey, and his final child in Juliet Ordos would come to marry into House Shephard and has gained quite a large amount of influence from this.

Following his actions in the Journey Dennis Ordos age would begin to catch up on him and he begin to move about through the use of a wheelchair, and even this would begin to diminish as he was unable to attend the crowing of William and would die shortly before the taking of Fairmarket.


Early History

The Journey

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First Battle of Castle Stragnarax

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Family Members