Dianna Ordos

Dianna Ordos is the daughter of Martin, and Michelle Ordos which makes her a member of the powerful House Ordos of Lucerne. Dianna Ordos has two siblings in Coyle, and Varna Ordos with Coyle being her faternal twin, and Varna being very young.

Dianna Ordos is utterly loyal to her House, and in this way she has become used to being a pawn in the games of her father Martin Ordos who often uses her to gain information from the nobles of Marburg. In this way she has gained a somewhat negative reputation as a girl whose had many sexual partners and this is making it difficult now for the Patriarch John Ordos of House Ordos to find a suitable suiter for her. Most recently she has become very involved in the Dragon Temple in Marburg after it became clear to her that her path in the House was in jeoperdy due to her father's lack of talent at the games he had played with her as his pawn. Despite the disapointment from her father over the direction she was going she would join the Order of the Dragon and work tirelessly at this new venture.


Early History

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Dianna Ordos's devotion to her House had been greatly noted by her uncle John Ordos the future patriarch of House Ordos, and in this way he made her plainly aware that all she had to do was keep up the excellent work and her future would be golden in the form of a truly worthy husband for her to marry.

To keep with her normal work she began working closer with her father and the intelligence work that he did for the house. Her father was at first hesitent to put her into the position that he knew would eventually be a must if she wanted to help, but at a certain point his own personal enrichment became more important then the long term future of his daughter. In this way he used her as a member of his ring of spies, and her tool was her body. She got the nobles of Marburg to tell her all of their secrets by giving herself to them. She learned things that her father Martin hadn't believed he would ever find out, but the cost was heavy when the time came for John Ordos to find her a husband.


The Dragon Temple

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Family Members

Martin Ordos - Father

Michelle Ordos - Mother

Coyle Ordos - Brother

Varna Ordos - Sister

John Ordos - Uncle


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